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28:1  T.S.M. Toor-e-Sina, Moses. Commandments were given to Moses at Mount Sinai
28:2  Now these are Messages of the Book clear in itself and it makes things clear
28:3  We narrate to you some history of Moses and Pharaoh, setting forth the Truth for the benefit of those who will believe
28:4  Behold, Pharaoh exalted himself in the land and divided its people into castes. A tribe among them (the Israelites) he oppressed, killing their sons and sparing their women. Verily, he was of the corrupters. (2:49), (7:141), (40:25)
28:5  But it was Our Will to bestow favor unto those who were oppressed in the land, and to make them leaders, and to make them inheritors
28:6  And to establish them in the earth, and to show Pharaoh (the King) and Haman (the Chief Adviser and High Priest) and their troops what they feared from the Israelites (rebellion)
28:7  We inspired the mother of Moses, "Nourish him and when you worry for his life, then (place him in a box and) cast him into the river, and have no fear nor grieve. We shall bring him back to you and make him one of Our Messengers."
28:8  And the family of Pharaoh picked him up, not knowing that he would become an enemy unto them and a source of grief. That is because Pharaoh, Haman and their troops were a folk bent on committing fault upon fault
28:9  Now the wife of Pharaoh said, "A joy to the eye for me and you! Slay him not. He may well be of use to us, or we may adopt him as a son." And they perceived not (the future)
28:10  And the heart of the mother of Moses became void. She almost gave away his identity had We not strengthened her heart, so that she might remain a firm believer
28:11  And so she said to his sister, "Follow him -and the girl (the 12 year old Miriam) watched him from afar, while they were not aware
28:12  Now from the very beginning We caused him to refuse suckling from foster mothers. She (Miriam, the sister of baby Moses) said, "Shall I tell you of a family that can raise him for you and take good care of him?"
28:13  And thus We restored him to his mother so that her eye might be gladdened and that she might grieve no longer, and that she might know that Allah's Promise always comes true. But most of them know not
28:14  Now when Moses reached full strength and maturity, We blessed him with wisdom and knowledge. This is how We reward those who live a balanced, virtuous life
28:15  And one day the young Moses entered the city at a time when most of its people were resting unaware of what was going on in the streets. And there he encountered two men fighting with each other. One was of his people (a Hebrew) and the other of his (Egyptian) adversaries. His tribesman cried out to him for help against the one who was of the enemies - Whereupon Moses struck him with his fist and thus, (accidentally) brought about his end. But then he said to himself, "This is of Satan's doing! Verily, he is an open enemy, a misleader." (Moses, not yet commissioned to Prophethood, was denouncing his emotions)
28:16  And he prayed, "My Lord! Verily, I have hurt my 'Self'. Forgive me then." And He forgave him - for, indeed, He is the Forgiving, the Merciful. (Moses had intended only to help the weak and not to kill the other man)
28:17  He said, "My Lord! For You have bestowed Your Grace on me, nevermore shall I be a supporter of the guilty."
28:18  And next morning he was in the city, fearful and vigilant when, behold! The man who had asked him the day before cried out to him for help. Moses said to him, "You are indeed one erring manifestly."
28:19  But then, as soon as he was about to lay his hands on their enemy the man said, "O Moses! Would you kill me as you killed a person yesterday? Your aim is to become a tyrant in the land, for you care not to be of those who set things right."
28:20  And then and there a man came running from the other side of the city, and said, "O Moses! Behold, the chiefs are considering your case with a view to killing you. You better leave immediately. Verily, I am of those who wish you well."
28:21  So he escaped from there, fearful, vigilant. He said, "My Lord! Save me from the oppressive people."
28:22  As he turned his face towards Midyan, he said to himself, "It may well be that my Lord will guide me onto the right road."
28:23  Now when he arrived at the wells of Midyan, he found a crowd of people watering their herds and flocks. And he found two women who were keeping away their flocks. He asked, "What is the matter with you?" They said, "We cannot water our flocks until the shepherds take back their flocks. And our father is a very old man."
28:24  So he watered their flocks for them; then he turned back to the shade (of the tree he had been relaxing under). And he said, "My Lord! I am in dire need of any good that You bestow upon me and any opportunity that You provide me for doing good."
28:25  Shortly afterwards, one of the two maidens came to him walking shyly, and said, "Behold, my father invites you, so that he might duly reward you for having watered our flocks for us." As soon as Moses came unto him and told him the story, he said, "Have no fear! You are now safe from those oppressive folk."
28:26  Said one of the two maidens, "O My father! Hire him! For, the best one you can hire is the competent, the trustworthy."
28:27  He (the father) said, "Behold, I am willing to let you marry one of these two daughters of mine on the understanding that you will remain eight pilgrimages (years) in my service. Then if you make it ten, it will be a grace from you. I do not want to impose any hardship on you. God Willing, you will find me righteous in all my dealings."
28:28  He (Moses) said, "Be that the agreement between me and you. Whichever of the two terms I fulfill, there will be no injustice to me. And Allah be Witness to all that we say." (Moses married Shoaib's daughter Zipporah and in time they had two sons)
28:29  And when Moses had fulfilled his term, and was traveling with his family, he saw a fire on the slope of Mount Toor of Sinai. He said to his family, "Stay here. Behold, I have seen a fire. I hope to bring you some information from there, or a burning torch, that you may warm yourselves."
