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83:1  Woe to the cheats;
83:2  the ones who demand full measure from people,
83:3  but when they measure and weigh for others, they give less.
83:4  Don’t those double dealers believe they will be resurrected
83:5  on a Grand Day?
83:6  The Day when people will stand before the Lord of the worlds
83:7  The written record of the wicked is in Sijjeen –
83:8  and what can explain Sijjeen to you?
83:9  It’s a written document.
83:10  It will be too bad for the deniers that Day,
83:11  who deny Judgment Day.
83:12  Only the wicked transgressor denies it.
83:13  When Our Scriptures are read to him, he says, “These are fables of the ancients!”
83:14  Moreover, their hearts are coated with rust because of what they did.
83:15  Never! On that Day, they will be shut out from seeing their Lord,
83:16  then they will enter Hell.
83:17  It will be said to them: “This is what you used to deny.
83:18  The written record of the righteous is kept in ‘Illiyeen.
83:19  What can explain ‘Illiyeen to you?
83:20  It’s a written record,
83:21  which is witnessed by those brought close to Allah.
83:22  The righteous will be enjoying the delights of Paradise,
83:23  sitting relaxed on sofas watching the tranquil scenery;
83:24  you will see brightness on their faces in Paradise.
83:25  They will be served sealed wine, pure
83:26  musk its aftertaste – let the competitors compete for that –
83:27  mixed with the water of Tasneem,
83:28  a spring from which those brought close to Allah will drink
83:29  The wicked used to laugh at the believers
83:30  when they passed by them, they would wink at each other teasingly.
83:31  Back with their families they made fun of them
83:32  and when they saw them, they would say, “These are misguided!”
83:33  They weren’t sent as their guardians.
83:34  But today, the believers are laughing at the disbelievers,
83:35  sitting on the sofas watching them in misery:
83:36  “Have the disbelievers not been repaid for what they used to do?