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32:1  Alif, Laam, Meem
32:2  The revelation of this book is from the Lord of the universe. There is no doubt about this (at all)
32:3  Do they say he has made it all up? On the contrary, it is the absolute truth from your Lord! (It is revealed) in order to warn the nation among whom no warner had come before you. Perhaps they will find their way
32:4  It is Allah Who, in six periods (of time), created the heavens and the earth and everything in between. Then, He mounted the throne! Besides Him, you have no partner or advocate to intercede. So then, will you bear that in mind
32:5  He runs the affairs (of the universe) from the heavens down to earth. Then it, (the detail about all matters) rise up to Him in a day that equals a thousand years based on how you count
32:6  Such is He, the Knower of the unseen and the manifest, absolutely the most Powerful and the Wisest
32:7  It is He Who perfected thoroughly and excellently everything He brought into existence. The creation of man began with clay
32:8  Then He deemed the despised fluid (semen) to be the seed of the human race
32:9  Then He improved and refined, and breathed His spirit into man. After that, He created your ears, your eyes and your heart. Seldom do you offer thanks
32:10  They ask, "(After death), when we disperse and disappear into dust, will we then return in a renewed creation?" What they refuse to believe, in fact, is the meeting with their Lord
32:11  Say, "The angels of death appointed over you, will take full possession of your soul. Then, you will be returned to your Lord."
32:12  Alas! If you could see the criminals _ their head bowed (in shame and grief) _ standing before their Lord, saying, "Lord, we have seen and heard. Send us back! Now we will do good deeds. Indeed, we are now convinced!"
32:13  We would have granted guidance to all living beings (individually), had We so wished! But My word has come to pass, that I will pack the hellfire with the jinn and the human kind together
32:14  Taste (this torment). You forgot the meeting of this day, and so today, We too will forget you! Taste the permanent punishment in return for what you used to do
32:15  In fact, the believers of Our verses are only those who, when reminded of Our verses, fall down prostrate and chant the praises of their Lord. They do not ever show arrogance
32:16  They withdraw from their beds (at night), and stay up praying to their Lord. They spend (in charity) out of what We provide them
32:17  No one knows the delirious delights that are kept hidden, and are meant to be the rewards for the (righteous) deeds they do
32:18  Can the believers be like the evil doers? They are not equal
32:19  Those who believe and do righteous deeds will get the paradise as an abode _ a bountiful treat in return for what they do
32:20  While the fire will be the abode for those who do evil. Any time they attempt to come out of it, they will be shoved right back into it. They will be told, "Taste this torment of the fire! This is what you had refused to believe!"
32:21  Prior to that greater punishment (in the afterlife), We will also, most certainly, have them taste (many) smaller miseries (in this world). Perhaps they will come back (to their senses)
32:22  Who could be more unjust than the one who ignores the signs of his Lord, even though they are being pointed out to him. We are certainly going to exact a revenge from such criminals
32:23  We had (also) given Musa the book (the Torah). So, do not be in doubt about receiving this Qur´an. We made the book of Musa the guidance for the Israelites
32:24  As long as the Israelites remained patient and believed in Our verses, We raised among them great leaders who guided them in accordance with Our instructions
32:25  Indeed, on the Day of Judgment your Lord will settle between them the issues about which they used to quarrel
32:26  Many towns have We destroyed prior to them. Do they not learn any lesson from that fact? They move about among those ruins. Surely, in that are signs! So why don´t they listen
32:27  Do they not observe? We drive (rain) water towards a barren land. There, with that water We grow crops and forage _ food for their cattle, and for them, too! Don´t they ever reflect
32:28  They ask, "When will that decision come about? (Tell us) if you are truthful!"
32:29  Say, "Once the day of decision is already here, believing will not do the unbelievers any good. They will not be given a second chance either!"
32:30  So leave them alone and wait! They, too, are waiting