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an-Naba` (The Tidings, The Announcement)
as rendered by Syed Vickar Ahamed
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Syed Vickar Ahamed rendition of Surah The Tidings, The Announcement(an-Naba`)
78:1 Concerning what are they asking?
78:2 Concerning the great news,
78:3 About which they cannot agree.
78:4 Surely, they shall soon know!
78:5 Surely, (but) surely, they shall soon know!
78:6 Have We not made the earth as a wide expanse (as a bed),
78:7 And the mountains as pegs?
78:8 And (have We not) created you in pairs,
78:9 And made your sleep for rest,
78:10 And made the night as an umbrella of peace,
78:11 And made the day for finding livelihood
78:12 And (have We not) built over you the seven strong arches of the heavens?
78:13 And placed (in there) a Light of brilliance?
78:14 And do We not send down from the clouds water, in plenty?
78:15 That We may produce with it, corn and vegetables,
78:16 And gardens of rich growth?
78:17 Surely, the Day of Judgment is an event appointed—
78:18 The Day that the Trumpet shall be sounded and you shall come forward in crowds;
78:19 And the heavens shall be opened as if there were doors,
78:20 And the mountains shall vanish, as if they were a mirage.
78:21 Truly, Hell is like a place of ambush—
78:22 For those who fought (against Faith); (Their) place of eternal stay:
78:23 They will live in there for ages.
78:24 Nothing cool shall they taste there, nor any drink,
78:25 Save a boiling fluid and a fluid, dark, grim, bitterly cold—
78:26 A fitting return (for their actions and for them).
78:27 Because, they did not fear any accounting (of their deeds),
78:28 But they (grimly) treated Our Signs as false.
78:29 And all things, We have preserved on record.
78:30 So taste you (the reward), because We shall not grant you any increase except in (your) punishment.
78:31 Surely, For the righteous there will be a fulfillment of (their hearts) desires;
78:32 Gardens enclosed, and grapevines;
78:33 Companions of equal age;
78:34 And a Cup full (to the very top).
78:35 In there, they shall not hear useless talk, vanity (and they shall not hear) anything false—
78:36 Reward from your Lord a gift, (large and) sufficient,
78:37 (From) the Lord of the heavens and the earth, and all between— (Allah) Most Gracious (Rahman): None shall have power to argue with Him.
78:38 The Day that the Spirit (Gabriel) and the angels will stand forth in ranks, none shall speak, except anyone who is permitted by (Allah): Most Gracious (Rahman), and he (the speaker) will say (only) what is correct.
78:39 Surely, that Day will be the Reality: Therefore, let anyone who wishes, let him take a (straight) path returning to his Lord!
78:40 Surely, We have warned you of a penalty near— The Day when man will see (the very acts) which his hands have sent forward, and the unbelievers will say, "Misery upon me! I may as well be (mere) dust!"


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