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30:1  Alif. Lam Mim
30:2  The Byzantians have been overcome
30:3  In a nearer land; and they, after the overcoming of them, shall soon overcome
30:4  In some few years. Allah's is the command, before and after. And on that day the believers wiil rejoice
30:5  In Allah succour. He succoureth whomsoever He will, and He is the Mighty, the Merciful
30:6  This is Allah's promise; and Allah faileth not His promise. Yet most men know not
30:7  They know only the outward appearance of the life of the world, and they! of the Hereafter, they are neglecetful
30:8  Ponder they not in their minds: Allah hath not created the heavens and the earth and whatsoever is in-between the twain save with a purpose and for a term appointed? And verily many men in the meecing of their Lord are unbelievers
30:9  Have they not journeyed in the land and observed what wise hath been the end of those before them? They were stronger than they in power and they brake up the earth and they inhabited it with greater affluence than these have inhabited it, and their apostles came unto them with evidences. And Allah was not one to wrong them, but themselves they were wont to wrong
30:10  Then the end of those who committed evil was evil, for they belied the signs of Allah and they were wont to mock at them
30:11  Allah originateth the creation, then He shall restore it, then unto Him ye shall be returned
30:12  And on the day whereon the Hour arriveth, dumb-struck will be the culprits
30:13  And not from their associate-gods, there will be intercessors for them, and unto their associate-gods they will be unbelievers
30:14  On the Day whereon the Hour arriveth, that Day they shall be separated
30:15  Then as for those who believed and worked righteous works, they shall be in a meadow made happy
30:16  And as for those who disbelieved and belied Our signs and the meeting of the Hereafter--these to the torment shall be brought
30:17  So hallow Allah when ye enter the night and when ye enter the morning, -
30:18  And His is all praise in the heavens and the earth! --and at the sun's decline and when ye enter the noon
30:19  He bringeth forth the living from the lifeless, and He bringeth forth the lifeless from the living, and He quickeneth the earth after the death thereof; and even so shall ye be brought forth
30:20  And of His signs is, that he created you of dust, then lo! ye are humankind spreading yourselves
30:21  And of His signs is, thathe created for you from yourselves pouses that ye may find repose in them, and He set between you affection and mercy. verily herein are signs for a people who ponder
30:22  And of His signs are the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the variation of your languages and complexions; verily herein are signs for men of knowledge
30:23  And of His signs are your sleeping by night and by day, and your seeking of His grace verily herein are signs for a people who hearken
30:24  And of His signs is that he sheweth you the lightning for a fear's and for a hope, and sendeth down from the heaven water, and therewith quickeneth the earth after the death thereof; verily herein are signs for a people who reflect
30:25  And of His signs is that the heaven and the earth stand fast by His command, and thereafter, when He calleth you, a call from the earth, lo! ye shall come forth
30:26  His is whosoever is in the heavens and the earth; all are unto Him obedient
30:27  And He it is who originateth the creation, then shall restore it, and it is easier for Him. His is the most exalted similitude in the heavens and in the earth; and He is the Mighty, the Wise
30:28  He propoundeth unto you a similitude taken from yourselves. Have you, from among those whom your right hands own, partners in that wherewith We have provided you, so that ye are equal in respect thereof, and ye fear them as ye fear each other? In this wise We detail the signs for a people who reflect
30:29  Aye! those who do wrong follow their own lusts without knowledge. Who, then, will guide him whom Allah hath sent astray? And for them there will be no helpers
30:30  Wherefore set thou thy face towards the true religion uprightly. And follow thou the constitution of Allah according to which He hath constituted mankind. No altering let there be in Allah's creation. That is the right religion, but most men know not
30:31  And remain turning penitently unto Him, and fear Him, and establish prayer, and be not of the associaters
30:32  Of those who split up their religion and became sects, each band in that which is with them exulting
