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78:1  What is (it) they are questioning about one another
78:2  (Are they asking) of the Great News
78:3  About which they differ
78:4  (That News is) not at all (deniable). They will soon know (that reality)
78:5  (We) once more (assert: Dissent and denial are) in no way (right). They will come to know soon
78:6  Have We not made the earth a place to stay for (life) and to earn living and deeds
78:7  And (have We not) erected mountains raised (out of it)
78:8  And (ponder:) We (have) created you in pairs (for reproduction)
78:9  And We (have) made your sleep (a means of bodily) rest
78:10  And We (have) made the night a covering (by virtue of its darkness)
78:11  And We (have) made the day (a time) for (earning) livelihood
78:12  And (now study the spatial universe as well). We built above you seven strong (firmaments)
78:13  And We made (the sun a massive) fountainhead of light and heat
78:14  And We poured water in torrents from rain-laden clouds
78:15  So that by means of this (downpour), We bring forth (from the earth) grain and vegetation
78:16  And (grow) thick gardens
78:17  (Observing these signs of Our Might, know that) the Day of Judgment (i.e., Resurrection too) is certainly a fixed time
78:18  The Day when the Trumpet will be blown, you will flock (in the holy presence of Allah) in droves
78:19  And the (layers of) heaven will be torn, and (owing to the rip) they will become (as if) all doors
78:20  And the mountains (after being reduced to dust) will be blown off (into the atmosphere); so they will be (eliminated like) a mirage
78:21  Surely, Hell is a place of ambush
78:22  (That) is the abode of rebels
78:23  They will abide there for recurrent, infinite periods
78:24  They will taste in it neither coolness (of any sort) nor any drink
78:25  Except boiling water and suppurated fluid oozing (from the wounds of the inmates of Hell)
78:26  A compensation commensurate with (their revolt)
78:27  For they had no fear of Reckoning (on the Last Day) in the least
78:28  And they used to utterly deny Our signs
78:29  And We have preserved everything (major or minor) in writing
78:30  (O disbelievers, you excelled in rebellion and disbelief in the world.) Now taste the outcome (of your actions). We shall keep increasing but the torment upon you
78:31  Surely, the Godfearing will triumph
78:32  (For them) there will be gardens and grapes
78:33  And well-matched young maidens
78:34  And overflowing cups (of holy beverage)
78:35  There, these (people) will neither hear any foolish talk nor belie (one another)
78:36  From your Lord this is the reward which is an (amply) sufficient bestowal (in proportion to your works)
78:37  He is the Lord of (all) the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them, the Most Kind. (But on the Last Day, the effect and impact of His mighty power and most high authority will be such that) none (from His creation) will dare converse with Him
78:38  That Day Gabriel (the Spirit of peace and security) and (all) angels will stand in ranks, none able to speak except he whom the Most Kind (Lord) would already have awarded sanction (to intercede) and who also said the right thing (in keeping with the teachings of Islam, during his life of the world)
78:39  This is the Day of truth. So, whoever longs may obtain an abode (of mercy and nearness) in the presence of his Lord
78:40  We have, indeed, warned you of the impending torment. On that Day, everyone will see whatever (acts) he has sent ahead and (every) disbeliever will say: ‘Would that I were dust (and escaped this punishment)!