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28:1  Ta Sin Meem
28:2  These are verses of the Clear Book,
28:3  in which We recite to you part of the true story of Musa and Pharaoh for those who believe.
28:4  Pharaoh was unjust to people, and divided them by their ethnicity. Oppressing one group of them by killing their sons whilst keeping their women alive, he oppressed others.
28:5  Our plan was to favour the victims in the land and to make them leaders and heirs;
28:6  to settle them in the land and, through them, to force Pharaoh, Haman and their armies to face their worst fears
28:7  We inspired the mother of Musa: “Breastfeed him, but when you fear for him then put him in a basket and let it float on the river, but don’t be afraid or sad. We shall return him to you and make him a messenger.
28:8  Members of Pharaoh’s household found him by chance, little did they know he would become their enemy and a cause of grief. Pharaoh, Haman and their armies were gravely mistaken.
28:9  Pharaoh’s wife said, “He would be a joy to behold for me and you, so don’t kill him he may be useful for us, or we could adopt him. They were unaware of its consequences.”
28:10  By the morning Musa’s mother was impatient and she nearly revealed his identity, if We hadn’t strengthened her resolve to remain silent about him.
28:11  She told his sister: “Follow him.” From the river bank she kept an eye on him without letting the Egyptians see her.
28:12  We made him reject the breast milk of the wet nurses, so his sister said to them, “Shall I show you a household that will look after him for you and take good care of him?”
28:13  So We returned him to his mother, to be a comforting sight for her sore eyes, so she wouldn’t be anxious and know that Allah’s promise is true. Though most people don’t know
28:14  When he had grown up and reached maturity, We blessed him with wisdom and knowledge; that’s how We reward the righteous.
28:15  One day, he entered the town while people were resting and found two men fighting, one from his ethnic group and the other from his enemy. The one from his ethnic group cried out to him for help against the one from his enemy’s group; so Musa punched him, so hard that it finished him off. Musa said, “This is the work of Satan. He is clearly an enemy who leads people astray.”
28:16  Then he said, “My Lord, I have done wrong, so forgive me.” Allah forgave him; the Forgiving, the Caring.
28:17  Musa said, “My Lord, because you gave me favours I will never stand up for criminals again.”
28:18  From then on he became fearful in the town, constantly on the lookout. Next day, the man who previously sought his help again cried out. Musa said, “You are clearly a deceitful man.”
28:19  Musa tried to grab the enemy and the Israelite said, “Musa, are you going to kill me like you killed someone yesterday? You want to be an oppressor in the land; you’ve no wish to do good.”
28:20  A man from the far side of town came running and said, “Musa, members of Pharaoh’s court are deliberating whether to have you killed, so leave now. I am your well-wisher.”
28:21  So he left the city in fear and remained wary, he prayed: “My Lord, save me from this nation of wrongdoers.”
28:22  Having set out for Madyan, he said to himself: “Maybe, My Lord will guide me on the right path.”
28:23  After he arrived at the water well of Madyan, he found a large crowd of people watering their flocks. He saw standing apart from them two women, holding their sheep back. He asked: “What is the matter with you?” They said, “We can’t water our sheep until the shepherds move off, our father is an elderly man, unable to help us.”
28:24  So Musa watered their sheep, then he turned to rest in the shade, praying: “My Lord, I am in desperate need of whatever good You may send down to me.
28:25  One of the two women came to him, walking shyly, and said, “My father is calling you, to reward you for watering our flock.” Musa went and told him the whole story. He said, “Do not be afraid. You have been saved from nation of wrongdoers.”
28:26  One of them said, “My dear father, why not employ him? The best person you can employ is strong and trustworthy.”
28:27  He said, “I wish to marry you to one of the two daughters of mine, on the condition that you work for me for eight years. If you complete ten years, that will be up to you. I won’t impose it on you. Allah willing, you will find me to be upright in my dealings.”
28:28  Musa said, “That’s agreed between you and me. Whichever of the two terms I fulfil, let there be no resentment towards me; and let Allah be a guarantor of what we decide.
