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83:1  Woe unto the dealers in fraud
83:2  Those who demand full measure when receiving from people
83:3  But give less than due when giving them by measure or weight. (Or diminish the recompense of the laborer)
83:4  Deem they not that they are bound to be raised again
83:5  Unto an Awesome Day
83:6  The Day when all mankind stand before the Lord of the Worlds. (And the humanity will stand on its feet in this world rallying around the Divine System (39:79), (45:36-37), (84:6-8), (89:16-22))
83:7  Nay, behold, the record of the dividers of humanity is in 'Sijjin'
83:8  Ah! What will convey to you what 'Sijjin' is
83:9  A record indelibly inscribed. ('Sijjin' = Inescapable, guarded record as if it is imprisoned)
83:10  Anguish on that Day for those who deny the Truth in practice
83:11  Those who deny the Day of Judgment
83:12  And none denies it but he who drags down his own progress by crossing the bounds of reason. (The Law of Cause and Effect easily appeals to reason)
83:13  When Our Messages are conveyed to him, he says, "These are stories of the bygones."
83:14  Nay, but their hearts get corroded by what they have earned. (2:7)
83:15  Nay, verily, on that Day they will be veiled from (the Light of) their Lord
83:16  Then, behold, they shall enter the Blazing Fire. ('Jahim' = Insurmountable Barrier = Bar to progress = Obstruction that halts = Halting of evolution = Mere survival = Hellfire = Flames of anguish = Fire of regret)
83:17  And it will be said, "This is that which you used to deny."
83:18  Nay, behold, the record of those who made room for others in the community is in 'Illiyin'. ('Birr' = Virtue = Make expanse = Make room for others in the society = Help people to adjust and make progress in a new environment = Exponential growth)
83:19  Ah! What will convey to you what 'Illiyin' is
83:20  A record indelibly inscribed. ('Illiyin' = Loftiness upon loftiness)
83:21  These near ones (to Allah) find it open before them
83:22  Behold, those who made room in the society for others, verily, are in Blissful delight
83:23  On beautiful thrones, they will look up (to the Magnificent Kingdom (76:20))
83:24  You will see their faces glitter with Delight
83:25  They will be given a refreshing drink of pure nectar, sealed
83:26  The seal of it is musk. For all this, then, let every aspirant aspire
83:27  For, it consists of Nobility. ('Tasnim' = 'Tashrif' = Nobility = Ennobling = Hosting in nobility = Exalting = Imparting honor = Raising in degree)
83:28  A Spring from which the nearest (to Allah) drink
83:29  Behold, those who thrived on others' toil used to laugh at those who had attained belief
83:30  And whenever they passed by the believers they winked at each other in sarcasm. (Look, these people 'waste' their wealth and person on strangers)
83:31  And when they returned to their own folk, they used to tell jokes about them
83:32  And whenever they saw the believers they said, "Behold, these people have indeed gone astray (wandering in unmarked valleys of life)."
83:33  Yet, they have not been sent as watchers over them
83:34  That Day those who have chosen to be graced with belief will be in a position to laugh at the deniers (but they won't. (7:43), (15:47))
83:35  On beautiful thrones, they will look up (to the Magnificent Kingdom (76:20))
83:36  Are these deniers of the Truth being returned anything but their own doings? ('Thawab' = Return on an investment)