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28:2  How do you disbelieve in God, when you were lifeless and He gave you life then He causes you to die and brings you back to life, and then you are returned to Him?
28:3  The believers shall not take disbelievers as their protectors (and supporters) in lieu of the believers. And whoever does this, then he is not on anything from God (and has nothing to do with Him), unless you cautiously protect yourself from them. And God warns you about Himself (and His punishment). And the final return is to God.
28:4  God wants to reduce your (burdens and duties), as the human being is created weak.
28:5  If you stretch out your hand toward me to kill me, I will not stretch out my hand toward you to kill you, I fear (the punishment of) God, the Lord of humankind.
28:6  No, but what they used to hide in the past has become apparent to them. And if they are sent back, they would go back to what they were forbidden from it, and indeed they are liars.
28:7  And when they commit an indecency, they say: “We found our fathers doing it and God has ordered us to it.” Say: “God does not order to indecency, do you say about God what you do not know?”
28:8  And know that your wealth and children is a test, and indeed the great reward is with God.
28:9  You who believe, indeed the idolaters are unclean, so they should not come near the Sacred Mosque after this year of theirs, and if you are afraid of poverty (because of this), then God will enrich you from His grace if He wants. God is knowledgeable and wise.
28:10  On a day that We gather them all, then We tell those who associated (partners with Us:) “Stay at your place, you and your partners.” Then We separate them from one another. And their partners say: “It was not us that you were serving,
28:11  He said: “My people, what do you think, if I am on a clear evidence from my Lord and He gave me mercy from Himself that is made obscure to you, should we force it on you while you dislike it?
28:12  So when he saw that his shirt is torn from behind, he said (to her:) “Indeed that is from plot of you women, indeed your plot is great.
28:13  Those who believe, their hearts are reassured by remembering God. No doubt, the hearts are reassured by remembering God.
28:14  Have you not seen those who exchange God’s favor with disbelief, and they made their people end up in the house of doom?
28:15  And when your Lord said to the angels: “Indeed I am the creator of a human being from dried clay of stinky black mud,
28:16  Those whom the angels take their lives while wronging themselves, then they offer submission (and say:) “We were not doing any bad (deed).” Yes, indeed God knows well what you were doing.
28:17  And if you turn away from them looking for a mercy from your Lord that you hope for it, then speak to them in soft (and courteous) words.
28:18  And be patient with those who call on their Lord in the morning and the evening, looking for His pleasure (and His attention), and do not overlook them wanting luxury of this world’s life, and do not obey anyone whom We made his heart neglect remembering Us, and follows his desires and he is excessive in his affairs.
28:19  sister of Aaron, your father was not a bad man and your mother was not unchaste.”
28:20  so they understand my word,
28:21  He knows what is in front of them and what is behind them, and they (the angels) do not mediate except for someone He approves, and they are afraid of His awe.
28:22  so that they witness the benefits (provided) for them, and to mention God’s name on specified days over what He provided for them from the livestock animals, so eat from them and feed the suffering poor.
28:23  And when you and those with you settle on the Ark, then say: “All praise belongs to God, the One Who saved us from the wrongdoing people.”
28:24  And if you do not find anyone in it, then do not enter it until permission is given to you, and if you are told to go back, then (do not enter and) go back, as that is purer (and better) for you. And God knows well what you do.
28:25  woe to me, I wish I had not taken so and so as a friend,
28:26  He (Moses) said: “The Lord of the east and the west and whatever between them, if you understand.”
28:27  go with this letter of mine and deliver it to them, then leave them and see what they return (as answer).”
28:28  He (Moses) said: “This is (an agreement) between me and you, whichever of the two periods I complete, there should be no hostility against me, and God is the trustee over what we say.”
28:29  And (remember) Lot when he said to his people: “You certainly commit the indecency that none of humankind have done it before you.
28:30  He gives you an example of yourselves. Is there among those whom your right hand owns, any partner that you are equal in what we have provided for you, and you are afraid of them as you are afraid of each other? That is how We explain the signs to people who understand.
