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28:1  T.S.M.
28:2  These are verses from the clear Book!
28:3  We shall recite in all truth to you some information about Moses and Pharaoh for folk who believe.
28:4  Pharaoh had acted haughtily on earth and split his people into factions, seeking to weaken a group of them. He slaughtered their sons and let their women live; he was so depraved!
28:5  Yet We wanted to endow those who were considered inferior on earth, and make them into leaders and make them [Our] heirs.
28:6  We established them on earth and showed Pharaoh and Haman as well as their troops how they should beware of them.
28:7  We inspired Moses´ mother [as follows]: "Nurse him. If you should fear for him, then cast him into the river. Do not fear nor feel sad; We will return him to you, and appoint him as a missionary."
28:8  Pharaoh´s household took him in, so that he became an enemy and [a source of] sadness for them. Pharaoh and Haman as well as their troops were so mistaken!
28:9  Pharaoh´s wife said: "[He´ll be] a comfort for me and for you. Do not kill him! Perhaps he´ll benefit us, or we´ll adopt him as a son." They did not suspect [a thing].
28:10  Next morning the vitals of Moses´ mother felt empty; she almost revealed who he was, if We had not bound up her heart so she would be a believer.
28:11  She told his sister: "Keep track of him." So she watched out for him from a distance while they did not notice it.
28:12  We kept him from nursing at first, and so she said: "Shall I lead you to a family who will look after him for you? They will take good care of him."
28:13  Thus We restored him to his mother so he might comfort her and she would not feel so sad, and so she would know that God´s promise is true, even though most of them do not realize it.
28:14  When he reached maturity and came of age, We gave him discretion and knowledge. Thus We reward those who act kindly.
28:15  He entered the city at a time when its people were lax, and found two men fighting there, one from his own sect and the other from his enemy´s. The one who was from his own faction appealed for his assistance against the one who was from his enemy´s. Moses punched him and he finished him off! He said: "This is some of Satan´s work; he is such an enemy, a plain misleader."
28:16  He said: "My Lord, I have wronged my own soul. Forgive me!" So He forgave him; He is the Forgiving, the Merciful,
28:17  He said: "My Lord, since You have shown me such favor, I shall never back up any criminals [again]."
28:18  Yet he felt fearful next morning in the city; he was on the alert, when the man he had tried to support the day before called out to him for help [again]. Moses told him: "You are clearly a trouble-maker."
28:19  When he wanted to catch the one who was an enemy to them both, he said: "Moses, do you want to kill me just as you killed another person yesterday.? You only want to become a bully on earth; you do not want to be a reformer."
28:20  A man came hurrying up from the further end of the city; he said: "Moses, the councilmen are deliberating about you, whether they should execute you. Clear out! I am giving you sincere advice."
28:21  He left it fearfully, on the alert. He said: "My Lord, save me from such wrongdoing folk!"
28:22  As he made his way towards Midian, he said: "Perhaps my Lord will guide me along some level path."
28:23  When he approached the water of Midian, he found a company of people watering [their flocks] there, and found two women besides them, holding theirs off at a distance. He said: "What´s the matter with you?" They both said: "We may not draw any water until the herdsmen move on. Our father is an elderly gentleman."
28:24  So he did the watering for them. Then he went off to [rest in] the shade, and said: "My Lord, I am poor enough to accept anything You may grant me."
28:25  One of the girls came up to him, walking bashfully. She said: "My father invites you, in order to reward you with some [sort of] payment since you have done the watering for us." When he came up to him, he told him the stories. He said: "Do not fear; you have escaped from wrongdoing folk."
28:26  One of the two (girls) said: "My father, hire him! The best man you can hire is someone who is strong, trustworthy."
28:27  He said: "I want to marry you to one of these daughters of mine, provided you hire yourself out to me for eight seasons. If you should complete ten, then that will be your own affair. I do not want to be hard on you; you will find me an honorable man, if God so wishes."
28:28  He said: "That is up to you and me; whichever term I may serve out, there will be no injustice done to me. God is a Trustee for anything we say."
28:29  When Moses had completed the term [that he had promised to work] and was travelling away with his family, he glimpsed a fire on a slope of Mount [Sinai]. He told his family: "Stay here! I´ve glimpsed a fire. Perhaps I may bring you some news from it, or an ember from the fire so you may warm yourselves."
