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an-Naba` (The Tidings, The Announcement)
as rendered by M. Farook Malik
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Farook Malik rendition of Surah The Tidings, The Announcement(an-Naba`)
78:1 About what are they asking?
78:2 About the mighty event
78:3 - the theme of their disputes.
78:4 Very soon they shall come to know;
78:5 We repeat, very soon they shall come to know.
78:6 Is it not true that We have spread the earth like a bed,
78:7 and the mountains as pegs,
78:8 created you in pairs,
78:9 provided you rest in sleep,
78:10 made the night a mantle,
78:11 made the day to work for earning your livelihood,
78:12 built above you seven firmaments,
78:13 placed therein a shining lamp,
78:14 sent down abundant water from the clouds,
78:15 bringing forth grain, vegetation
78:16 and gardens of luxurious growth?
78:17 The Day of decision is already fixed.
78:18 On that Day, the Trumpet shall be sounded and you shall come forth in multitude.
78:19 The sky shall be opened as if there were doors.
78:20 The mountains shall vanish as if they were a mirage.
78:21 For sure, the hell shall lie in ambush,
78:22 to become a home for the transgressors.
78:23 There they shall live for ages,
78:24 in it they shall taste neither refreshment nor drink,
78:25 except scalding water and decaying filth:
78:26 a fitting recompense for their deeds.
78:27 For they never expected to be accountable,
78:28 and wittingly rejected Our revelations.
78:29 But We had recorded everything in a Book.
78:30 It will be said: "Taste the fruits of your deeds! You shall have nothing but increase in punishment."
78:31 On that Day, the righteous will certainly achieve their Heart’s desires:
78:32 beautiful gardens, vineyards;
78:33 and young women of their own age,
78:34 and overflowing cups;
78:35 they shall hear no vanity, nor any falsehood;
78:36 - a recompense from your Lord and a gift beyond their account
78:37 from the Compassionate, Who is the Lord of the heavens, the earth and all that lies between them; before Whom no one shall be able to speak.
78:38 On that Day, the Spirit (Gabriel) and the angels shall stand in their ranks; none shall speak except the one to whom the Compassionate (Allah) shall grant permission to speak, and he will speak straight to the point.
78:39 That Day is a sure reality. Let him who desires, seek a way back to his Lord.
78:40 Indeed We have forewarned you of an imminent punishment which lies close-at-hand, on the Day when man shall see what his hands have sent forth and the unbeliever will cry: "I wish! I could remain merely dust."


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