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39:1  Revelation of the book (Quran) is from God, the powerful, the wise.
39:2  Indeed, We sent down the book to you with the truth, so serve God, being sincere (and devoted) to Him in the way of life (religion).
39:3  Be aware that the devoted way of life (religion) is for God. And those who take protectors/masters other than Him (say:) “We only serve them so that they bring us closer to God.” Indeed, God judges between them in what they disagree about. Indeed, God does not guide anyone who is a disbelieving liar.
39:4  If God wanted to take a child (son), He would have chosen what He wants from what He creates. He is flawless, He is God, the One, the supreme (and dominant).
39:5  He created the skies and the earth with truth. He wraps the night over the day and wraps the day over the night and He controls the sun and the moon, each running (its course) for a finite time. Surely, He is the powerful, the forgiver.
39:6  He created you from a single being, then He made its spouse from it, and He sent down eight in pairs (four pairs) of livestock for you. He creates you in your mothers' wombs, creation after creation, in three (layers of) darkness. That is God, your Lord, the rule belongs to Him, there is no God except Him. So, how are you turned away?
39:7  If you disbelieve, (know that) indeed God does not need you (or your belief), and He is not pleased for the ungratefulness of His servants, and if you are thankful, He is pleased with you. No bearer bears the burden of another. Your return is to your Lord, and He informs you of what you were doing. Indeed, He knows what is inside the chests/minds.
39:8  And when a hardship touches human being, he calls on his Lord, turning to Him. Then when He gives him a favor from Himself, he forgets what he previously called Him for, and sets up equals for God to misguide (people) from His way. Say: “Enjoy a little with your disbelief, indeed you are among inhabitants of the fire.”
39:9  Is someone who is obedient, prostrating (and showing humbleness), standing (in prayer) during nighttime, fearing the Hereafter and hoping for his Lord’s mercy (better off or a disbeliever)? Say: “Are those who know and those who do not know equal?” Only people of understanding take notice.
39:10  Say: “My servants who believe, be cautious of your Lord. For those who do good in this world is a good (reward in this world or in the Hereafter), and God's earth is vast. Indeed, those who persevere are paid back their reward in full without any limit.”
39:11  Say: “Indeed I am ordered to serve God, being sincere (and devoted) to Him in the way of life (religion),
39:12  and I am ordered to be the first (and the best) of the submitted ones.”
39:13  Say: “Indeed I am afraid of the punishment of a great day if I disobey my Lord.”
39:14  Say: “Indeed I serve God, being sincere (and devoted) to Him in my way of life (religion),
39:15  so, (you idolaters) serve whatever you want besides Him.” Say: “Indeed the losers are those who lose themselves and their families on the Resurrection Day. No doubt, this is the obvious loss.”
39:16  They will have canopies of fire from above them and canopies (of fire) from beneath them. That is what God scares His servants with it. So My servants, be cautious of Me.
39:17  And those who avoid serving the rebellious ones and turn to God, they have the good news. Give the good news to My servants,
39:18  those who listen to the word and follow the best of it. They are those whom God has guided them, and they are people of understanding.
39:19  Can you save someone, whom the word of punishment is justified against him, from the fire?
39:20  But those who are cautious of their Lord will have chambers built over chambers, rivers flowing beneath them. (That is) God’s promise and God does not break His promise.
39:21  Do you not see that God sends down the rain from the sky and makes it flow as springs in the earth, then He produces crops of different colors with it, then they dry up and you see them turn yellow, then He makes them into debris? There is certainly a reminder in that for people of understanding.
39:22  Is someone whom God has opened his chest/minds for submission (Islam), and he is upon a light from his Lord (like someone who is not)? So, woe to those whose hearts are hardened against remembering God. They are in obvious error.
39:23  God sent down the best saying as a book, (with its verses) similar and often repeated, the skins of those who fear (disobeying) their Lord shiver from it, then their skins and their hearts relax by God's remembrance. That (Quran) is God’s guidance, He guides anyone He wants with it (according to His laws), and there is no guide for whomever God misguides.
39:24  Is someone who protects (himself) with his face against the terrible punishment of the Resurrection Day (same as one who has no punishment)? And it will be said to the wrongdoers: “Taste what you were earning.”
39:25  Those before them (also) denied, so the punishment came upon them from where they did not realize.
39:26  So, God made them taste the humiliation in this world’s life, and certainly the punishment of the Hereafter is greater, if they knew.
39:27  And We have certainly given every kind of example for the people in this Quran so that they may take notice.
39:28  An Arabic Quran without having any crookedness (or anomaly) so that they may be cautious (of God).
39:29  God gave an example of a man belonging to quarreling partners and a man fully belonging to one man. Are the two examples equal? All praise belongs to God. No, but most of them do not know.
39:30  Indeed, you die and indeed they die,
39:31  then you dispute before your Lord on the Resurrection Day.
39:32  Who is more wrong than someone who lies against God and denies the truth when it comes to him? Is there not a place for the disbelievers in hell?
39:33  And the one who brings the truth and those who confirm it, they are those who are cautious (of God).
39:34  They will have whatever they want with their Lord. That is reward of the good doers.
39:35  God will remove the worst of what they did from them, and He rewards them their wage with the best of what they were doing.
39:36  Is God not enough for His servant? And yet they scare you from those other than Him! And there is no guide for whomever God misguides.
