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83:1  Woe to the stinters!
83:2  Those who, when they take a measure from people, exact full measure,
83:3  but when they give them a measure or weight, hand over less than is due.
83:4  Do such people not realise that they will be raised up
83:5  on a Terrible Day,
83:6  the Day mankind will stand before the Lord of all the worlds?
83:7  No indeed! The book of the dissolute is in Sijjin.
83:8  And what will convey to you what Sijjin is?
83:9  A clearly written Book.
83:10  Woe that Day to the deniers:
83:11  those who deny the Day of Reckoning.
83:12  No one denies it except for every evil aggressor.
83:13  When Our Signs are recited to him, he says, ´Just myths and legends of the previous peoples!´
83:14  No indeed! Rather what they have earned has rusted up their hearts.
83:15  No indeed! Rather that Day they will be veiled from their Lord.
83:16  Then they will roast in the Blazing Fire.
83:17  Then they will be told, ´This is what you denied.´
83:18  No indeed! The book of the truly good is in ´Illiyun.
83:19  And what will convey to you what ´Illiyun is?
83:20  A clearly written book.
83:21  Those brought near will witness it.
83:22  The truly good will be in perfect Bliss
83:23  on couches gazing in wonder.
83:24  You will recognise in their faces the radiance of delight.
83:25  They are given the choicest sealed wine to drink,
83:26  whose seal is musk — let people with aspiration aspire to that! —
83:27  mixed with Tasnim:
83:28  a fountain at which Those Brought Near will drink.
83:29  Those who did evil used to laugh at those who had iman.
83:30  When they passed by them, they would wink at one another.
83:31  When they returned to their families, they would make a joke of them.
83:32  When they saw them, they would say, ´Those people are misguided.´
83:33  But they were not sent as guardians over them.
83:34  So today those who have iman are laughing at the kuffar,
83:35  on couches, gazing in wonder.
83:36  Have the kuffar been rewarded for what they did?