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83:1  Woe be to those who make a default in any of their duties and give short measure
83:2  When they receive measure from other people they receive in full (not allowing the least shortage and loss)
83:3  But when they give by measure to others or weigh to them they give them less (than what is due)
83:4  Do not such people realize that they will be raised (to life again)
83:5  To face (and hear the Judgment of) that Great Day
83:6  The Day when mankind shall stand before the Lord of the worlds
83:7  Nay, (not at all as they believe) the record of (the deeds) of the wicked is in Sijjin (- the register of a prison
83:8  What should make you know what that Sijjin is
83:9  (It is) a book written (distinctly and comprehensively)
83:10  On that Day woe shall befall those who belie (the truth)
83:11  Those that belie the Day of Requital
83:12  No one can treat it as a lie except every sinful transgressor
83:13  (Who) when Our Messages are recited to him says, `(These are) mere fables of the ancients.
83:14  Nay (not at all so), the truth is that their (evil) deeds have rusted their hearts
83:15  Nay (We repeat, not at all so). Verily, they shall be debarred from (the sight and mercy of) their Lord that day
83:16  Then they shall surely enter into the flaming Fire
83:17  Then it shall be said (to them), `This is that (very punishment) which you used to cry lies to.
83:18  Behold! verily the record (of the righteous deeds) of the virtuous will be in `Illiyyin (- the register of those enjoying the most exalted ranks)
83:19  And what should make you know what `Illiyyun is
83:20  It is a book (distinctly and comprehensively) written
83:21  Which those drawn near (to their Lord) will find present
83:22  The virtuous shall indeed be in (a state of) bliss (that Day)
83:23  (Reclining) upon raised couches they shall be looking (at every thing all around)
83:24  You shall find freshness and bloom of bliss in their faces
83:25  They shall be given to drink a pure and delightfully refreshing beverage sealed (and secure from all contamination)
83:26  (Even) the sealing and dregs of which will have flavour of musk, so to this (noble end) let (all) the aspirants aspire
83:27  And this (beverage) will be tempered with Tasnim (flowing from on high)
83:28  (This Tasnim is) a spring of which those drawn near (to God) shall drink
83:29  Those who had severed their ties (with God) used to laugh at those who believed
83:30  And when they passed by them (- the believers) they winked at one another (by way of ridiculously finding fault with them)
83:31  And when they returned to their companions they returned exulting with pride
83:32  And when they saw these (Muslims) they said, `These are surely the straying ones!
83:33  Though they were not deputed as guardians (to guard) over them
83:34  Now, on this day (of Judgment) it is the believers who will wonder at the disbelievers
83:35  (Seated) on raised couches of (dignity). They (- the believers) will be looking (at the miserable state of the disbelievers in Gehenna)
83:36  (Then it shall be said,) `The disbelievers have been duly requitted for (the misdeeds) that they used to do.