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28:1  Ta, Seen, Meem
28:2  These are the verses of the illuminating book
28:3  For (the benefit of) the people who believe, We recite to you the true tale of Musa and the pharaoh
28:4  The pharaoh claimed himself exalted in the land, dividing its inhabitants into factions. He enslaved and enfeebled one group, putting their sons to death and letting their females live. Indeed, he was wicked
28:5  And, We wished to bestow Our favors upon those who were oppressed in the land, by granting them the leadership and having them inherit (the land)
28:6  And We wished to consolidate them in the land and show the pharaoh, his associate Haaman, and their forces exactly what they dreaded, the very thing they took precautions against
28:7  We sent a revelation to Musa´s mother. We said, "Nurse him! When you fear for his life, put him in the river. Do not be afraid. Nor feel sad! We are certainly going to bring him back to you. We are going to appoint him Our messenger!"
28:8  The family of pharaoh took him out of the river. (We arranged this) so he might become their enemy and a source of their grief. The pharaoh, Haaman, and their armies were habitual sinners
28:9  The pharaoh´s wife said, "He will be a joy for me and you! Do not put him to death! Perhaps he will bring us some benefit or we may adopt him as a son." They had no idea (what was to happen)
28:10  Musa´s mother had a sense of void; her heart ached and she almost gave herself away! But We fortified her heart so she may remain a firm believer
28:11  She said to the baby´s sister, "Follow him!" So, from a distance, the sister kept an eye on him. Nobody noticed her
28:12  We had already prevented all the wet nurses from being able to feed the infant. (His sister) said, "May I guide you to a family who would nurse and look after the baby for you? And also do it sincerely?"
28:13  Thus, We brought the infant back to his mother, so that she might feel comforted and not grieve, so that she might know, for sure, that Allah´s promise is a certainty, although most people do not understand
28:14  When Musa matured and came of age, We bestowed upon him the wisdom and the knowledge. This is how We reward those who perform good deeds
28:15  Once when the city was slumbering, (Musa) went into town and came across two men dueling. One belonged to his group the other to the enemy. The man who belonged to his group called for help against the one who belonged to his enemy. (Thus incited), Musa struck the enemy with his fist and killed him. He (repented and) said, "This is an act of Shaitan, who is an ardent enemy; and he misleads manifestly."
28:16  He prayed, "I wrought a wrong against myself, my Lord! Forgive me!" And Allah forgave him. Indeed, He is oft Forgiving, the most Merciful
28:17  He prayed, "My Lord, in response to your favor upon me, I shall never be an ally of the criminals."
28:18  Still apprehensive and trying to avoid trouble, Musa went into town the next morning. Suddenly, he ran into the same man who had sought his assistance a day earlier. Once again, he was calling for help (against another man). Musa responded, "Quite clearly, you are the quarrelsome one!"
28:19  Just as he was getting ready to strike the man who was their enemy, the man cried out, "Oh Musa, do you intend to kill me like you killed a man yesterday? You only want to flaunt your strength in the land; you do not want to set things right!"
28:20  From a distant town, a man came looking for Musa, and said, "Oh Musa, the chiefs have hatched a plot to kill you. So leave town! I am really one of your well-wishers."
28:21  So, afraid and apprehensive, he left town and said, "My Lord, save me from the oppressive people."
28:22  As he headed towards Madyan he said, "Perhaps, my Lord would guide me on to the right path!"
28:23  Musa came to the town of Madyan. Near the water supply, he found a group of men supplying their cattle with water. Close by, he found two women trying to keep their animals from drinking. Musa asked, "What is the matter?" They replied, "We cannot take our turn until all other shepherds have supplied their herd. Our father is very old!"
28:24  Musa took care of their animals. Then, he sat in a shade and said, "My Lord, I am poverty struck; in (desperate) need of whatever good You may grant me!"
28:25  Musa saw one of the two young women walking demurely towards him. She said, "My father wants to see you. He wants to compensate you for taking care of our animals." Musa saw their father and narrated all that had happened to him (in Egypt). The man said, "Do not be afraid. You have escaped the oppressing nation!"
28:26  One of the two girls said, "Oh father, hire him! Indeed, the best person to hire is the one who is faithful and firm."
28:27  The man said, "I want you to marry one of my daughters, provided you work for me for eight years _ ten, if you prefer. That is up to you! I do not want to be harsh on you. Allah willing, you will find me a righteous person."
28:28  Musa said, "So, it is settled between you and me. I shall complete one of the two terms. Beyond that, let there be no obligation upon me. Allah is the Guarantor of what we decide."
28:29  When Musa completed the term, he moved on with his family. And while traveling, (Musa) perceived a fire burning at the foot of the mountain Toor. He said to his family, "Stay here, I see a fire! Perhaps I can bring back some news from there or a burning log to keep you warm."