28:30  So when he came up to it, someone called out to him from the tree in the blessed hollow on the right bank of the valley: "Moses, I am God, Lord of the Universe!"
28:31  And then: "Throw down your staff." When he saw it twitching as if it were possessed, he turned around and tried to escape. "Moses, come closer and do not act afraid. You will be safe!
28:32  Slip your hand into your shirtfront; it will come out white without being harmed. And gather up your courage against any apprehension. These will be two proofs from your Lord for Pharaoh and his councilors; they have been such immoral folk.
28:33  He said: "My Lord, I killed a person among them, and fear they may execute me.
28:34  My brother Aaron is more convincing with his tongue; send him along with me to back me up and vouch for me. I fear they will talk me out of it."
28:35  He said: "We shall strengthen your arm by means of your brother and grant both of you authority so they will not overtake either of you. Because of Our signs, you both will win out, as well as anyone who follows you."
28:36  When Moses brought them Our clear signs, they said: "This is only some contrived magic. We have not heard of this through our early forefathers."
28:37  Moses said: "My Lord is quite Aware as to who brings guidance from His presence and who will attain the Home in the end. Wrongdoers do not succeed."
28:38  Pharaoh said: "Councilmen, I have not known any god for you except myself. Light [a kiln] for me, Haman, for some clay, and build me a tower so I may climb up to Moses´ god. Still I think he´s a liar!"
28:39  Both he and his troops acted overproud on earth without any right [to be so]. They thought they would never return to Us.
28:40  We seized him and his troops and hurled them into the deep. See how the outcome was for wrongdoers!
28:41  We turned them into leaders who invite [men] to the Fire. On Resurrection Day they will not be supported.
28:42  We shall let a curse follow them in this world, while on Resurrection Day they will look hideous.
28:43  We gave Moses the Book after We had wiped out the earliest generations [to serve] as insights for mankind, and for guidance and mercy so they might bear it in mind.
28:44  You [Muhammad], were not (present) on the western slope when We settled the matter for Moses, nor were you a witness;
28:45  but We raised up some generations, and [their] lifetime was prolonged for them. Nor were you a resident among the people of Midian, reciting Our signs to them, but We were [to send] emissaries.
28:46  You were not on the slope of Mount [Sinai] when We called out, but [have been sent] as a mercy from your Lord so you might warn a folk whom no warner had come to before you, so that they might bear it in mind.
28:47  If only some calamity would strike them because of what [evil] their hands have sent on ahead, and so they would say: "Our Lord, if only you had sent us some messenger, we should have followed Your signs and been believers!"
28:48  Yet when the Truth did come to them from Our presence, they said: "If he were only given the same as Moses was given!" Still had they not already disbelieved in what Moses was given? They say: "Double magic, to back each other up!" And they say: "We disbelieve in everything."
28:49  SAY: "Bring a book from God´s presence which will be a better guide than either of them so I may follow it if you are that truthful."
28:50  If they do not respond to you, then know they are merely following their own whims. Who is more misguided than someone who follows his own whim without having any guidance from God? God does not guide wrongdoing folk."
28:51  We have conveyed the Statement to them so they might keep it in mind.
28:52  The ones We gave the Book to previously believe in it;
28:53  whenever it is recited to them, they say: "We believe in it; it is the Truth from our Lord! We have already committed ourselves to [live in] peace."
28:54  Those will be given their payment twice over because of what they have endured; they ward off evil with good and spend some of what We have provided them with.
28:55  Whenever they hear any gossip, they shun it and say: "We hold to our actions while you have your actions." Peace be upon you! We do not hanker after ignorant people."
28:56  You do not guide someone you love, but God guides anyone He wishes. He is quite Aware as to who are guided.
28:57  They say: "If we followed guidance along with you, we´d be swept out of our land." Yet have We not established a safe haven for them where produce of every sort is brought from Our presence as sustenance? However most of them do not realize it.
28:58  How many towns have We wiped out who were reckless in their way of livings Those dwellings of theirs have been inhabited only occasionally since then. We have been [their] heirs!
28:59  Your Lord has never been the destroyer of any towns unless He had dispatched a messenger to their capital city who recited Our signs to them. Nor did We ever destroy any towns unless their people became wrongdoers.