28:29  Once Musa had completed his term in Madyan, he set off with his family to Egypt. On the way he noticed a fire burning by the side of the mountain, he told his wife, “Wait here for a while. I’ve noticed a fire. Maybe I’ll bring you some news from there or some embers from the fire so that you may warm yourselves.”
28:30  When he reached it, a voice called out from the tree on the right-hand side of the valley in that blessed spot: “Musa, it is I, Allah, the Lord of the worlds.
28:31  Throw down your shepherd’ s staff.” When he saw it wriggling like a snake, he turned and fled, without looking back. “Musa, go ahead and pick it up, and don’t be afraid. You are safe.
28:32  Put your hand inside your shirt, and it will come out brilliant white and unharmed, and hold it under the armpit to rid yourself of fear. Here are two proofs from your Lord to show to Pharaoh and his nobles; they are sinners.
28:33  Musa said, “My Lord, I killed one of their men, I fear they’ll kill me.
28:34  My brother, Harun, is more eloquent in speech than I am, so send him with me as a support to confirm what I say, for I fear they will reject me.”
28:35  Allah said, “We shall strengthen your arm with your brother and give you both authority, so that they don’t harm you; because of Our signs, the two of you and whoever follows you will be victorious.
28:36  When Musa came with Our clear signs to them, they said, “This is nothing but clever tricks of magic; and we never heard this message from our forefathers.”
28:37  Musa said, “My Lord knows best who comes from Him with His guidance and who will enjoy the Final Abode; but the wrongdoers won’t succeed.”
28:38  Pharaoh said, “My nobles, I know of no other god for you than myself. Haman, bake bricks of clay and build a tower for me, so that I may ascend to the God of Musa, though I know he’s a liar.”
28:39  And so it was that he and his armies, were falsely arrogant in the country, thinking they would never be returned to Us.
28:40  So We seized him and his armies and threw them into the sea. See the fate of the wrongdoers!
28:41  We made them foremost amongst those who call others to the Fire; and on Judgement Day, they will be helpless.
28:42  We tracked them with a curse in this world and, on Judgement Day, they will be the most despised
28:43  We gave Musa the Book, after We destroyed previous rebellious generations, to be examples for all people, a guidance and kindness, so they might pay heed.
28:44  You were not present on the west side of the mountain when We handed down Our commandments to Musa, you weren’t a witness.
28:45  However, We raised successive generations, who lived long lives. Nor did you live among the people of Madyan, reciting Our verses to them, but We sent them messengers nonetheless.
28:46  Nor were you on the mountainside when We called Musa, but you have been sent as a kindness from your Lord to warn those people to whom no warner was sent before you, so they might wake up to the reality.
28:47  When a disaster strikes them due to their evil actions they pray: “Our Lord, had You sent us a messenger, we would have followed Your verses and become believers.”
28:48  However, when Our truth reached them, they said, “Why wasn’t he given a book like the one Musa was given?” They also denied what was given to Musa, saying, “Two competing works of magic!” And said, “We reject each of them”?
28:49  Say: “So produce a book from Allah for me to follow that is a better guide than either of them, if you are telling the truth.”
28:50  If they fail to respond to you, then know that they are following their impulses. And who is more misguided than the one who follows his impulses without any guidance from Allah. Allah does not guide people who do wrong
28:51  We caused the message to reach them so they may pay heed.
28:52  Those given the Book previously believe in it;
28:53  and when it is recited to them, they say: “We believe in it. It is the truth from our Lord; and even before this we had surrendered ourselves to Allah ’s will.”
28:54  Such people will be given double reward because of their patience and secondly they stop evil with good, and they spend in charity what We provided them;
28:55  and when they hear idle talk they turn away from it, saying: “We have our deeds, and you have yours. Peace be upon you. We don’t envy the ignorant.”
28:56  Messenger, you can’t guide who you love. But Allah guides anyone He chooses. And Allah knows the guided
28:57  The Makkans say: “If we followed your religion, then we would be unsafe in our city.” Haven’t We settled them in a safe and sacred place where fruits of every sort are brought, a provision from Us? Yet most don’t know.
28:58  How many cities have We destroyed that were disrespectful due to their lavish lifestyles? Their homes are there, scarcely lived in since their day, and We took them.
