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77:1  By the emissary winds, which are sent forth one after another
77:2  By the raging hurricanes
77:3  By the winds that lift up and scatter the clouds to their distant places
77:4  then separate them one from another
77:5  By those who bring down the reminder
77:6  either to remove the excuse or to convey the warning
77:7  Surely, that which you are being promised, shall be fulfilled
77:8  It is going to be fulfilled when the stars will lose their light
77:9  heaven will cleft asunder
77:10  the mountains will crumble into dust
77:11  and when the Messengers will be brought together at the appointed time
77:12  For what Day has all this been deferred
77:13  For the Day of Judgment
77:14  And what will explain to you, what the Day of Judgment is
77:15  Woe on that Day to the disbelievers
77:16  Did We not destroy the former generations for their evil deeds
77:17  And We shall do the same to later generations who will follow them
77:18  Thus do We deal with the guilty
77:19  Woe on that Day to the disbelievers
77:20  Have We not created you from an unworthy fluid
77:21  which We placed in a secure resting- place (womb)
77:22  for an appointed term
77:23  We have estimated its term - how excellent an estimator We are
77:24  Woe on that Day to the disbelievers
77:25  Have We not made the earth a home for bot
77:26  the living and the dead
77:27  set on it lofty mountains, and given you sweet water to drink
77:28  Woe on that Day to the disbelievers
77:29  On the Day of Judgment it will be said to the disbelievers: "Walk on to hell which you used deny
77:30  Walk on to the shadow of smoke ascending in three columns
77:31  giving neither coolness nor shelter from the flames
77:32  throwing up sparks as huge as castles
77:33  as if they were yellow camels."
77:34  Woe on that Day to the disbelievers
77:35  On that Day, they shall not be able to speak
77:36  nor be given permission to offer their excuses
77:37  Woe on that Day to the disbelievers
77:38  Such will be the Day of Judgment. We shall assemble you and your past generations
77:39  Now if you have a plot, use it against Me
77:40  Woe on that Day to the disbelievers
77:41  Surely the righteous shall dwell amidst cool shades and spring
77:42  and shall have whatever fruits they desire
77:43  We shall say to them: "Eat and drink to your heart’s content, this is the reward for your good deeds."
77:44  Thus shall We reward the righteous
77:45  Woe on that Day to the disbelievers
77:46  O culprits! Eat and enjoy yourselves for a little while. Surely you are culprits
77:47  Woe on that Day to the disbelievers
77:48  When they are asked to bow down before Allah, they do not bow down
77:49  Woe on that Day to the disbelievers
77:50  In what statement after this Qur’an, will they believe