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33:1  Oh prophet! Fear Allah and do not follow the unbelievers and the hypocrites. In fact, it is Allah Who knows everything, and is the Wisest
33:2  Follow the revelation sent to you by your Lord. Indeed, Allah is well Aware of what all of you are doing
33:3  In Allah, place your trust. Allah is sufficient as a trustee
33:4  Allah has not placed two hearts in any person´s body. He does not render your wife to be like your mother simply because you swear and declare her to be like your mother. He does not consider your adopted sons to be like your own begotten sons. These are mere expressions that escape your lips. Allah declares the truth and guides you on to the (right) path
33:5  Call your adopted sons by their (real) fathers´ names. That is more upright according to Allah. Should you not know their fathers, then of course, they are your brothers in faith and your companions. What you utter by mistake will not be held against you, unless you assert it consciously from the bottom of your heart. Allah is the oft Forgiving and the most Merciful
33:6  The prophet has precedence over all believers, more than their own lives. His wives are their mothers. According to the book of Allah, the blood relatives take precedence over other believers and the ´mohajirs´ (believers who abandon their homes for the sake of Allah). But, of course, you may do your friends favors! Such is the writing in the book of decrees
33:7  (Remember)! We have secured covenants from all messengers, including you, Nooh, Ibraheem, Musa and Jesus, the son of Mary. We have obtained from them a solid and solemn pact
33:8  So that He may question the faithful about their truth. He has prepared a painful punishment for the unbelievers
33:9  Oh you who believe! Remember the favors of Allah upon you, when an army had mounted an attack on you? Against them, We sent a severe storm and such armies which you could not see. Allah (watches and) is very well Aware of what you do
33:10  (At that time), the enemy pounced on you from above and below. Your eyes turned white with fright and your hearts came pounding in your throats. You began entertaining doubts of all sorts about Allah
33:11  In that situation the believers were really tested. They were shaken up very severely
33:12  The hypocrites and the ones with the disease (of doubt) in their hearts began saying, "The promises made by Allah and His messenger were just delusions!"
33:13  A group of them announced, "Oh people of ´Yathrib´ (Medina)! This is not the place to stand the attack. Turn back!" Some of them approached the prophet seeking permission to depart. They said their homes were in danger. Their homes were not in danger. They just wanted to flee
33:14  If the enemy had come upon them from all sides and had tempted them (to defect), they would not have resisted much. They would have betrayed you
33:15  Earlier they had given Allah their word, that they will not turn their backs. Pledges made with Allah must be answered
33:16  Tell them, "You may attempt to run away from death and slaying. But such a flight will not do you much good. After that you will not be able to enjoy except for just a short while."
33:17  Say, "Can anyone save you from Allah, if He wants to hurt you? Or (can anyone) prevent Him if He wants to grant you mercy?" Other than Allah, they will not find for themselves a friend or a helper
33:18  Allah surely knows those of you who stay aloof from the prevailing struggle, and say to their brothers, "(do not fight)! Come over to us, let us go!" They hardly participate in the battle themselves
33:19  They are stingy with you. When danger approaches, you see them frightened. They look at you with eyes rolling in their sockets, like a man overcome by the fear of death. However, when the danger abates they return and lash out at you with their sharp (and abrasive) remarks. They are greedy for the bounties (the booties of the battle). Such are those who are not the believers. Therefore, Allah has made their deeds lose all their worth. That is really easy for Allah to do
33:20  They think the (enemy) groups have not yet withdrawn completely. If the troops came back (to attack), they would rather like to be living among the nomadic Bedouins, keeping abreast of the news about you from afar. Even if they happened to be with you, they would hardly join the battle
33:21  Indeed, in the messenger of Allah you have an excellent example for anyone who expects (to meet) Allah and the last day, and remembers Allah a lot
33:22  The true believers saw the enemy troops and said, "This is exactly what Allah and His messengers had told us. Allah and His messenger had spoken the truth!" It rather strengthened their beliefs and heightened their zeal to accept
33:23  Among the believers are men who have made good on their promise with Allah. Some of them have redeemed their pledges (and have been martyred), others await their turn. There has not been any change (in their determination) at all
33:24  (Allah let it happen) so that Allah may reward the faithful for their sincerity and truthfulness; and so that He may either punish the hypocrites, or accept them back in His grace. Indeed, Allah is the oft-Forgiving and the most Merciful
33:25  Allah drove the unbelievers back! In their fury they left without gaining any advantage. On behalf of the believers, Allah sufficed to do battle. Allah is absolutely the Strongest and the most Powerful
33:26  Allah brought the people of the scriptures _ those who were aiding and helping the enemy _ out of their forts. He struck terror in their hearts. That is how you killed some of them and captured others
33:27  Allah had you inhabit their lands, their houses and their riches, and the land that you had never trespassed or trampled. Allah is capable of accomplishing everything
33:28  Oh prophet! Tell your wives, "If you desire the life of this world and its decor, then say so. I will grant you your freedom and provide for you generously."