30:33  And when hurt toucheth mankind they cry unto their Lord, turning penitently unto Him; then when He causeth them to taste of His mercy, lo! a part of them with their Lord associate others
30:34  So that they may be ungrateful for that which We have vouchsafed to them. So enjoy awhile; presently ye shall come to know
30:35  Or have We sent unto them any authority, so that it speaketh of that which they have been with Him associating
30:36  And when We cause mankind to taste of mercy they exult thereat; then if an evil befalleth them because of that which their hands have sent forth, lo! they despair
30:37  Behold they not that expandeth the provision for whomsoever He and stinteth? Verily herein are signs for a people who believe
30:38  So give thou unto the kinsman his due and unto the needy and unto the wayfarer. That is best for those who seek Allah's countenance; and those: they are the blissful ones
30:39  And whatsoever ye give in gift in order that it may increase among the substance of men increaseth not with Allah; and whatsoever ye give in poor-rate seeking the countenance of Allah-then those: they shall , have increase manifold
30:40  Allah is He Who created you and provided food for you, then He causeth you to die, and then He shall quicken you. Is there any of your associate-gods that doth aught of that? Hallowed and exalted be He above that which they associate
30:41  Corruptness hath appeared on land and sea because of that which men's hands have earned, so that he may make them taste a part of that which they have worked, in order that haply they may turn
30:42  Say thou: go forth in the land and behold what wise hath been the end of those of aforetime? And most of them were associaters
30:43  So set thy face toward the right religion before the Day cometh from which there is no averting, from Allah, on that Day they shall be sundered
30:44  Whosoever disbelieveth, on him is his infidelity, and those who work righteously are preparing for themselves
30:45  So that he shall recompense those who believe and work righteous works out of His grace; verily He loveth not the infidels
30:46  And of His signs is that he sendeth winds heralding rain and that he may make you taste of His mercy, and that the ships may sail at His command and that ye may seek His grace, and that haply ye may return thanks
30:47  And assuredly We sent apostles before thee unto their people. They brought them manifest signs. Then We took vengeance upon those who transgressed. And incumbent upon us was avengement of the believers
30:48  Allah is He Who sendeth the winds so that they raise a cloud and then spreadeth it along the heaven as He will and breaketh it into fragments, and thou beholdest the rain come forth from the intestines thereof. Then when He maketh it fall upon such of His bondmen as He will, lo! they rejoice
30:49  Even though before it was sent down upon them, before that, they were surely despairing
30:50  Look then at the effects of Allah's mercy: what wise He quickeneth the earth after the death thereof. Verily. He is the Quickener of the dead, and He is over every-thing potent
30:51  And if We send a wind, and they should see their tilth yellow, then they would thereafter remain disbelieving
30:52  So verily thou canst not make the dead hear, nor canst thou make the deaf hear the call when they turn away in flight
30:53  Nor canst thou be a guide to the blind out of their error; thou canst make none to hear save those who believe in Our signs, and who have surrendered themselves
30:54  Allah it is Who created you in weakness, then He appointed strength after weakness, then after strength appointed weakness and grey hair. He createth whatsoever He listeth: and He is Knower, the Potent
30:55  And on the Day whereon the Hour arriveth, the Culprits Will swear that they tarried not but an hour: Thus Were they ever deluded
30:56  And those who have been vouchsafed knowledge and belief will say: assuredly ye have tarried according to the decree of Allah until the Day of Upraising; so this is the Day of Upraising, but ye were wont not to know
30:57  On that Day the excusing of themselves will not profit those who did wrong, nor shall they be suffered to please Allah
30:58  And assuredly We have propounded for mankind, in this Qur'an, every kind of similitude; and if thou bringest unto them a sign, those who disbelieve are sure to say: ye are but followers of falsehood
30:59  In this wise Allah sealeth the hearts of those who believe not
30:60  So have thou patience; verily the promise of Allah is true. And let not make thee impatient those who have no conviction