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29:1  Alif Lam Mim
29:2  Does mankind think that by (just) saying, "We believe," they will be left alone and that they will not be tested
29:3  And We indeed, did test those who were before them, so that Allah will indeed know, those who are true and He will know those who are liars
29:4  Or do those who act evil think that they will gain over Us (Allah)? Evil is their judgment (if they think so)
29:5  Whosoever hope (and wish) for meeting with Allah (let them work hard); Because the Time (fixed) by Allah is surely coming: And He is the All Hearing (As-Sami’), All Knowing (Al-Aleem)
29:6  And whosoever strive a(with will and strength), they do so for their own souls: For Allah is Free (Ghani) of all needs from all Creation
29:7  Those who believe, and do righteous good deeds— Surely, from them, We shall remove any evil deeds still (left) in them, and We shall truly, reward them according to the best of their deeds
29:8  And We have enjoined kindness to parents from men: But if they (either one) try hard to make you join (anything) with Me (others for worship) anything about which you have no knowledge, do not obey them. (All of) you have to return to Me (Allah), and I will tell you (the truth) of all that you did
29:9  And for those who believe and do righteous good deeds— Surely, We shall admit them to the company of righteous
29:10  Then there are among men who say, "We believe in Allah;" But if they suffer pain in (the cause of) Allah, they treat men's suffering as if it was the Anger of Allah! And if victory comes (to them) from your Lord, they are sure to say: "Verily, we have (always) been with you!" Does Allah not know best all that is in the breasts (hearts) of all Creation
29:11  And indeed, Allah most truly knows those who believe, and as truly (He knows) those who are the hypocrites (who hide the truth)
29:12  And those who disbelievers say to those who believe: "Follow our path, and we will bear (the burden) of your faults." Never (and not) in the least will they bear (the burden of) their faults: In fact they are liars
29:13  And verily, they will bear their own burdens, and the burdens (of others) with their own, and surely, they will be called to account, on the Day of Judgment, for their lies that they made up
29:14  And We (once before) sent Nuh (Noah) to his people, and he waited with them for a thousand years less fifty years; But the Flood overtook them while they (kept up their) sin
29:15  Then We saved him and the companions of the Ark, and We made (the Ark) a Sign for all peoples
29:16  And (remember, We also saved Abraham) Ibrahim, when he said to his people, "Worship (and serve) Allah and fear Him: That will be best for you— If you (only) understand
29:17  "You worship idols besides Allah, and you bring out falsehood. Verily, those whom you worship besides Allah have no power to give you the provision to live: For this reason, you seek your livelihood from Allah, worship (and serve) Him, and be grateful to Him: Your return will be to Him
29:18  "And if you reject (this Message), many generations before you also did so: And the duty of the messenger is only to preach plainly and openly (and clearly)."
29:19  Do they not see how Allah originates the creation, (and) then repeats it: Truly that is easy for Allah
29:20  Say: "Travel through the earth and see how (Allah) originated the creation; Like this Allah will bring forth a later creation (Hereafter): Verily, Allah is Able (Khadir) to do all things
29:21  "He punishes whom He wills, and He grants mercy to whom He wills, and towards Him will you return
29:22  "And neither on earth nor in heaven; Will you be able to escape (His Plan), and you have no protector nor helper besides Allah."
29:23  And those who reject the Signs of Allah and the meeting with Him (in the Hereafter)— They shall suffer without My mercy: And they will (also suffer) a most painful penalty
29:24  So nothing was the answer from (Ibrahim's) people except that they said: "Kill him or burn him." Then Allah did save him from the fire. Surely, in this indeed, are Signs for people who believe
29:25  And he (Ibrahim) said: "For you, you have taken (for worship other) things (idols) besides Allah, out of mutual love and regard between yourselves in this life; But on the Day of Judgment you shall refuse to know each other and curse each other: And your home will be the Fire, and you will have no one to help."
29:26  So, Lut (Lot) had faith in Him (Allah): He said: "I will emigrate (leave my home) for the sake of my Lord: Verily, He is the Supreme in Power (Al-Aziz), the All Wise (Al-Hakeem)."
29:27  And We gave (Ibrahim), Ishaq (Isaac as a son) and Yaqoub (Jacob as a grandson), and We gave to his descendants prophet-hood and book, and in this life, We granted him his reward and verily, he was (made) in the Hereafter (to be the company) of the righteous
29:28  And (remember) Lut (Lot): When he said to his people: You commit such immoral sins (sodomy), that none (other) in the creation (ever) have done before you
29:29  "You really approach men (with wicked intent), and you rob the wayfarer? And practice evil (even) in your gatherings?" But his people gave no answers except this: They said: "Bring us the Anger of Allah, if you say the truth."
29:30  He said: "O my Lord! You (Alone) help me against people who do make (serious) crimes and mischief!"
29:31  And when Our messengers (Allah’s angels) came to Ibrahim (Abraham) with the good news, they said: "Truly, we are going to ruin the people of this town: Surely, its people have been the wrongdoers
29:32  He (Ibrahim) said: "But, Lut (Lot) is also in there." They said: "We know well who is there: We will surely, save him and his family— Except his wife, she is from those who fall behind!"
29:33  And when Our messengers came to Lut (Lot), he was sad because of them (his people), and felt himself without power (to save) them: They (the messengers) said: "Have no fear, nor be sad: We are (here) to save you and your family, except your wife, she is from those who will fall behind
29:34  "Verily, now we are going to bring upon the people of this township, a punishment from heaven, for their wickedness and rebellion."
