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84:1  The time will come…
84:2  … when the sky will submit to the will of its Creator and cracks down into pieces
84:3  The time will come that earth will be leveled
84:4  On that day the earth…
84:5  … will submit to the will of its Creator and explode into pieces into skies
84:6  Know that man one day will meet his Creator. Meanwhile, he has to struggle hard to earn his Lord’s pleasure
84:7  The one who is given his record to his right hand…
84:8  … will be happy as he will have an easy meeting with his Lord
84:9  Such a man will return happy to his people
84:10  As for the one whose record…
84:11  … will be hang behind his neck, he will be…
84:12  …. terribly sorry as he will be throne into the Hellfire
84:13  Such a person was the most happy among his buddies (who were like him.
84:14  It never came to such a person’s mind that one day he will meet his Creator and would be accountable for his actions
84:15  Indeed his Lord was watching him
84:16  I (God) swear by the impressive red color of the dusk
84:17  I (God) swear by the night which spreads over the earth
84:18  I (God) swear by the moon and its phases
84:19  That man will move from stage to stage
84:20  How come man after all this does not believe his Creator’s word
84:21  How is it possible that man hears the word of God (as written in Qur’an) and does not prostrate out of respect
84:22  The answer is: “These people have the audacity to knowingly reject the word of God (as penned down in Qur’an)”
84:23  Indeed God is aware of the innermost thought of these kind of people
84:24  O’ Mohammad, let people know that there is a terrible punishment awaiting them
84:25  Only those who believe and adopt a “God pleasing” style of life will receive a well deserved reward