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39:1  This book is revealed from God All Mighty, the Wisest
39:2  I (God) have sent down this Book (that contains nothing but the truth) to you to invite you to worship none but God and be sincere in your religion
39:3  God’s religion is the purest way of life. Those who worship more than One God (worshipping wealth, position, lust, saints, idols, etc.) saying we pray to them (as our mediators) so that they bring us closer to God, they will be judged by their Lord for what they differed in with the believers. God will not guide those who lie and cover the fact
39:4  If God had wanted to own a son, the only possibility would have been to choose someone whom He has created [It is impossible that the creator should have begotten a son]. Glory to God Who is One and the Most Powerful
39:5  The Almighty is the One Who has created the heavens and the earth as a reality [and not as an illusion]. He rolls [the globe so that the] night over the day and the day over the night. The Creator has subjected the sun and the moon to move toward their destiny. God is the Almighty. [If He wants, He can punish you but] He is the Most Forgiving
39:6  God is the One Who created you from a single person, then created from him his mate. God is the One Who has created four different pairs of livestock [goat, sheep, camel and cow]. He is the One Who lets you pass through several stage of creation in the womb of your mother in the darkness of the three envelopes. Such is God your Lord. He is the supreme authority. There is no deity but God. To who else then you are turning to
39:7  Your disbelief can not degrade God, yet [for your own sake and out of His love] He does not want to see you in disbelief. If you choose to belief, however, He is happy for you. Know that no soul is responsible for the sin of another soul. To God is your ultimate return when He will play back your deeds. Know that God knows even the innermost of your thoughts
39:8  When an average man is in trouble, he remembers God and starts to pray. When God saves him from the trouble, then he forgets the Lord and worships other things [money, boss, women, etc.] and misleads others too. tell to such a person: “Enjoy your temporary disbelief as you have earned the Hellfire.”
39:9  Is it not better to be one of those who devote a part of their nights to meditation and worshipping their Lords in the state of standing and prostration? Such people are aware of the Hereafter and seek the mercy of their Lord. Ask them: “Are those who know equal to those who do not know?” Only men of understanding listen to learn
39:10  O’ Mohammad, say to my believing servants: “Always keep God in mind with the utmost respect. there is a good reward for those who choose righteousness. God’s earth is vast. [Emigrate to another place, if you are subject to persecution.] Those who endure hardship with patience [and practice their belief], will receive a limitless reward.”
39:11  O’ Mohammad, say: “I have been ordered to worship God and strictly practice His ordained religion.”
39:12  “I am commanded to be the most devote submitter.”
39:13  O’ Mohammad, Say: “I am terrified of the consequences of disobeying my Lord that will catch up with me on the Day of Judgment.”
39:14  Say: “I worship none but God and follow His ordained religion to the point.”
39:15  As for you, you may worship whoever you choose. Say: “The real losers are those who find their souls, as well as their families’ souls, lost on the Day of Judgment. Know that this is real failure”
39:16  The Fire will surround them from the above and from the beneath. God thus warns His servants of the awful consequence of their wrongdoings. O My servants be mindful of your Lord.”
39:17  Those who avoid worshipping false deities and devote themselves totally to their Lord alone, for them there is a good news
39:18  Let those who listen to the word of God and follow it to the point, know that they are the ones whom God has blessed with His guidance and have been given the faculty of understanding
39:19  Who can save the person who has already been sentenced to be thrown into the Fire
39:20  As to those who show the utmost respect to their Lord, they will live in high rises beneath which the water flows. This is God’s promise: God never breaks His promise
39:21  Do you not contemplate in God’s sending down water from the sky, depositing it under the ground, making it flow in the earth in the form of springs, fountains and rivers, letting a variety of plants to use it and to grow and eventually reducing them to nothing but straw? Indeed there is a lesson in this for the men of intelligence [who may detect the transitory nature of the life on earth and its dependency on God’s favor.]
