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78:1  About what are they asking one another?
78:2  [It is] the great news…
78:3  …concerning which they cannot agree?
78:4  Absurd! But they will come to know [when it’s too late].
78:5  Again: Absurd! They will come to know.
78:6  Have We not made the earth a wide expanse?
78:7  [Haven’t We made it] with mountains like anchors?
78:8  We created you as pairs [male and female].
78:9  [We] made your sleep for rest.
78:10  [We made] the night as a quilt.
78:11  [We made] the day with resources for living.
78:12  We established the seven layers [of Earth’s sky].
78:13  [We] placed therein a splendid light [the sun].
78:14  We send from the clouds abundant water.
78:15  [This is] so We may produce grain, other plants,…
78:16  …and luxurious gardens.
78:17  Truly, the day of discernment has an appointed time.
78:18  That day the trumpet will sound, and you will come forth in congregations.
78:19  The skies will open as if there were doors.
78:20  The mountains will vanish as if they had only been a mirage.
78:21  Truly, Hell is an ambush.
78:22  For the transgressors [it is] a destiny.
78:23  They will dwell therein for ages.
78:24  They won’t taste anything cool. [There will be] no drink…
78:25  …except scalding water, and paralyzing cold [like freezer burn].
78:26  [That is] a fitting recompense…
78:27  …because they never expected accountability.
78:28  They treated Our signs as false.
78:29  We have recorded everything in a book.
78:30  Taste! No gain will We grant you except in punishment.
78:31  Truly, for the righteous there will be success.
78:32  [There will be] gardens and vineyards.
78:33  [There will be] companions of similar age.
78:34  Each cup will be full.
78:35  They will not hear any idle talk there and no lies.
78:36  [It will be] a payment from your Lord, a sufficient gift.
78:37  [It will be from] the Lord of the skies and Earth and all among them, the Most Gracious. No one will have the power to argue with Him.
78:38  The day that the Spirit and the angels will stand in ranks, none shall speak except any permitted by the Most Gracious, and each one will speak what is true.
78:39  That day will be the sure reality; therefore, anyone willing [to come to God] may return to his/her Lord.
78:40  Truly, We have warned you of an advancing penalty. [That will be] the day when humanity will see what his/her hands have incurred. The unbelievers will say, “Oh, if only I were dust!”