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78:1  What are they arguing about?
78:2  About the Marvelous News: (the Revelation of the Qur’ān)
78:3  Over which they are disputing
78:4  No indeed! They will come to know.
78:5  And once more, no indeed! They will come to know.
78:6  Have We not made the earth as a cradle
78:7  And the mountains as stakes?
78:8  And We have created you in pairs.
78:9  And We appointed your sleep for a rest,
78:10  And made the night as raiment
78:11  And the day as the means of livelihood.
78:12  And We built above you seven might firmaments,
78:13  And placed therein a blazing lamp,
78:14  And sent down from the rain clouds pouring water
78:15  In order to bring forth thereby grain and herbs,
78:16  And gardens of thick foliage.
78:17  Most surely the Day of Decision is an appointed time.
78:18  It is the day when the Trumpet is blown, and you come forth in multitudes.
78:19  The sky will split open, becoming gateways,
78:20  And the mountains will be removed, becoming a mirage.
78:21  Truly, Gehenna is a place of ambush
78:22  A dwelling place for the tyrants.
78:23  They will dwell therein for ages.
78:24  Nothing cool shall they taste therein, nor any refreshment.
78:25  Except scalding water and purulence:
78:26  A fair requital for their deeds.
78:27  For Lo! They did not expect such a Judgment;
78:28  And they persistently denied the (the divine origin of) Qur’ānic Verses.
78:29  Lo! All things We have recorded in a Book.
78:30  Now, therefore, taste (the dire consequences of your iniquitous deeds). No increase shall We give you except in punishment.
78:31  Verily, for the Pious, there will be a blissful life:
78:32  Gardens and vineyards,
78:33  And beautiful exotic young women of equal age,
78:34  And a full cup of pure wine,
78:35  No evil vain talk will they hear therein nor lying:
78:36  A reward from your Lord - a generous gift in payment-
78:37  The Lord of the heavens and earth, and whatsoever is in between them. He is the True Merciful (God), none can have direct dialogue with Him.
78:38  On that day, when the Spirit and the Angels will stand in rows, they will not speak except one whom the True Merciful (God) allows and who he speaks the right.
78:39  That day is the Ultimate Truth. So let whoever wills take then a safe return to his Lord!
78:40  Indeed, We have warned you of a near punishment on a day when man will behold what his hands have put forth, and the one who is spiritually dead and blind will cry: "Oh, I wish I were dust!"