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83:1  Woe be to the ones who give short measure,
83:2  those who when they measure against humanity obtained full measure.
83:3  Yet when they wanted to measure for them, or weigh for them, they skimp.
83:4  Think those not that they will be ones who are raised up
83:5  on the sublime Day,
83:6  a Day when humanity will stand up for the Lord of the worlds?
83:7  No indeed! Truly, the Book of the ones who act immorally is in Sijjin.
83:8  And what will cause thee to recognize what Sijjin is?
83:9  It is a written book.
83:10  Woe on that Day to the ones who deny—
83:11  those who deny the Day of Judgment!
83:12  And none denies it but every sinful, exceeder of limits,
83:13  who, when Our signs are recounted to him, he said: Fables of the ancient ones!
83:14  No indeed! Nay! Their hearts will be overcome with rust from what they had been earning.
83:15  No indeed! They will be from their Lord on that Day ones who are alienated.
83:16  Truly, again, they will be ones who roast in hellfire.
83:17  Again, it will be said to them after that: This is what you had been denying.
83:18  No indeed! Truly, the book of the pious is in Illiyyun.
83:19  And what will cause thee to recognize what Illiyyun is?
83:20  It is a written book.
83:21  Bearing witness to it are the ones who are brought near to God.
83:22  Truly, the pious will be in bliss,
83:23  on raised benches, looking on.
83:24  Thou wilt recognize on their faces the radiancy of bliss.
83:25  They will be given to drink sealed over exquisite wine.
83:26  Its seal will have the lingering smell of musk. So for that, then, the ones who strive, strive.
83:27  And the mixture will be of Tasnim,
83:28  a spring from which will drink the ones who are brought near to it.
83:29  Truly, those who sinned—at those who believed—had been laughing.
83:30  And when they passed by them, they would wink at one another,
83:31  and when they would turn about to their people, they would turn about acting as ones who are unconcerned.
83:32  And when they saw them, they would say: Truly, these are ones who go astray.
83:33  They were sent as ones who guard over them.
83:34  Then, on this Day, those who believed laugh at the ones who are ungrateful,
83:35  seated on raised benches, they look on.
83:36  Were the ones who are ungrateful not rewarded for what they had been accomplishing?