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78:1  About what do they ask one another?
78:2  About the great news,
78:3  concerning which they disagree?
78:4  No, they will come to know.
78:5  Again, no, they will come to know.
78:6  Did We not make the earth habitable
78:7  and the mountains pegs?
78:8  And We created you in pairs.
78:9  And We made your sleep for rest.
78:10  And We made the night a covering.
78:11  And We made the day (for earning) livelihood.
78:12  And We built above you seven strong ones.
78:13  And We made (the sun) a burning lamp .
78:14  And We sent down from the rain-clouds, torrential rain,
78:15  that We may bring forth through it grain and vegetation
78:16  and dense gardens.
78:17  The day of decision is certainly fixed.
78:18  The day it will be blown into the trumpet (or structure of the universe) you will come forth in groups.
78:19  And the sky will be opened so that it will become gates,
78:20  and the mountains will be moved away, so that they will become like flowing sand.
78:21  Hell certainly lies in wait,
78:22  a home for the rebellious.
78:23  They will stay in it for ages.
78:24  They will taste therein neither coolness nor drink,
78:25  except boiling water and pus*, * Dirty liquid that oozes out of wounds.
78:26  a reward proportional (to their sins).
78:27  They certainly did not hope that they would have to account for (their evil deeds),
78:28  and they denied Our signs with a denial,
78:29  and We have computed everything in a record.
78:30  So taste (the punishment), and We will not increase for you anything except punishment.
78:31  For those who guard (against evil there) is certainly an achievement:
78:32  Gardens and vineyards
78:33  and young women of equal age,
78:34  and a full cup.
78:35  They will hear therein neither useless talk nor falsehood.
78:36  Reward from your Fosterer, a gift (for the) account (of good deeds).
78:37  The Fosterer of the skies and the earth and that which is between them, the Beneficent, they will not be able to address Him.
78:38  The day the spirit (Jibreel) and the angels stand in ranks, they will not speak, except the one who is permitted by the Beneficent and he speaks aright.
78:39  That's a real day (not fictitious), so whoever wills let him seek a home near his Fosterer.
78:40  We warn you of a punishment that is near, the day man will see that which his hands had sent forth and the infidel will say, “I wish I were dust.”