28:60  Anything you have been given is for enjoyment and as an attraction during worldly life. Yet what God has is better and more lasting. Will you not use your reason?
28:61  Is someone We have made a handsome promise to and who will receive it, like someone whom We have allowed to enjoy worldly life, then will be made to appear on Resurrection Day?
28:62  Some day He will call out to them and say: "Where are My associates whom you have been claiming."
28:63  The ones against whom the Sentence will be pronounced will say: "Our Lord, those are the people whom we have misled! We misled them just as we ourselves went astray. We absolve ourselves before You; it was not we whom they worshipped."
28:64  Someone will say: "Appeal to your associates!" So they will appeal to them, yet they will not answer them. They will see the Torment-if only they had accepted guidance!
28:65  Some day He will call out to them and say: "How did you answer the emissaries?"´
28:66  The news will seem confusing to them on that day, and they will not [be able to] question one another.
28:67  Yet anyone who repented, believed and acted honorably may possibly be among those who are successful.
28:68  Your Lord creates and chooses anything He wishes; while they have no choice. Praise be to God; Exalted is He over anything they may associate with Him!
28:69  Your Lord knows anything their breasts conceal and anything they may disclose.
28:70  He is God [Alone]; there is no deity except Him! Praise belongs to Him from the very first as well as in the Hereafter. Discretion is His, and to Him will you (all) return.
28:71  SAY: "Have you considered, if God should lay perpetual night over you until Resurrection Day, what deity besides God would bring you any radiance? Will you not listen?"
28:72  SAY: "Have you considered whether if God should lay perpetual daylight over you until Resurrection Day, what deity other than God would bring you night wherein you might find rest? Will you not observe [these things]?
28:73  "Out of His mercy He has granted you night and daytime so you may rest in the one and seek some of His bounty [in the other], and so that you may feel grateful."
28:74  Some day He will call out to them and say: "Where are My associates whom you have been claiming?"
28:75  We shall drag a witness out of every nation and We shall say: ´Bring on your proof!" They will realize that Truth belongs to God while whatever they were inventing has left them in the lurch.
28:76  Quran belonged to Moses´ folk, and he acted insolently towards them. We gave him such treasures that his keys [alone) would have overburdened a squad of strong men. So his people told him: "Don´t act so happy, for God does not love people who are too happy.
28:77  Seek a home in the Hereafter through whatever God has given you. Do not neglect your share in this world, and act kindly, just as God has treated you kindly. Do not aim to cause mischief on earth; God does not love mischief makers."
28:78  He said: "I have been given it only because of some knowledge I possess." Did he not realize that God had wiped out generations before him who were stronger than he and possessed even greater resources? Will not criminals be questioned concerning their offences?
28:79  He went forth to his folk [dressed] in his finery. Those who wanted worldly life said: "If we only had the same as Quran has been given! He has been extremely lucky!"
28:80  However those who had been given knowledge said: "It will be too bad for you! God´s recompense is better for anyone who believes and acts honorably. Yet only the patient will encounter it."
28:81  Then We let the earth swallow up him and his home. He did not have any party to support him against God; he was not supported.
28:82  Those who longed to be in his place the day before, said the next morning: "Since it is God Who extends sustenance to anyone He wishes from among His servants and measures it out, it would have swallowed us up too if God had not cared for us. It seems that disbelievers do not prosper.
28:83  That home in the Hereafter will We grant to those who want neither haughtiness nor any corruption on earth. The outcome belongs to those who do their duty.
28:84  Anyone who brings a fine deed will have something even better than it, while anyone who comes with an evil deed [will find that] those who perform evil deeds will not be rewarded except for whatever they have been doing.
28:85  The One Who has charged you with the Reading will return you to [your] destination. SAY: "My Lord is quite Aware as to who has brought guidance and who is in plain error."
28:86  You did not expect that the Book would be delivered to you except as a mercy from your Lord.
28:87  Do not let it distract you [observing] God´s signs once they have been sent down to you. I [people to meet] your Lord and do not be an associator;
28:88  do appeal to any other deity along with God: there is no god except Him. Everything is perishable except His face! Discretion belongs to Him, and to Him will you (all) be returned.