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78:1  About what demand you of one another?
78:2  Of the sublime tiding
78:3  about which they are ones who are at variance in it?
78:4  No indeed! Soon they will know.
78:5  Again, no indeed! Soon they will know.
78:6  Make We not the earth for a cradling
78:7  and the mountains as stakes?
78:8  And We created not you in pairs
78:9  and We made your sleep as a rest.
78:10  And We made the nighttime as a garment.
78:11  And We made the daytime for you to earn a living.
78:12  And We built over you seven superior ones.
78:13  And We made a bright, light-giving lamp.
78:14  And We caused to descend that which are clouds bringing rain, water cascading,
78:15  with which We bring about grain and plants
78:16  and luxuriant Gardens.
78:17  Truly, the Day of Decision would be a time appointed,
78:18  a Day the trumpet is blown. Then, you approach in units
78:19  and the heaven will be let loose and will be all doors.
78:20  And the mountains will be set in motion and will be as vapor.
78:21  Truly, hell will be on the watch,
78:22  a destination for the ones who are defiant,
78:23  one who lingers in expectation in it for many years.
78:24  They experience in it not any coolness nor any drink,
78:25  but scalding water and filth,
78:26  a suitable recompense!
78:27  Truly, they had been not hoping not for a reckoning
78:28  and they denied Our signs with a denial.
78:29  But We counted everything in a Book.
78:30  Experience it! We will never increase you but in punishment.
78:31  Truly, for the ones who are Godfearing, there is a place of security,
78:32  fertile gardens and grapevines,
78:33  and full breasted maidens of the same age
78:34  and a cup overflowing.
78:35  No idle talk will they hear in it nor any denial,
78:36  a recompense from thy Lord, a gift, a reckoning.
78:37  from the Lord of the heavens and the earth and of whatever is between them, The Merciful. against Whom they possess no argument.
78:38  On a Day when the Spirit and the angels will stand up ranged in rows. They will not assert themselves but he to whom the Merciful gave permission and who said what is correct.
78:39  That is the Day of The Truth; so whoever willed took his Lord to himself as the destination.
78:40  We warned you of a near punishment on a Day when a man will look on what his hands put forward and the ones who are ungrateful will say: O would that I had been earth dust!