28:59  Your Lord never destroyed cities without first sending a messenger to their affluent people, who recited to them Our verses; nor did We destroy any city unless its population were wrongdoers.
28:60  What you receive from Allah are the passing pleasures and attractions of this worldly life; but what Allah has stored for you is far better and long lasting. Don’t you understand?
28:61  Is the person who We made a beautiful promise of P aradise the same as the person who enjoys the pleasures of worldly life? On Judgement Day he will be summoned to account for his deeds
28:62  On that Day Allah will call them: “Where are the partners you associated with Me?”
28:63  Those questioned will say, “Our Lord, here are the ones we led astray. We led them astray since we were misguided. We declare ourselves innocent before You. They were not worshipping us.”
28:64  Then they will be told: “Call on your partners for help,” and when they call them they will not answer. When they see the punishment they’ll wish they had, if only they had been guided.
28:65  On the Day that He calls them, saying: “How did you respond to the messengers?”
28:66  They will be so confused by the events of the Day that they won’t be able to consult one another
28:67  Those who repented, believed and performed good deeds will be among the successful.
28:68  Your Lord creates whatever He wills and then makes His selection; the choice is not theirs. Glory be to Allah! Far exalted is Allah above whatever they associate with Him as partners.
28:69  And your Lord knows what their hearts conceal and reveal.
28:70  He is Allah. There is no god but Him. All praise in this world and the next is His. The Final Judgement rests with Him, and to Him you will return
28:71  Say: “Have you considered if Allah plunged you into unending night until Judgement Day; which god beside Allah could bring you light? Do you not hear?”
28:72  Say: “Have you considered if Allah were to make your daylight unending until Judgement Day; which god is there beside Allah to bring you night in which to rest? Do you not see?”
28:73  Through His kindness, He has made for you both night and day so you may rest in one and seek his bounty in the other, and be thankful.
28:74  On the Day that He calls them, saying: “Where are the partners that you ascribed to Me?”
28:75  On that Day, We shall take from each community a witness and say, “Fetch Me your proof,” so they know the truth belongs to Allah, and that whatever they invented has deserted them
28:76  Qarun was from Musa’s people, but unkind to them. We gave him so much treasure that the keys alone would have weighed down a dozen or so strong men. His people told him, “Do not be proud of your wealth. Allah dislikes those who brag.
28:77  Instead use some of what Allah has given you to secure your place in the Final home, at the same time not losing your share of this world. Treat others as well as Allah has treated you; and do not wreak havoc in the land. Allah dislikes those who wreak havoc.”
28:78  Qarun said, “I’ve been given it because of my expertise and knowledge.” Didn’t he realise that Allah destroyed people of previous generations who were far stronger and wealthier than him? The guilty won’t be asked about their sins
28:79  So one day he went out among his people, dressed in his finery; and those who yearn for this worldly life said, “Oh, if only we had been given the same as Qarun. He’s most fortunate!”
28:80  But those who had been given knowledge said, “Woe to you! Allah’s reward for believers and the righteous is better; the patient will achieve that.”
28:81  So it was We made the Earth swallow him and his mansion; there was no rescue party to help him beside Allah, nor was he able to protect himself.
28:82  Those who only the other day had longed to be in his place said, “Alas! It seems Allah gives in abundance to whichever of His servants He pleases, and in strict measure. If Allah hadn’t been gracious to us, He might have destroyed us too. Alas! It’s apparent the ungrateful fail.
28:83  Such is the Final Abode; We grant it to those who desire neither grandeur nor wreak havoc in the land. And the best outcome is for those mindful of Allah.
28:84  Anyone who does good deeds will be generously rewarded with something wonderful; and anyone who does evil deeds will be rewarded for what they did.
28:85  The Legislator of the laws of the Quran will return you to Makkah. Say: “My Lord knows who is guided and who is misguided.”
28:86  You weren’t expecting to be given the Book, it was due to your Lord’s kindness. So, don’t be a helper of the disbelievers;
28:87  and let no one distract you from acting on Allah’s verses after they are revealed to you. Call people to your Lord, and don’t be an associator of partners with Allah.
28:88  Don’t call others god beside Allah. There is no god but Him. Everything will perish except Himself. He will make the Final Judgement, and to Him you will be returned