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83:1  Woe to those who defraud.
83:2  Those who, when they take a measure from people, demand it in full.
83:3  Yet, when they are the ones measuring or weighing for others, they give less than what’s due.
83:4  Don’t they think that they’ll be resurrected?
83:5  On a tremendous Day?
83:6  The Day when all humanity will stand before the Lord of the universes?
83:7  No! The record of the wicked is in Sijjeen.
83:8  And what will make you understand what Sijjeen is?
83:9  A numerical document.
83:10  Woe, on that Day, to the deniers.
83:11  Those who deny Judgement Day.
83:12  None denies it except every sinful transgressor.
83:13  When Our verses are conveyed to him, he says, “Legends of the ancients.”
83:14  Their hearts are rusted by what they’ve been earning.
83:15  Surely, on that Day, they will be barred from their Lord.
83:16  Then, they’ll be thrust into the scorching flames.
83:17  Then it will be said: “This is what you used to deny.”
83:18  However, the record of the righteous is in Ellyeen.
83:19  And what will make you understand what Elleyoon is?
83:20  A numerical document.
83:21  Witnessed by those drawn near.
83:22  Indeed, the virtuous will be in pleasure.
83:23  On adorned couches, observing.
83:24  You will recognize on their faces the radiance of bliss.
83:25  They will be given to drink pure wine sealed.
83:26  Its seal will be musk. For this, let the competitors compete.
83:27  Its mixture is from Tasneem.
83:28  A spring from which those brought near drink.
83:29  Those who committed crimes used to laugh at those who believed.
83:30  And when they passed by them, they would exchange winks.
83:31  Upon returning to their families, they would return jubilantly.
83:32  Upon seeing them, they would say, “These have really gone astray.”
83:33  But they were not sent as guardians over them.
83:34  This Day, those who believe are laughing at the Unbelievers.
83:35  On adorned couches, observing.
83:36  Are the unbelievers not being repaid for what they used to do?