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83:1  Shame to the cheaters
83:2  The ones who insist to get their money’s worth but when it comes to them,…
83:3  … they cheat their customers by selling them less than full measure
83:4  Do they not think that they will be called back to answer their deeds
83:5  That will be a mighty day when…
83:6  … all mankind will stand before the Creator of the worlds
83:7  On that somber day the deeds of the wicked ones will be presented in a recorder known as Sijjin
83:8  You may ask what Sijjin is
83:9  A register in which all actions of man is completely registered (a horror story.
83:10  How miserable will be those who deny that day
83:11  Those who deny the day of judgment
83:12  No one denies the Day of Judgment except the one who is the most sinful
83:13  When the verses of Qur’an is recited to such a person he will jokingly say these are nothing but the mythical stories of the past
83:14  Their sins have stained their heart so badly that they can not accept the reality
83:15  What a pity that they will be deprived of their Lord’s Mercy on the Day of Judgment
83:16  And be cast into the blazing Hellfire
83:17  Then they will be told: “This is the Fire that you used to joke about it.”
83:18  As to the righteous ones, their deed will be presented in “Elliyin”
83:19  You may ask what “Elliyin” is
83:20  It is a register of the deeds of the righteous ones (happy ending story
83:21  Which is witnessed by those who are closed to God
83:22  The righteous ones will be in Heaven
83:23  Sitting on luxurious furnishings they will enjoy the most eye pleasing views
83:24  You can see from their faces how delighted they are
83:25  They will drink the most delicious exotic drinks which…
83:26  …. smells like musk. If you have any aspiration compete for it
83:27  The drink will be mixed with the water of Tasnin
83:28  Which is a spring from which only those who are dear to God will drink
83:29  They will remember the day that the sinners used to laugh at them
83:30  The disbelievers used to wink at each other whenever they passed by the believers
83:31  And return to their folks continue joking about the believers
83:32  Saying what invisible guards…
83:33  … they think they have around them
83:34  On that day, the believers will have the final laugh
83:35  While enjoying the sight from their throne
83:36  Are not the disbelievers paid back for what they were used to do