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83:1  It will be too bad for cheats
83:2  who insist on receiving everything when they have people measure something out for them;
83:3  yet whenever they measure or weigh things for others, they give (them) less than their due.
83:4  Do not such persons suppose they will be raised up again
83:5  [to render accounts] on a tremendous day,
83:6  a day when mankind will stand before the Lord of the Universe?
83:7  Indeed not, the loose-livers´ book will be [kept] in a vault.
83:8  What will make you realize what such a dungeon is like?
83:9  An annotated book!
83:10  It will be too bad for rejectors on that day,
83:11  those who deny the Day for Repayment!
83:12  Each vicious transgressor will plainly reject it;
83:13  when Our signs are recited to him, he will say: "[These are] legends by primitive men!"
83:14  Of course not; rather whatever they used to do lies like rust on their hearts.
83:15  Indeed they will be screened off from their Lord on that day;
83:16  next they will roast in Hades.
83:17  Then someone will say: "This is what you have been rejecting."
83:18  Of course the book for the virtuous will rest in the Highest [Heavens].
83:19  What will make you realize what the Highest [Heavens] are?
83:20  An annotated book
83:21  which those closest [to God] will bear witness to.
83:22  The virtuous will [dwell] in Bliss,
83:23  on couches watching.
83:24  You will recognize a blissful splendor on their faces.
83:25  They will be offered a scaled potion to drink
83:26  whose seal will be musk. For that let rivals compete!
83:27  It will be blended with a beverage
83:28  from a spring where those close [to God] will drink.
83:29  Those who commit crimes used to laugh at those who believe.
83:30  Whenever they pass by them, they nod to one another.
83:31  Then when they go back to their own people, they return exultant.
83:32  Whenever they see them, they say: "Those (men) are far astray!"
83:33  They have not been sent as overseers (to be) set up over them,
83:34  so today those who believe will laugh at disbelievers,
83:35  from couches where they [lie] watching.
83:36  Are not disbelievers being compensated for just what they have been doing?