28:31  Your creation and your resurrection is only like (creation of) a single person. Indeed God hears all and sees all.
28:32  And they say: “When is the judgment/victory, if you are truthful?”
28:33  Prophet, tell your wives: “If you want this world’s life and its decoration (and luxuries), then come, I compensate you and I let you go free (so you may divorce), a nice leaving,
28:34  And We did not send you except as a giver of good news and a warner for all people, but most people do not know.
28:35  And likewise, people and creatures and livestock are different colors. Only the knowledgeable among His servants fear (the punishment of) God. God is powerful and forgiving.
28:36  And We did not send down any troops from the sky against his people after him, and We were not to send down (the troops against his people).
28:37  they say: “Indeed you were coming to us from the right (to seduce us).”
28:38  Or should We place those who believe and do good the same as the corruptors on the earth, or should We place those who are cautious (of God) the same as the immoral ones!?
28:39  An Arabic Quran without having any crookedness (or anomaly) so that they may be cautious (of God).
28:40  And a believing man from Pharaoh’s people who was hiding his belief said: “Do you kill a man because he says: “God is my Lord” and he has brought you clear evidences from your Lord? If he is a liar then his lie is against him, and if he is truthful then some of what he promises you will happen to you, indeed God does not guide an excessive liar.
28:41  That is the punishment of God’s enemies, the fire, they have the eternal home in it, as a reward because they were rejecting Our signs.
28:42  And He is the One Who sends down the rain after they lost hope and He spreads His mercy. And He is the praiseworthy protector.
28:43  And he made it a lasting word among his descendants so that they may return (to God).
28:44  It was like that, and We made other people inherit it.
28:45  And you see every community kneeling down, every community is called onto its book (and is told:) “Today, you are rewarded for what you used to do.
28:46  So why those (people/things) whom they took as gods besides God in order to get closer (to Him) didn't help them? No, but they abandoned them. And that was their lie and what they used to fabricate.
28:47  That is because they followed what angered God and they disliked His pleasure, so He made their works useless.
28:48  He is the One Who sent His messenger with the guidance and the right way of life (religion) in order to inform him about all of the religion (God's recommended way of life). And God is enough as a witness.
28:50  He (God) says: “Do not dispute before Me while I have sent the threat to you in advance.
28:51  Then he felt afraid of them, they said: “Do not be afraid.” And they gave him the good news of a knowledgeable son.
28:52  Indeed we used to call on Him in the past. Indeed He is the good, the merciful.”
28:53  while they have no knowledge of that. They only follow guesswork, and guess is of no use against the truth at all.
28:54  and inform them that the water is shared between them, and each drinking will be attended (by everyone).”
28:55  Then which of your Lord’s favors do you deny?
28:56  Among thorn free Lote (Sidra) tree,
28:57  You who believe, be cautious of God and believe in His messenger, (so that) He gives you a double portion of His mercy and makes a light for you to walk with it and forgives you. He is forgiving and merciful.
28:67  Say: “What do you think, whether God destroys me and those with me or He has mercy on us, who protects the disbelievers from a painful punishment?”
28:68  The fairest of them said: “Did I not tell you: “Why do you not glorify (God)?”?”
28:69  my wealth was of no use to me,
28:70  as indeed no one is safe from their Lord's punishment,
28:71  My Lord, forgive me and my parents, and anyone who enters my house (being a) believer, and the believing men and the believing women, and do not increase the wrongdoers except in destruction.”
28:72  so that He knows that they have delivered their Lord’s message, and He surrounds (and has full knowledge of) whatever is with them and He keeps count of everything.”
28:74  It does not spare and it does not leave,
28:75  And he thinks that it is the (time of) separation
28:76  We created them and We strengthened their form, and when We want We replace them with like them as a substitute.
28:77  Woe to the deniers on that day.
28:78  and they strongly denied Our signs
28:79  He raised its roof and arranged it.
28:80  and grapes and vegetable,
28:81  for any one of you who wants to go straight.
28:83  a spring that the close ones (to God) drink from it.
28:89  return to your Lord, pleased (with Him) and pleasing (to Him),