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83:1  "Oh, ruined are the cheaters!"
83:2  "-- those who, when they measure out what others owe them, demand it all,"
83:3  "but when they measure out (what thy owe) to others, they hold some back."
83:4  Do these people not realise that they will be raised (from the dead
83:5  "for a Mighty Day,"
83:6  the Day on which all mankind will stand before the Lord of all the Worlds
83:7  "No (they are mistaken), but truly, the record of the evil ones is in Sijj?n."
83:8  And what can make you understand what Sijj?n is
83:9  A book written (in detail about them)
83:10  The liars will be in trouble on that day
83:11  "Those that deny the Day of Judgement,"
83:12  "which no one would deny except the very sinful ones who pass the limits,"
83:13  "who, when Our verses are recited to him, says: 'These are just stories from the old days!'"
83:14  "No (they are mistaken), but the things they have done have put rust on their hearts."
83:15  "No, and surely on that day they will be veiled from their Lord;"
83:16  "then they surely will burn in Hell,"
83:17  "and it will be said to them, 'This is what you used to deny'"
83:18  "No, but surely the record of the good ones is in ?Ill?y?n."
83:19  And what can make you understand what ?Ill?y?n is
83:20  "A book written (in detail about them),"
83:21  witnessed by those who are near (to Allah)
83:22  "Truly, the good ones will be in great happiness,"
83:23  "on couches, gazing (in wonder);"
83:24  you will see in their faces the beaming radiance of true deligh
83:25  "as they are given a drink of pure nectar, sealed,"
83:26  whose seal is musk; let those who strive for great achievements strive for this
83:27  "(The pure nectar is) mixed with water of Tasn?m,"
83:28  a fountain where those who are nearest (to Allah) drink
83:29  "The sinners used to laugh at the believers,"
83:30  "and wink to each other (making fun) when they passed them,"
83:31  "and when they returned to tehir own people, they came telling jokes about them,"
83:32  "and when they saw them, they said, 'Those people are really confused.'"
83:33  "Even though they were not sent to be in charge, watching over them."
83:34  "But on this Day, the believers will laugh at the deniers (of the Judgement);"
83:35  "on couches, gazing (in wonder)."
83:36  Will the unbelievers not be paid back for what they used to do