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30:2  The Roman Empire has been defeated
30:3  in the nearest part of earth; but they will be victors after their defeat,
30:4  in three to ten years. All matters are up to God, in the past and in the future. And on that day the faithful will exult,
30:5  with the help of God. God helps whom God will, and God is almighty, most merciful.
30:6  It is the promise of God: and God does not break a divine promise; though most of humanity does not know.
30:7  They know the externals of the life of the world, but they are heedless of the ultimate end.
30:8  Do they not reflect within their souls? God did not create the heavens and the earth and all that is between them but in the right way and for an appointed term: but most of humanity does not believe in the meeting with their Lord.
30:9  And do they not travel the earth and see how those before them ended up? They were more powerful than these, and tilled the earth, and populated it, more densely than have these. And there came to them Messengers to them with clarifications. And God would not wrong them, but they have wronged themselves.
30:10  Then the end of those who did evil was evil, in that they rejected the signs of God and took them for a joke.
30:11  God initiates creation, then repeats it; then to God you are returned.
30:12  And on the day the hour arrives, sinners will be despondent.
30:13  And they will have no intercessors from among their idols, and they will cure these idols of theirs.
30:14  And on the day the hour arrives, on that day they will be divided:
30:15  those who had faith and did good works will be gladdened in a garden;
30:16  while those who disbelieved and repudiated Our signs and the final meeting will be brought to punishment.
30:17  So glorify God as you enter into the evenings and as you enter into the mornings-
30:18  for to God belongs all praise in the heavens and the earth- and at dusk and noontide.
30:19  God brings forth the living from the . dead, and brings forth the dead from the living; and God enlivens the earth after its death: and so will you all be brought forth.
30:20  And among the signs of God is creating you all from dust; and there you are, humankind, propagating widely.
30:21  And among the signs of God is having created for you mates from yourselves that you may feel at home with them, and God put love and kindness among you. Surely in that is a sign for a reflective people.
30:22  And among the signs of od is the creation of the heavens and the earth and the diversity of your languages and your complexions. Surely in that is a sign for the knowing.
30:23  And among the signs of God is your sleep by night and by day, and your seeking from the bounty of God. Surely in that is a sign for a people who hear.
30:24  And among the signs of God is showing you lightning, occasion for fear and for hope; and God sends water down from the sky. enlivening the earth after it has died. Surely in that is a sign for an intelligent people.
30:25  And among the signs of God is that sky and earth stand by divine decree. Then when God calls you with a call from earth, you will all come forth.
30:26  To God belongs everyone in the heavens and the earth: all are obedient to God.
30:27  And God it is who begins creation, then repeats it: and that is supremely easy for God. And to God refers the highest ideal in the heavens and the earth: and God is almighty, most wise.
30:28  God gives you an example from your own realm: have you slaves who are partners in what We have provided for you. and you are equals in it, you fearing them as you fear yourselves? Thus do we explain the signs to an understanding people.
30:29  No, those who do wrong follow their own desires without knowledge. Then who guides those whom God has led astray? There are no helpers for them.
30:30  So turn your being to religion in sincere devotion by God-given nature, according to which God created humanity. There is no changing the nature created by God. That is the right religion, but most of humanity does not know.
30:31  Turning to God repentant, be conscientious and prayerful, and do not be idolators,
30:32  those who sp1inter their religion and have hecon1e sectarian, each party delighting in what they have.
30:33  And when affliction touches people, they cry to their Lord, turning repentant to God. Then when God has made them taste of mercy from the Divine, some of them attribute partners to their Lord,
30:34  so that they are ungrateful for what We have given them. Enjoy, then, for you will soon know.
30:35  Have We sent down to them an authority who speaks of what they have idolized?
30:36  And when We have people taste mercy, they rejoice in it; but if ill befalls them for what their own hands have brought on, then they despair.
30:37  Do they not see that God expands and restricts the provision of whomever God will? Surely in that is a sign for a people who believe.
30:38  So give their right to kin and the poor and the wayfarer: that is best for those who seek the presence and favor of God; and they are the ones who thrive.
30:39  Whatever you give from excess profit that it may grow even more invested in people's wealth does not increase with God; but what you give in charity seeking the presence and favor of God is what will be compounded.
30:40  God is the one who created you all. then provided you sustenance, then will cause you to die, then will bring you to life. Are there an1ong your idols any who can do aught of that? Glory to God, exalted beyond any association.
30:41  Corruption has appeared on land and on sea because of what human hands have earned to make them taste some of what they did, that they may turn back.
30:42  Say, "Travel the earth and see how those before you ended up: most of them were idolatrous.”
30:43  So direct your being to the right religion before there comes a day from God that cannot be averted: on that day they'll be divided.
30:44  Those who were ungrateful bear responsibility for their ingratitude; while those who do good works prepare for the repose of their own souls,
30:45  that God may requite from the bounty divine those who have faith and do good works. Surely God does not love the ungrateful who disbelieve.
30:46  And among the signs of God is that the winds are sent as bearers of glad tidings and to have you taste of the mercy divine; and that the ships may sail by divine decree, and that you may all seek from the bounty of God, and that you may be thankful.
30:47  And We have indeed sent before you Envoys to their people, who brought them clarifications; then We took revenge on those who committed crimes. And it was incumbent upon us to help the faithful believers.
30:48  God is the one who sends the winds that stir up a cloud, and God spreads it in the sky. according to divine will, and makes it into pieces, and you see the rain issuing from within it. And it is showered on whomever God will from among the servants of God: then they welcome it,
30:49  though earlier on, before it was sent down upon them, they were indeed in despair.
30:50  So look at the traces of the mercy of God, how it enlivens the earth after her death. Indeed, God is the lifegiver to the dead; and God has power over all things.
30:51  And if We sent a wind and they saw it yellowing, they would thereafter surely become ungrateful.
30:52  So in fact you cannot cause the dead to hear, nor can you cause the deaf to hear the call when they have turned their backs.
30:53  And you are not the guide of the blind out of their error; you cannot make anyone hear but those who believe in Our signs and have submitted.
30:54  God is the one who created you all weak, then gave strength after weakness, then gave weakness and old age after strength. God creates whatever God will; and God is all-knowing, all-powerful.
30:55  And on the day the hour arrives the guilty will swear they only lingered a while; that is how deluded they were.
30:56  And those to whom was given knowledge and faith will say, “In fact you lingered, according to the Book of God, until the day of resurrection. And this is the day of resurrection, although you have not perceived."
30:57  So on that day the excuse of wrongdoers will not be of use to them, and no reconciliation is possible for them.
30:58  And We have set forth every ideal for humankind in this Recital: but if you brought a verse to ingrates who disbelieve, they would surely say, "'You are nothing but liars!"
30:59  Thus does God stamp the hearts of those who do not know.
30:60  So be patient, for the promise of God is true. And let those who are uncertain not divert you at all.