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84:1  When the sky bursts open,
84:2  hearkening to its Lord as it is bound to do!
84:3  When the earth is flattened out
84:4  and disgorges what is inside it and empties out,
84:5  hearkening to its Lord as it is bound to do!
84:6  O Man! You are toiling laboriously towards your Lord but meet Him you will!
84:7  As for him who is given his Book in his right hand,
84:8  he will be given an easy reckoning
84:9  and return to his family joyfully.
84:10  But as for him who is given his Book behind his back,
84:11  he will cry out for destruction
84:12  but will be roasted in a Searing Blaze.
84:13  He used to be joyful in his family.
84:14  He thought that he was never going to return.
84:15  But in fact his Lord was always watching him!
84:16  No, I swear by the evening glow,
84:17  and the night and all it shrouds,
84:18  and the moon when it is full,
84:19  you will mount up stage by stage!
84:20  What is the matter with them that they have no iman
84:21  and, when the Qur´an is recited to them, do not prostrate?
84:22  In fact those who are kafir say that it is lies.
84:23  But Allah knows best what they are storing in their hearts.
84:24  Give them the news of a painful punishment —
84:25  except those who have iman and do right actions: they will have a wage which never fails.