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78:1  About what are they asking?
78:2  About the fateful tiding
78:3  on which they dispute.
78:4  No indeed; they shall certainly know!
78:5  Again, no indeed; they shall certainly know!
78:6  Have We not spread and levelled the earth,
78:7  and made the mountains as pegs?
78:8  We created you in pairs,
78:9  and made your sleep a cessation of activity.
78:10  We made the night a mantle,
78:11  and appointed the day for gaining a livelihood.
78:12  We built above you seven mighty ones,
78:13  and placed therein a blazing lamp.
78:14  We send down out of the rain- clouds water in abundance,
78:15  by which We bring forth grain and varied plants,
78:16  and gardens thick with trees.
78:17  Fixed is the Day of Decision.
78:18  On that day the Trumpet is blown and you shall come in crowds,
78:19  and heaven is opened, and becomes gates,
78:20  and the mountains are made to move away, and seem to have been a mirage.
78:21  Hell stands as a vigilant watch guard,
78:22  a home for the tyrants and the transgressors.
78:23  Therein they shall abide for ages,
78:24  tasting neither coolness nor any drink,
78:25  except boiling fluid and decaying filth:
78:26  a fitting recompense.
78:27  They did not expect to be faced with a reckoning,
78:28  and roundly denied Our revelations.
78:29  But We have placed on record every single thing,
78:30  [and We shall say]: 'Taste this, then; the only increase you shall have is increase of torment.'
78:31  The God-fearing shall have a place of security,
78:32  gardens and vineyards,
78:33  and high-bosomed maidens, of equal age, for companions,
78:34  and a cup overflowing.
78:35  There they shall hear no idle talk, nor any falsehood.
78:36  Such is the recompense of your Lord, a truly sufficient gift.
78:37  Lord of the heavens and earth and all that lies between them, the Most Gracious, with whom they have no power to speak.
78:38  On the day when the Spirit and the angels stand in ranks, they shall not speak, except those to whom the Most Gracious has given leave, and who shall say what is right.
78:39  That day is a certainty. Let him who will seek a way back to his Lord.
78:40  We have forewarned you of an imminent scourge, on the day when man will look on what his hands have forwarded and the unbeliever will cry: 'Would that I were dust!'