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83:1  Woe to the frauds!
83:2  [They are] those who, when receiving for themselves, exact full measure from others.
83:3  But, when giving to others by measure or weight, they slight the measure.
83:4  Do they really think that they will not be made accountable…
83:5  …on a profound day?
83:6  [That will be] on the day that humanity will stand before the Lord of the Worlds.
83:7  No [they don’t believe]! Truly, the account of the wicked is in the Prison Record.
83:8  What will explain to you what the Prison Record is?
83:9  It is a penned document?
83:10  Woe that day to those that deny…
83:11  …[the reality of] the Day of Judgment.
83:12  No one is able to deny it except one who transgresses beyond all bounds –the sinner!
83:13  When Our signs are recited to him/her, he/she simply says, “Myths of old!”
83:14  Certainly not! Stain has covered their hearts because of what they have done.
83:15  Truly, from their Lord that day, they will be banned.
83:16  Truly, they will enter the fire of Hell.
83:17  Also, it will be said [to them], “This is what you rejected as false.”
83:18  Truly, the account of the righteous is in the Honor Roll.
83:19  What will explain to you what the Honor Roll is?
83:20  It is a penned document…
83:21  …listing those near [to Allah].
83:22  Truly, the righteous will be in bliss.
83:23  [They will be] looking from thrones.
83:24  You will know them from their faces, beaming with wonderful delight.
83:25  Their thirst will be slaked with pure nectar, sealed.
83:26  The seal will be of musk. For this, may those with aspirations aspire.
83:27  It will be blended with the most delightful drink.
83:28  [It is] a spring from which those nearest [to Allah] drink.
83:29  Certainly, the sinners used to laugh at the believers.
83:30  When they passed by them, they winked at each other.
83:31  When they returned to their own people, they would return joking [about the believers].
83:32  When (the sinners) saw (the believers), they would say, “Look! These people are so misguided!”
83:33  But (the believers) were never intended as keepers over the (unbelievers).
83:34  On this day, the believers will laugh at the unbelievers.
83:35  From thrones, they will watch.
83:36  Are the unbelievers not being repaid for what they did?