33:29  "But if you choose Allah, His messenger and the house of the hereafter, then indeed (you should know that), Allah has prepared a great reward for the righteous amongst you!"
33:30  Oh wives of the prophet! The punishment will be doubled if anyone of you commits a lewd and vile deed. That is really easy for Allah to do
33:31  (Oh wives of the prophet) We will grant the reward twice to any of you who obeys Allah and His messenger, and acts righteously. We will grant her a generous and eminent sustenance
33:32  Oh wives of the prophet! You are not like other women. If you fear Allah, do not speak in a soft and pleasant voice, lest someone harboring evil desires in his heart entertains evil thoughts. Be straightforward and say the right thing
33:33  Stay put in your homes, and do not display your charms in the manner of the earlier days of ignorance. Establish the ´salat´, pay the ´zakat´ and obey Allah and His messenger. What Allah wants, is to remove all traces of filth from the family of the prophet, and cleanse and purify them really thoroughly
33:34  And remember the verses of Allah, the pearls of wisdom, being recited in your homes. Truly, Allah is the most Elegant and the most Knowledgeable
33:35  Allah has definitely made preparations to grant forgiveness, and to reward generously those men and women who submit (to Allah) and believe, and are obedient, patient and humble. Those who give charity, observe fasts and rigidly guard their chastity. And (above all) those men and women who remember Allah abundantly
33:36  It is inappropriate and unbecoming of a believer _ man or woman _ to expect a choice in any matter which has already been decided and settled by Allah and His messenger. Anyone who disbelieves Allah and His messenger is clearly misguided; he has strayed far away
33:37  And recall that man (Zayd)? Allah had done favors upon him, and you had too. You were saying to him, "Fear Allah, keep your wife and do not divorce her." Allah was going to bring out into the open that which you kept hidden in your heart at that time. You were afraid of people, although that is Allah´s right! You should fear Him only! When Zayd had completed his object (of divorcing his wife), We married her to you. (We did that) so the believers may have no restriction in (and may have no stigma attached to) marrying the former wives of their adopted sons, provided the adopted sons had already divorced their wives. The commands of Allah must be fulfilled
33:38  No restriction stands in the way of the prophet. Nothing restrains him from carrying out the orders of Allah. This happens to be the established practice of Allah in the case of all the messengers who had gone by earlier. And Allah´s command is destiny, irrevocable and predominant
33:39  (This is true for) those who carry the message of Allah, fear Him and are not afraid of anyone except Allah. Allah is sufficient to hold the reckoning
33:40  Muhammad (SAW), is not the father of any man among you, but he is the messenger of Allah and the last of the prophets. Allah is very well Aware of all things
33:41  Oh you who believe! Remember Allah! Remember Him often
33:42  Glorify and chant His praises every morning and afternoon
33:43  It is He Who bestows His blessings upon you. His angels pray for you, that He may bring you out of darkness into light. He is very Kind and Benevolent towards the believers
33:44  "Peace" will be their greeting on the day they meet Him. He has prepared a generous reward for them
33:45  Oh prophet! We have sent you as a witness, as a bearer of good news and as a warner
33:46  And as the one inviting towards the path of Allah by His will, and as a guiding illuminating lamp
33:47  Announce the good news to the believers. They will receive a great abundance of favors and gifts from Allah
33:48  Do not yield to the unbelievers and the hypocrites. Disregard the nuisance caused by them, and in Allah place your trust. Allah is sufficient as a trustee
33:49  Oh you who believe! If you divorce a believing woman _ without having consummated the marriage with her _ you cannot place upon her the requirement of "Iddat" (waiting period of 120 days before re-marrying). So grant her the freedom and provide for her generously
33:50  Oh prophet! We have made your wives lawful for you _ provided their agreed nuptial-dower has been paid _ and the slave women Allah has granted you. (Other women lawful for you to marry are): the daughters of your paternal uncles and aunts and the daughters of your maternal uncles and aunts _ those of them who migrated with you (from Makkah)_ and the believing woman who wants to enter the prophet´s household as his wife and he wants to espouse her. This (more than four wives) is an exemption especially for you, not for any other believer. We know what We have mandated for the believers concerning their wives, and the captive women. You are exempted so as to remove the difficulty you face! (The difficulty: the taboo, the culturally imposed restriction against marrying the former wives of the adopted sons, had to be broken by an actual example. It had to be done without divorcing any of the existing wives. The solution: suspend the limit of four wives for the prophet). Allah is the most Forgiving and the most Merciful. NB: Another taboo broken by this divinely ordained marriage was the restriction against cousin marriages. The woman was the prophet´s first cousin