28:30  When he came to the sacred site on the right side of the valley, a voice called out from a tree, "Oh Musa, I am Allah, the Lord of the universe."
28:31  "Throw down your stick!" When he saw it wriggling like a snake, he turned away and ran, and did not glance back. "Oh Musa, come closer! Do not be afraid! Of course, you are safe!"
28:32  "Stick your hand in your pocket! It will come out dazzling white without any pain (or stain). To rid yourself of fear, brace your hand to your side. These are two proofs from your Lord for the pharaoh and his chiefs. They are indeed a disobedient people."
28:33  (Musa) said, "My Lord, I have killed one of their men. I am afraid they will kill me."
28:34  "My brother, Haroon, is more fluent in speech than I am. Send him along to reinforce me. He will give credence to my claim. I am afraid they will reject me."
28:35  (Allah) said, "We will bolster your strength with your brother, and We will grant you the power so they would be unable to hurt you. Because of Our signs, you two and those who follow you will triumph!"
28:36  But when Musa brought to them Our clear signs, they said, "This is only a trumped up magic. Such things were never heard of during the times of our forefathers!"
28:37  Musa said, "My Lord knows quite well all those who brought the guidance from Him. They would have the happy consequences in the afterlife. The wrongdoers (on the other hand) shall not prosper."
28:38  The pharaoh said, "Oh my courtiers, I do not think you have any other god besides me. Oh Haaman, start a fire and bake clay (bricks) over it. Then build me a towering castle. Perhaps, (from atop that castle) I might be able to see the God of Musa! I really think he is a liar!"
28:39  The pharaoh and his army deemed themselves great in this world; and without justification, they displayed arrogance. They thought they did not have to come back to Us
28:40  So We grabbed him and his army, and flung them into the sea. Notice (carefully)! What was the final end of the tyrants
28:41  We made them the leaders inviting others towards the hellfire. On the Day of Judgment, they shall receive no help
28:42  We had a curse follow them in this life. On the Day of Judgment they will be disgraced and discredited
28:43  After destroying the earlier generations, We gave Musa the book _ a guidance, a mercy and enlightenment for the people. Perhaps they might remember
28:44  You were not there on the western slopes (of the mountain) where We gave Musa the commandments! You were not a witness
28:45  After them, We raised many generations. A long time has gone by since then. You were not living in Madyan to recite Our verses to them. Rather, it is We Who really reveals these events to you
28:46  You were not there at the side of (the mountain) Toor when We called (Musa). But this revelation is a blessing from your Lord, so you may warn your nation. Prior to you, We had not sent them a warner. Perhaps they would bear that in mind
28:47  If a torment had hit them as a result of their own doing, they would have said, "Our Lord, why did You not send us a messenger. We would have followed Your signs and would have been among the believers."
28:48  When the truth came to them from Us they said, "Why wasn´t he granted a miracle of the kind conferred upon Musa. But earlier, hadn´t they rejected what Musa was given? They said, "Both are magicians, each promoting the other!"
28:49  Tell them, "Go ahead! Present a book from Allah which has a better guidance than these two _ (the Qur´an and the Torah)! If so, if you are true to your word, follow it."
28:50  And if they do not respond. know it for sure that they are worshipping their own whims and wishes. Who can be worse than the one following his own lusts instead of the guidance of Allah. Indeed, Allah does not guide the evildoers
28:51  We have certainly conveyed to them the word, so that they will bear in mind
28:52  Those to whom We gave the book previously, (recognize it and) do believe it
28:53  When it (the Qur´an) is read to them, they say, "We believe it! It is the truth from our Lord! Indeed, even prior to this, we were the obedient ones (Muslims)!"
28:54  Such believers will receive their rewards twice because they remained steadfast, strove against evil by performing good deeds and spend (for Our sake) out of the wealth granted by Us
28:55  When they hear the silly and the obscene, they turn away and say, "We have our deeds and you have yours. Peace be to you! We do not seek (the company of) the irrational ones."
28:56  You can not impart guidance to the one you like. Rather, it is Allah Who guides whom He wants. He is better Aware of those who follow guidance
28:57  They say, "If we follow your guidance, we will be swept off our land." Did We not render their sacred land a safe haven? As provisions by Our Grace, do We not make fruits and benefits of all kinds pour into the land? But most of them do not understand
28:58  Many a towns have We destroyed! Their residents gloated over their (superior) way of life. Here are their houses, now! Few have lived in them since. It was We Who took over their possessions
28:59  Your Lord would not destroy any town without first raising in its midst, a messenger and having him recite Our verses to them. He would not destroy a town unless its residents were unjust evildoers
28:60  The possessions you have been granted are merely the provisions and adornments of the life of this world. What exists with Allah is far better and permanent. Do you not understand
28:61  (Consider these two)! To the one We pledged excellent rewards, which he shall soon find true. We had the other enjoy the provisions of the life of this world, and on the Day of Judgment he shall be brought up (for punishment). Can one be like the other
28:62  The day He summons them He will ask, "Where are My partners _ those you claimed?"
