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78:1  ABOUT WHAT are they asking
78:2  About the fateful tidings ―
78:3  the theme of their disputes
78:4  But they shall learn
78:5  then they shall surely learn
78:6  Did We not spread the earth like a bed
78:7  and raise the mountains like supporting pillars
78:8  We created you in pairs
78:9  and gave you rest in sleep
78:10  We made the night a mantle
78:11  and ordained the day for work
78:12  We built above you seven mighty heaven
78:13  and placed in them a glowing lamp
78:14  We sent down abundant water from the clouds
78:15  to bringing forth grain and varied plants
78:16  and gardens thick with foliage
78:17  Fixed is the Day of Judgement
78:18  On that day the Trumpet shall be blown, and you shall come in multitudes
78:19  The gates of heaven shall swing Open
78:20  and the mountains shall pass away into a mirage
78:21  Hell will lie in ambush
78:22  a home for the transgressors
78:23  Therein shall they abide long ages
78:24  therein they shall taste neither refreshment nor any drink
78:25  save scalding water and decaying filth
78:26  a fitting recompense
78:27  They never expected a reckoning
78:28  and roundly denied Our revelations
78:29  But We kept account of what they did and wrote it down
78:30  So taste this: for We shall give you nothing but mounting torment!‘
78:31  As for the righteous, there shall surely be a triumph
78:32  gardens and vineyards
78:33  and tender-bosomed maidens for companions
78:34  a truly overflowing cup
78:35  Therein shall they hear no idle talk, nor any falsehood
78:36  Such is the recompense of your Lord ― a gift that will suffice them
78:37  the Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that lies between them; the Merciful, from whom they have no power to speak
78:38  On the day when the Spirit and the angels stand up in their ranks, they shall not speak; except him who shall receive the sanction of the Merciful and declare what is right
78:39  That day is sure to come. Let him who will, seek a way back to his Lord
78:40  We have forewarned you of an imminent scourge: The day when man will look upon his works and the unbeliever say: ‘Would that I were dust!‘