39:37  And whomever God guides, then no one misguides him. Is not God powerful and revengeful?
39:38  And if you ask them who created the skies and the earth, they shall say: “God.” Say: “So, did you think that whatever you call on besides God are remover of His harm if God wants a harm for me, or are they withholder of His mercy if He wants a mercy for me?” Say: “God is enough for me, those who trust put their trust in Him.”
39:39  Say: “My people, do what you are capable of, indeed I am a doer (of what I should), you will know
39:40  to whom a punishment comes humiliating him, and on whom the lasting punishment befalls.”
39:41  Indeed, We sent down the book to you with the truth (as a guide) for people. So, whoever is guided, it is for himself (for his own benefit) and whoever loses (the right path) then he has only made an error against himself, and you are not their advocate.
39:42  God takes back the consciousness/souls at the time of their death, and the one who has not died, (He will take their consciousness/soul) in their sleep. He keeps the one whom He has decided death for them and sends the others back for a limited period. Indeed, there are signs in that for people who think.
39:43  Or did they take mediators besides God? Say: “Even though they do not own anything, and they do not understand?”
39:44  Say: “Mediation entirely belongs to God, the rule of the skies and the earth belongs to Him, then you are returned to Him (after death).”
39:45  And when God alone is mentioned, the hearts of those who do not believe in the Hereafter is disgusted, and when those other than Him are mentioned then they are glad.
39:46  Say: “God, creator of the skies and the earth, knower of the unseen (secrets) and the visible, You judge between Your servants about what they used to disagree about.”
39:47  And if those who did wrong had all that is on the earth and the like of it with it (twice as much), they would offer it as ransom for the bad punishment of the Resurrection Day. And what they were not counting on, will appear to them from God.
39:48  Badness of what they did appears to them, and what they used to ridicule surrounds them.
39:49  When harm touches human being, he calls on Us, then when We give him a favor from Us, he says: “I was only given it because of (my) knowledge. “No, rather it is a test and most of them do not know.
39:50  Those before them also said it, and what they were doing (their deeds) was of no use to them.
39:51  So, badness (and consequence) of what they did, struck them. And those who did wrong among these are (also) going to be struck by badness of what they did, and they cannot disable/escape it.
39:52  Or did they not know that God increases or decreases the provision for anyone He wants. Indeed, there are signs in that for people who believe.
39:53  Say: “My servants, those who have been excessive against themselves, do not lose hope of God’s mercy, indeed God forgives all sins, indeed He is the forgiving, the merciful.
39:54  And turn to your Lord (in repentance) and submit to Him before the punishment comes to you, then you are not helped.”
39:55  Follow the best of what has been sent down to you from your Lord (the instructions of Quran) before the punishment comes to you suddenly while you do not realize,
39:56  so that no one says: “I regret over what I neglected (of my duties) in regard to God and that I used to be among those who ridiculed.”
39:57  Or says: “If God had guided me, I would have certainly been among those who are cautious (of God).”
39:58  Or when he sees the punishment, he says: “If I had another chance, I would have been of the good doers.”
39:59  (He is told:) “No, but My signs had come to you, and you denied them, and you were arrogant, and you were among the disbelievers.”
39:60  And on the Resurrection Day, you see the faces of those who lied about God are blackened (and are shameful). Is there not a place for the arrogant ones in hell?
39:61  And God saves those who were cautious (of Him) because of their achievement, badness will not touch them, and they will not be sad.
39:62  God is the creator of everything, and He is the advocate (and in charge) of everything.
39:63  The keys of the skies and the earth belong to Him, and those who disbelieve in God's signs, they are the losers.
39:64  Say: “Ignorant ones, do you order me to serve other than God?”
39:65  And He has certainly revealed to you and to those before you that if you associate partners (with God), your work shall be made useless and you shall become of the losers,
39:66  but rather serve God (alone) and be of the thankful ones.
39:67  They did not value God, His true worth, while the whole earth will be in His grip on the Resurrection Day, and the skies will be rolled up by His right hand (power). He is flawless and above what they associate (with Him).
39:68  And the horn is blown, then everyone in the skies and everyone on the earth lose consciousness except whomever God wants, then it is blown in it again, and immediately they stand up looking (and waiting).
39:69  And the earth lights up with the light of its Lord, and the book (of records) is placed, and the prophets and witnesses are brought, and it will be judged between them in truth, and they will not be wronged.
39:70  And every person will be paid back in full for what it did, and He knows better what they do.
39:71  And those who disbelieved are driven to hell in groups until they come to it, then its gates will be opened, and its guards say to them: “Didn't a messenger from among you come to you, reading your Lord’s verses to you and warning you about meeting of this day of yours?” They say: “Yes.” And word of the punishment has come true against the disbelievers.
39:72  It is said: “Enter the gates of hell to remain in there forever. Accommodation of the arrogant ones is certainly miserable.”
39:73  And those who were cautious of their Lord are driven to the garden in groups until they come to it, and its gates will be opened and its guards say to them: “Peace (and well-being) upon you, you are welcome (or you did well), so enter it to remain forever.”
39:74  And they say: “All praise belongs to God, the One Who kept His promise to us, and He made us inherit the earth, we settle in the garden anywhere we want, an excellent reward for the doers (of good).”
39:75  And you see the angels circling around the dominion, glorifying their Lord with His praise. And it is judged between them (the people) in truth, and it is said: “All praise belongs to God, the Lord of humankind.”