33:51  You are being given the right! You may live apart from, or take up residence with whichever wife you want. And you may get back together with any of your wives you had previously estranged. You are not to be blamed. This is more likely to keep them happy, free from grief and contented with what you give them. Allah knows whatever exists in the hearts of all of you. Allah is all-Knowing, and He is the most Gentle
33:52  After this (right) other women are not lawful for you, except the captive women. You may not bring other wives _ even though their beauty may charm you _ in place of the ones you already have. Allah watches over all things vigilantly
33:53  Oh you who believe! Do not enter the prophet´s home, especially at mealtime, unless you have been granted permission. If you are invited to dine at the prophet´s home, arrive on time (not too early) and disperse after you have finished eating. Do not overstay and linger on in conversation. That bothers the prophet, and he is too embarrassed to tell you. But Allah is not ashamed of telling the truth! When you have to ask the wives of the prophet about anything, do so from across a screen. That is more upright, and it keeps your and their hearts more unadultrated. It is not right for you to aggravate the prophet, and it is improper for you to ever marry any of his wives after his death. Indeed that, according to Allah, is a serious offence
33:54  Allah is Aware of every single thing, regardless of whether you express it or keep it undisclosed
33:55  It is not improper for the ladies (and will not be held against them), if they converse freely with their fathers, their sons, their brothers and their sons, their sisters´ sons and other women _ including the slave women. Oh women! Fear Allah! Indeed, Allah observes every single thing
33:56  Indeed Allah and His angels send their blessings upon the prophet. Oh you who believe! Send your salutes and your sincere greetings upon him
33:57  Certainly, those who annoy Allah and the prophet (should beware); Allah has placed a curse on them in this life and in the afterlife. He has prepared for them a humialiating punishment
33:58  Those who distress the believing men and women (by levelling false charges against them) without any reason bear the burden of having slandered a believer _ a glaring sin
33:59  Oh prophet! Ask your wives and daughters and the women of the believers to wrap a loose outer garment completely around their bodies (leaving the face and the figure unobservable). That way they are more likely to be recognised and won´t be harassed. Allah is the most Forgiving and the most Merciful
33:60  The hypocrites and those with a disease (of doubt) in their hearts must quit spreading false rumors in the town (Medina). Otherwise, We will most certainly rouse you into action against them. Then they will not remain your neighbors in this town much longer
33:61  Cursed are they! Wherever found, they will be captured and killed in a carnage
33:62  Allah has enforced this course of action for all of those gone by earlier. You will never find any departure in the established practice of Allah
33:63  People ask you about (the exact time and date of) the hour (of Judgment). Say, "In fact, the knowledge about that is with Allah (alone). You do not realize! That hour might just have drawn very close!"
33:64  Indeed, Allah has cursed the unbelievers. He has prepared for them a blazing fire
33:65  In it, they will live for ever. There, they will not find a friend or a helper
33:66  That day, their faces will be roasted on (an open) fire; they will say, "Alas, if only we had obeyed Allah, and had obeyed His messenger
33:67  They will (further) say, "Our Lord, we really obeyed our leaders, the influential and the distinguished among us. But they misled us and made us lose the way."
33:68  "Our Lord, inflict upon them twice the punishment, and place upon them a mighty curse!"
33:69  Oh you, the believers! Do not be like those who harassed Musa. Allah cleared him of what they alleged. According to Allah, he was a distinguished messenger
33:70  Oh those of you who believe! (Always) say the right thing
33:71  He will rectify and correct your deeds, and He will forgive your sins. Those who obey Allah and His messenger have indeed achieved the greatest success
33:72  Indeed, We presented this trust (the Qur´an) to the sky, the earth and the mountains, to see if they would accept the responsibility that goes with it. They shied away and declined to bear it. But man assumed the obligation. Man was indeed cruel (to himself) and ignorant (of its importance)
33:73  (Having accepted, man is liable and) Allah will punish the hypocrite men and women, and the polytheist men and women. He will forgive the believing men and women. Allah happens to be the most Forgiving and the most Merciful