29:35  And indeed, there We have left an evident Sign, (In the town under the Dead Sea now in Palestine) for any people who (want to) understand
29:36  And to the Madyan (people) We sent their brother Shu’aib. Then he said: "O my people! Worship Allah, and fear the Last Day; And do not do evil on the earth, purposely to do mischief."
29:37  And they rejected him: Then the mighty earthquake seized them, and they lay overcome (face down) in their homes by the morning
29:38  And (also remember) the 'Ad and the Samood (Thamud people): From (the remains) of their buildings (their fate) will appear clearly to you: The Satan made their actions look nice to them, and kept them away from the (right) Path, though they were gifted with intelligence and ability
29:39  And (remember Qaroon), Qarun, Firon (Pharaoh), and Haman: And indeed, Musa (Moses) came to them with Clear Signs (verses), but they acted with pride (and arrogance) on the earth; Yet they could not reach beyond Us
29:40  So We punished each one of them We caught for his crime: Against some of them, We sent a powerful storm (with showers of stones); And some of them were caught by a (mighty) Blast; Some We caused the earth to swallow up; And some We drowned (in the waters): It was not Allah Who wronged (or hurt) them: But they hurt (and injured) their own souls
29:41  The story of those who take protectors other than Allah is like that of the Spider, who builds a house (web for itself); But truly, the weakest of the houses is the Spiders house— If they only knew
29:42  Surely, Allah knows (everything) about whatever they call to (pray) besides Him: And He is the Supreme in Power (Al-Aziz), the All Wise (Al-Hakeem)
29:43  And stories (with guidance) like these, We bring out for mankind, but only those who have knowledge understand them (the stories)
29:44  Allah created the heavens and the earth in true (matching sizes and proportions): Surely, in that there is a Sign for those who believe
29:45  Say (and recite) what is revealed from the Book made known to you (O Prophet!), and perform Prayer regularly: Verily, the prayer holds back shameful and immoral sins; And remembering Allah is without doubt the greatest (of deeds). And Allah knows all (the acts) that you do
29:46  And you do not argue (or dispute) with the People of the Book, except with better ways (reasons and facts); Unless it is with those of them who cause injustice (or injury): But say (to them), "We believe in the Revelation which has come down to us and in that which came down to you; Our God (Allah) and your God is One; And it is to Him we bow (in Islam)."
29:47  And like this We have sent down the Book to you. So that the People of the Book believe in it, as some of these (pagan Arabs) also believe: And no one but unbelievers reject Our Signs
29:48  And you were not (able) to say (and recite) a Book before this (Book came), and you are not (able) to write it with your right hand: Truly, if that was the case, the idle talkers would have doubted
29:49  No! These are the clear and firm Signs that are in the hearts of those gifted with knowledge: And no one but the unjust reject Our Signs
29:50  And yet they say: "Why are not Signs sent down to him from his Lord?" (O Prophet!) Say: "The Signs are truly with Allah: And I am indeed a clear Warner."
29:51  And is it not enough for them that We have sent down to you the Book that has been told (and given) to them? Surely, in it is Mercy and a Reminder to those who believe
29:52  Say: "Allah is enough as a witness between me and you: He Knows what is in the heavens and on earth. And those who believe in show and falsehood and reject Allah, it is they who will be the losers."
29:53  And they ask you to hurry the punishment: And if it was not for a fixed time (of relief), the punishment would truly have come upon them: And it will really reach them— All of a sudden, when they are not aware
29:54  They ask you to hurry the (severe) punishment: But surely, Hell as the surety will hold (all) the rejecters of Faith
29:55  On the Day when punishment shall cover them from above them (and) from below them, (a Voice) will say: "You taste (the fruits) of your actions!"
29:56  O My servants who believe! Truly, My Earth has lot of space (and room): Therefore you serve Me— (and none else)
29:57  Every soul shall have a taste of death: In the end, you shall be brought back to Us
29:58  And for those who believe and work righteousness, to them We give a home in the Paradise (Heaven)— High (and beautiful) homes under which rivers flow, to live forever in there:— An excellent reward for those who do (good)
29:59  Those who work and continue with patience and put their trust in their Lord (and Cherisher)
29:60  And how many creatures do not carry their own food to remain alive? It is Allah Who feeds (both) them and you: And He the All Hearing (As-Sami’), the All Knowing (Al-Aleem)
29:61  And if you truly ask them: "Who has created the heavens and the earth and subjected the sun and the moon (to His law)?" They will certainly reply, "Allah." Then, why are they turned away (from the truth)
29:62  Allah expands the things to live (which He gives) to whomever of His servants He pleases; And He (also) grants by (true) measure, (as He pleases): Verily, Allah is All Knowing (Aleem) of all things
29:63  And if you truly ask them: "Who sends down rain from the sky, and gives life with it (rain) to the earth after its death?" They will certainly reply, "Allah." Say: "All the Praises (and thanks) be to Allah!" Nay, most of them understand not
29:64  And what is the life of this world but an amusement and a play? But surely, the home in the Hereafter— That is (Eternal) life indeed, if they only knew
29:65  And when they climb onto a boat, they invoke (to worship) Allah, making their prayers only to Him; Only when He has brought them safely to land, look! They give a share (of their worship with others)
29:66  Rejecting thanklessly Our gifts, and giving themselves into (short-lived) enjoyment! But soon they will know
29:67  Then, do they not see that We have made a secure Sacred Place (at Makkah), and that men are being snatched (pulled) away from all around them? Still, do they believe in what is useless, and reject the Graces of Allah
29:68  And who does more wrong than he who makes up a lie against Allah or rejects the Truth when it reaches him? Is there not a home in Hell for the disbelievers
29:69  And those who work and struggle (and continue in Our Cause)— We will truly guide them to Our Paths: And surely, Allah is with those who are the righteous