28:63  Those for whom the verdict is passed will say, "Our Lord, they are the ones we misled. We led them astray, just like we lost our way. In Your presence, we wash our hands off them. They did not worship us at all."
28:64  They will be told, "Call your partners!" And call they will! But they shall hear no response. Instead, they will see the torment! If only they had adopted the guidance
28:65  The day He summons them all, He will ask, "What answer did you give to the messengers?"
28:66  On that day, all explanations (and excuses) will elude them. They shall be unable to consult each other
28:67  Except the one who repents, then believes and performs good deeds! Such a one would perhaps be successful
28:68  Your Lord creates what He wants and selects (for His mercy whomever He wills). The choice isn´t theirs! Exalted is Allah, far above all those they ascribe as His partners
28:69  Your Lord knows what their hearts conceal, and (not just) what they declare
28:70  He is Allah! There is none worthy of worship except He. All praise is due Him _ here and in the hereafter! The command and control belong to Him, and to Him you shall all have to return
28:71  Say, "Have you ever pondered? If, till the Day of Judgment, Allah makes the night settle over you permanently, are there gods besides Allah who can fetch the light back for you? So do you not listen attentively?"
28:72  Say, "Have you ever pondered? If, till the Day of Judgment, Allah makes the day stand still constantly, is there another god besides Allah, who could fetch the night back for you, so you could rest in peace? Do you, then, not think at all
28:73  By His grace, He has created both for you: the night so you may have rest and peace, and the day so you may seek His bounties. Perhaps you would express gratitude
28:74  The day He summons them, He will ask, "Where are My partners _ those you counted on?"
28:75  From each generation We will bring out a witness, and We will say, "Present your proof!" There, they will know for sure that the absolute truth belongs to Allah. All the lies they make up will disappear
28:76  Qaroon belonged to the people of Musa, but he turned traitor against his own people. We had granted him so many treasures. Carrying all the keys of these treasures would wear down even a band of strong men. His people said to him, "Do not let it go to your head. Indeed, Allah does not like those who gloat and flaunt."
28:77  "Seek a place in the afterlife with the wealth Allah has granted you, but of course do not neglect your share in this life. Allah has been good to you. So perform good deeds in return. Do not spread mischief in the land. Indeed, Allah does not like the one who spreads mischief."
28:78  (Qaroon) replied, "Whatever I have been granted is because of the knowledge I possess." Did he not know that Allah has destroyed many in the past generations, who were better than him in strength and the abundance of wealth. The criminals are not asked about their sins (before it is time)
28:79  He appeared among his people with great pomp and show. Those who sought and preferred the life of this world said, "Alas! If only we had everything Qaroon has been given! He is extremely fortunate!"
28:80  Those who were given (the real) knowledge said, "Woe to you! the reward of Allah is much better for those who believe and do the righteous deeds. It is the patient ones who receive that wealth!"
28:81  Finally, We made the earth swallow him up as well as his house. There wasn´t a group who could rush to help him against Allah. Nor could he help himself
28:82  Those who longed to be in his shoes just a day earlier, began to say, "Alas, we forgot! Allah expands and restricts the provisions of life for whomever He wants amongst His servants. Had Allah not been kind to us, He would have sunk us too! Alas, we forgot! The unbelievers will never prosper!"
28:83  We will reserve the houses of the hereafter exclusively for those who do not seek self-glory in this life and do not cause oppression and corruption to spread. The final outcome belongs to those who fear (Allah)
28:84  Those who perform good deeds shall in return receive rewards far greater in worth. Those who do evil (and vile) deeds would not be punished in excess of what their actions deserve
28:85  The One Who ordained this Qur´an upon you would certainly bring you back to your cherished destination (the paradise). Say, "My Lord knows much better those who have accepted guidance, and those who remained misguided."
28:86  You did not expect that the scriptures would be revealed to you. It is (nothing but) the Mercy of your Lord. So do not become a source of support to the unbelievers
28:87  Do not ever let them deter you from (preaching) the verses of Allah after they are revealed to you. (Continue to preach) and call others towards (the way of) your Lord. Do not be among those associating partners with Allah
28:88  Excepting Allah, do not call any one else. There is no god but He. (No one except He merits submission). Everything in this universe except His face, will perish. To Him belongs the Command, and to Him will you all be brought back