39:22  Consider two individuals: one has earned the favor of God’s guidance toward Islam and walking in a lighted path, the other one having earned God’s displeasure and deprived of His guidance. Are these two people equal? Indeed there is no hope for the latter
39:23  God has sent down the best communication of thoughts; a book which is consistent and reminds its main message again and again. Those who respect their Lord, are filled with awe when they hear it; their whole body melts down and submit to the Lord. This book is the guidance of God through which He guides whoever He wishes [and deserve] to the right path. As for those who [deserve to be and] are deprived of God’s guidance, there is no hope for them at all
39:24  You can not even imagine the desperation of the one who is being sentenced to the punishment on the Day of Judgment. To such wrongdoer it will be said: “Taste now [the fruit of ] what you have sowed
39:25  Many a people before them also chose to disobey. They got what they deserved when they least expect it
39:26  God disgraced and humiliated them [as a lesson for those to come] with His punishment. Their greatest punishment, however, has yet to come; if they only knew
39:27  I (God) have cited in this Qur’an any kind of example to make people think
39:28  Qur’an is revealed in a straight forward Arabic to avoid any misinterpretation; may the righteous ones refer to it for the guidance
39:29  God hereby cites the following example: “Is the one who is pulled by contradictory orders in peace or the one who receives only consistent order from one source?” [In other words, who is more rational in discussion? the one who refers to contradicting sources or the one who uses nonambiguous Qur’an as his source of reference?]. Praise be to God. What a pity that most of them do not get it
39:30  You (Mohammad) will die, just like they will die
39:31  Your dispute then will come to the conclusion on the Day of Judgment before your Lord
39:32  Who is more unjust than the one who attributes a lie to God and covering a truth send to him by God? Is there any place better for him to live in than the Hell
39:33  As for those who chose to believe and spread the truth, they are righteous
39:34  Their Lord will give them whatever they wish. Such is the way God rewards the righteous ones
39:35  God will overlook their wrongdoings and reward their good deeds
39:36  Is God not enough for His servant to turn to? The disbelievers frighten you with the “rage” of the false deities; the fact of the matter is: non can guide the one who has been condemned by his Lord to get lost
39:37  It is also true that the one that deserved to be guided by God will never get lost. is there anyone who doubts the might and justice of God
39:38  If you ask people: “who created the heavens and the earth?”, they will say “God”. Ask them then: “Why do you worship other things beside God?” Say: “If God decides to afflict me with a trouble, non can save me and if He decides to bless me with a favor, non can take it from me. Why should then I worships others beside God? Say: “God is enough for me and He is the One that the believers trust in.”
39:39  Say to disbelievers: “Do your best and I will do mine.”
39:40  “Pretty soon we will see which one of us will be humiliated with an everlasting punishment.”
39:41  I (God) have sent down this Qur’an through you (Mohammad) for the whole humanity. The one who recourse to it for guidance has done a favor to himself and the one who chooses the darkness has ruined himself. You (Mohammad) are not responsible for none
39:42  God is the One Who summons the souls at the time of the death. God also takes your souls away when you go to sleep. Then He restores it back at His Will and let you live as long as He has predestined or may decide not to restore it at all and let you die at bed. There is a food for thought in this for those who possess the intelligence
39:43  [Man’s next minute’s life thus being determined by God,] How silly of people who have invented intermediaries to ask God’s mercy through them. Say to them: “What if these intercessors of them lack the power and the intelligence?”
39:44  Let them know that: “God is the only intercessor.” The Kingdom of the heavens and the earth belongs to God. To God you will all return
39:45  When the discussion centers only around the Lord, those who disbelieve in Hereafter become upset; but when the others’ name is added to the prayer, they become delighted
39:46  Say: “O Lord, Originator of the heavens and the earth, Knowledgeable of the secrets of the tangible and intangible universe. You are the Only One Who will judge between us in what we differ in.”
