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30:1  Alif, Lam, Meem.
30:2  The Romans were overcomed.
30:3  In the lowest land. And they will be after being overcomed, they will be overcomers.
30:4  In a few lunar years (from 3 to 9 years). For Allah is the matter, from before and from after. And on that day, the believers will be rejoicing.
30:5  With Allah’s victory. He victories whomever He wills. He is Al-Aziz (The Almighty), Al-Raheem (The merciful of his creation and himself).
30:6  Allah’s promise, Allah never breaks His promise, but most of the people are not knowing.
30:7  They know an outward from the Dunya (worldly) life, while they are about the Hereafter are inattentive.
30:8  Have they not thought within themselves? Allah did not create the skies and the earth, and what is between them, except with the right, and a named term. And surely most of the people, with their Lord’s meeting, are infidels.
30:9  Have they not walked on the earth so observe how those before them their sequel was? They were more powerful than them, and they plowed the earth and live-longed it more than they live-longed it, and their messengers came to them with the proof. So, Allah would never oppress them, but they were themselves oppressing.
30:10  Then, it was sequels of those who did bad, the badness because they falsified with Allah’s verses, and they were with them ridiculing.
30:11  Allah starts the creation, then repeats it. Then to Him you return.
30:12  And on a Day when the Hour establishes, the criminals will bewilder.
30:13  And there were not among their associates’ intercessors, and they were with their associates, infidels.
30:14  And on a Day when the Hour establishes, on that Day they are separating.
30:15  So, those who believed and worked the righteous deeds, so they will be in meadows, are elated.
30:16  And as for those who disbelieved, and falsified with Our verses and the Hereafter meeting, so those are into the torment, presenting.
30:17  So glorified is Allah when you are at night, and when you are in the morning.
30:18  And for Him the praise in the skies and on the earth, and at night, and when you are at noon.
30:19  He exits the living out from the dead, and He exits the dead out from the living, and He revives the land after it has died. And thus, you will be exiting out.
30:20  And among His verses is that He created you from dust; then behold, you are humankinds spreading out.
30:21  And among His verses is that He created for you mates among yourselves, to rest to them; and He set up between you affection and mercy. Surely within that is verses for a thinking kinsfolk.
30:22  And among His verses is the creation of the skies and the earth, and the difference of your tongue languages and colors. Surely within that is verses for the knowers.
30:23  And among His verses are your sleep by the night and the day, and your seeking from His bounty. Surely within that is verses for a listening kinsfolk.
30:24  And among His verses is that He shows you the lightning, as fear and covetousness. And He sends down water from the sky, so with it He revives the earth after its death. Surely, within that is verses for a reasoning kinsfolk.
30:25  And among His verses is that the skies and the earth stand firm by His command. And then, when He calls out to you a call from the earth, behold you are exiting.
30:26  And for Him whoever is in the skies and the earth. All are for Him devoutly obedient.
30:27  And He is the one who starts the creation, then repeats it, and it is easy upon Him. And for Him the highest example, in the skies and the earth. He is Al-Aziz (The Almighty), Al-Hakeem (The Wise).
30:28  He cited an example for you, from yourselves: Do you have from what your right hands possess among partners within what We have livelihood for you? so are you equal in it? Would you fear them as you fear yourselves.? Thus, We detailed the verses for a reasoning kinsfolk.
30:29  Nay, but those who are oppressed follow their desires without knowledge. So, who will guide whom Allah has strayed? And none for them among the victorious.
30:30  So stand your face for the religion as a monotheist, Allah’s origination which He originates, the people upon it. There is no altering for Allah’s creation. That is The Valued Religion, but most of the people are not knowing.
30:31  Penitent towards Him, and show piety of Him, and establish the prayers, and do not be among the polytheists.
30:32  Among those who divided their religion and became sects; each party with what they have are rejoicing.
30:33  And if a harm touches the people, they call their Lord. Penitent towards Him. Then, if He lets them taste from Him a mercy, then a team among them with their Lord, are associating.
30:34  To disbelieve with what We have given them. So, enjoy, so you will know.
30:35  Or did We send down upon them a Sultan? so it speaks with what they were associating with Him?
30:36  And if We let the people taste mercy, they have rejoiced with it. And if badness targets them, with what their hands have forwarded, then they are disheartening.
30:37  Have they not seen that Allah expands the livelihood for whomever He wills and quantizes it? Surely within that is verses for a believing kinsfolk.
30:38  So give the possessor of relativity his rights, and the needy persons, and the wayfarer. That is goodness for those who want Allah’s face. And those are the gainers.
30:39  And whatever you are giving from usury, seeking to raise in the people’s money, it will not raise with Allah. And what you are giving from Zakat, wanting Allah’s face, so these are the multipliers.
30:40  Allah is the one who created you, then has livelihood you, then causes you to die, then gives you, life. Are there among your "associates" who does anything like that? Glorified is Him and Exalted above what they associate.
30:41  The spoiling has appeared in the land and the sea, with what the people’s hands have earned, to make them taste some of which they have worked, perhaps they may be returning.
30:42  Say, “Walk on the earth, so observe how it was a sequel of those who were before. Most of them were polytheists.”
30:43  So stand your face for the valued religion, before there comes from Allah a Day has no aversion for it. On that Day, they will be sundered.
30:44  Whoever disbelieves, so upon him is his infidelity. And whoever worked righteous, so they are preparing for themselves.
30:45  To recompense those who have believed and worked the righteous deeds among His bounty. Surely, He does not love the infidels.
30:46  And among His verses is that He sends the winds preaching (good tidings), and to let you taste from His mercy, and to let the arks run by His command, and you will seek from His bounty, and perhaps you may be thankful.
30:47  And already, We sent messengers to their kinsfolk before you. So, they came to them with the proof. So, We take revenge from those who are criminalized. And it is right upon Us to victory the believers.
30:48  Allah is the one who sends the winds. So, they stir up the clouds. So, He sprawls them in the sky as He wills. And He sets them up in fragments. So, you see the heavy rain (Al-Wadaq) exiting through it. So, if He targets with it whom He wills among His slaves, so then they are cheerful.
30:49  And they were before it was sent down upon them, before it, they were bewildered.
30:50  So observe to Allah’s merciful effects, how He revives the earth after its death. surely that will revive the dead. and He is over everything competent.
30:51  And if We send a wind, and they see it turning things yellow, they will still thereafter disbelieve.
30:52  So, you are not letting the dead hear, nor you are letting the deaf hear the call if they turn away backsliders.
30:53  And you are not guiding the blind out of their astray. You only will not listen, except those who believe with Our verses; so, they are Muslims.
30:54  Allah is the one Who created you from weakness, then He sets up after weakness power, then He sets up after power weakness and gray hair. He creates whatever He wills. And He is Al-Aalim (The Knower), Al-Qadeer (The Omnipotent).
30:55  And on a Day when the Hour establishes, the criminals will swear that they had tarried but an hour. Thus, they were faking.
30:56  And those who are given the knowledge and the faith will say, “You tarried in Allah’s Book until The Resurrection Day. So, this is The Resurrection Day, but you did not know.”
30:57  So, on that Day, the oppressors’ excuses will not benefit them, nor will they be asked to appease God.
30:58  And We already have cited, in this Quran for the people among every example. And if you bring them a verse, those who disbelieved will say, “Surely you are none except voiders.”
30:59  Allah thus imprints upon the cores of those who are not knowing.
30:60  So be patient. Surely Allah’s promise is true. And do not let those who lack certainty abate you.