39:47  If the wrongdoers owned every valuable thing on earth (or even twice as much), on the Day of Judgment they would have willingly offered it to escape their punishment when they will be shown by God what they would have never imagined to happen to them
39:48  Their wrongdoings will be played back to them and the very thing that they used to laugh at will backfire at them
39:49  Most men pray to God when at need. Once God gives them what they want, they say: “I earned it in account of my hard work and know-how.” The fact of the matter is their possessions are means of trial for them [to see how they will behave and use it] yet they do not understand it
39:50  The ones before them had similar conviction but their “earnings” was not of any help [for the simple token that it was God’s blessing and not their earning] them in the least. [when will man learn from history?]
39:51  The ones before them faced the consequences of their evil deeds and the wicked ones of today also shall soon face the evil consequences of their deeds. None can escape God
39:52  Does man not understand the wisdom of God’s distribution of wealth? [The Lord gives more to some and less to the others not because of their worthiness, ability, being favored or being disgraced by God. Just in order to try them in wealth and in poverty so that they learn how to behave in a righteous manner in any economic situation.]
39:53  Proclaim: “O you who worship me; if you have committed indecencies, never despair of God’s mercy. God forgives all sins [the conditions being mentioned all over the Qur’an: sincere repentance.] God is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful
39:54  Return to your Lord and submit to Him before being sentenced to punishment. Once sentenced, you will get no help from any source
39:55  Follow the best path indicated by your Lord before unexpectedly, and not knowingly, being exposed to the disaster
39:56  Do not be among those who will say: “Alas for taking the Lord’s commandments lightly and mocking at them.”
39:57  Do not be among those who will say: “I wish God had guided me so that I too would have been among His righteous servants.”
39:58  Do not be among those who will face the fire and then will say: “I wish I had another chance to devote my life to do nothing but the good deeds.”
39:59  Such people will be told: “Yes indeed [you did get enough chances.] My revelations reached you but you chose to deny them; you showed arrogance and joined the disbelievers.”
39:60  On the Day of Resurrection you will see the faces of those who spread false rumors about God covered with misery. Is Hell not an appropriate place for the arrogant people
39:61  And God will save the righteous ones in account of their recourses to the means of success. No evil will touch them and they will never grieve
39:62  God is the Creator of everything and in absolute control of His creation
39:63  To God belongs the keys of the treasures of the heavens and the earth. The real losers are those who do not believe in the revelations of God
39:64  Say to the disbelievers: “You ignorant people, are you asking me to worship other than God?”
39:65  My main message revealed to you (Mohammad) and the prophets before you has been: “If you worship others than God, all your deeds will go in vain and you will become a real looser.”
39:66  Therefore worship God alone and count your blessings
39:67  They have never honored God the way that He should be honored. God is so Great that on the Day of resurrection the earth will be in His grasp. In fact all universes [with their billions of galaxies] are [as a figure of speech] folded in his right hand. Glorified be God; it is beyond God’s dignity to have a partner
39:68  When the trumpet is blown, every living species in the earth and heavens will fall down dead (except a few that God will let them stay alive.) When the second trumpet is blown, all will resurrect looking around
39:69  Then the earth will shine with the light of its Lord and the records of people’s deeds will be laid open. Then the Prophets and witnesses will be summoned to testify. Everyone on that Day will be judged with absolute justice and nobody will be subject to the least injustice
39:70  God exactly knows what people are doing and will reward them accordingly
39:71  After being sentenced, the disbelievers will be herded to the Hell in troops. Once the doors of the Hell are opened, the Hell keepers will ask: “Did you not receive any prophet among your own people to relay the message of God and to warn you about your choice of destiny? They will reply: “Yes; but it is only after being sentenced that we realize our mistake.”
39:72  It will be said: “Now enter the gates of Hell which is your permanent abode. What a miserable place for the arrogant people to end in.”
39:73  Those who respected their Lord will be ushered toward Paradise in groups and find its door already opened for them. The guards will say: “Peace be upon you. You succeeded. Here is your permanent home.”
39:74  They will chant: “Praise the Lord Who fulfilled His promises: He made us inherit the earth and now letting us enjoy His Paradise.” What an excellent reward for the righteous ones
39:75  Then you will see the angels circling around the Throne, glorifying and praising the Lord. Once the full justice is rendered it will be proclaimed: “Praise belongs to God; Lord of the worlds.”