28:30  But when he came close to it, he was called from the right side of the valley in the blessed field, from the tree, "O Moses! Behold! I, verily I am Allah, the Lord of the Worlds." (27:7-8)
28:31  (God said), "Rehearse your supporting power of Truth." Moses felt as if the mission assigned to him was like holding a huge dragon, and he retreated hesitating. (See (27:10) 'kannaha jann' -'as if it was a dragon, applies to the living Truth as well as to the great mission). We said, "O Moses! Draw near (to conviction), and fear not - for, behold, you are secure from harm." (7:107-108), (20:17-24), (26:32-33), (27:10-12)
28:32  "The Guidance enshrined in your heart will shine unblemished when you present it with confidence. And guard your heart against all fear. Then these two shall be your evidences from your Lord to Pharaoh and his chiefs, (the Divine Truth and your confident presentation). Verily, they are people drifting away from Moral Values."
28:33  Moses said, "My Lord! I killed a man among them and I am afraid they will kill me
28:34  And my brother Aaron - he is far better in speech than I am. Send him, therefore, as a helper, so that he might more eloquently bear witness to my speaking the truth. I am afraid that they will accuse me of lying."
28:35  God said, "We shall strengthen your abilities with your brother, and We will give both of you power that they will not be able to touch you. By Our Commands! You shall triumph, - you two as well as those who follow you."
28:36  But as soon as Moses came to them with Our clear Messages, they said, "This is a mysteriously fabricated lie. We have never heard such sermon from our ancestors."
28:37  And Moses replied, "My Lord is best Aware as to who comes with Guidance from Him, and to whom the future belongs. Verily, the oppressors do not attain a happy state of mind."
28:38  Pharaoh said, "O Chiefs! I did not know that you could have any god other than myself. Well, then, O Haman! Kindle me a fire for baking bricks and then build me a lofty tower so that I may have a look at the god of Moses - although, behold, I deem that he is of the liars."
28:39  Thus Pharaoh and his forces continued to behave with unjust pride in the land - just as they thought that they would never have to appear before Us
28:40  And so We seized him and his armies, and threw them into the sea. And behold, what happened to those oppressors in the end
28:41  And We made them leaders, a pattern, of those who take people to the Fire, and no help shall they find on the Resurrection Day
28:42  In this world We did cause a rejection to follow them, and they shall be among the despised ones on the Day of Resurrection
28:43  And, indeed, We had given the Scripture to Moses, after We had annihilated several earlier communities, - to give Insight to people, and Guidance and Mercy, that they take heed
28:44  And (O Prophet) you were not present on the Western slope (of Mount Sinai) when We expounded the Commandments to Moses, nor were you among those who witnessed his times
28:45  Nay, but between them and you We brought forth many generations, and long was their life-span. And neither did you dwell among the people of Midyan, conveying to them Our Messages. Nay, but We have been sending Messengers
28:46  And neither were you present on the slope of Mount Sinai when We called Moses. But you are sent as an act of your Lord's Grace, to warn people to whom no Warner has come before you, so that they may reflect. ((32:3), (36:6). Prophet Ishmael, the ancestor of Arabs, cannot be considered a Prophet to them since Children of Ishmael multiplied and inhabited Arabia as the Arab community long after his death. See (2:125) and introduction to Surah 11 Hud)
28:47  Otherwise, if disaster struck them as a result of their own actions, they might say, "Our Lord! Why did You not send a Messenger to us, that we might have followed Your Revelations and been of the believers?"
28:48  And yet, now that the Truth has come to them from Us, they say, "Why is he not given the like of what Moses was given?" (The supernatural miracles they had heard about). But, did not the generations before this Revelation reject the Truth of what Moses was given? They used to say, "Two examples of delusion, supporting each other (Moses and Aaron)! And they went ahead, "Behold, we refuse to accept either of the two (brothers)."
28:49  Say, "Produce then, a Book from Allah that would offer better Guidance than either of these two (the Torah and the Qur'an) - and I shall follow it! Do it if you are men of truth."
28:50  And since they cannot respond to this challenge of yours, know that they are only following their desires. And who could be more astray than he who follows his own desire, devoid of Guidance from Allah? For, Allah does not intervene to guide people who displace Reason with desire
28:51  Now, indeed, We have caused this Word to reach mankind step by step, so that they might take it to their heart. ('Wassalna' embraces 'step by step')
28:52  As for those whom We have given the Scripture before (and who understand that this Qur'an is a Divine Revelation like the ones before it) come to believe in this one as well
28:53  And whenever it is conveyed to them, they say, "We believe in it, for it is the Truth from our Lord. Indeed, even before it we have been of those who submit (to a Supreme Authority)."
28:54  These will receive a twofold reward because they persevere, counter harsh behavior in a kind manner and distribute Our provision of guidance and sustenance among others. (13:22)
28:55  (Additionally) whenever they hear vain talk of ridicule, they withdraw from it decently and say, "To us our deeds and to you yours; Peace be upon you, we do not seek to join the ignorant. (25:72)
28:56  Verily, you cannot guide aright everyone you love, but it is Allah Who guides him who wishes to be guided. And He is best Aware of those who will be rightly guided. (2:272), (4:88), (10:99-100)
28:57  They (the Quraish) say, "If we were to follow the Guidance to which you invite us, we would be torn away from our land." Why - Have We not established for them a Secure Sanctuary, to which are brought all kinds of produce, a provision from Our Presence? But most of them do not make use of what they know
28:58  And how many a town We annihilated, which exulted in their life of ease and plenty! Such that most of their dwelling places have remain deserted after them. For it is indeed We alone Who shall remain when all else have passed away
28:59  Yet, your Lord never destroyed townships unless He sent a Messenger in their midst (the big city) who conveyed Our Commands to them. And never did We destroy the townships unless the people thereof violated human rights
28:60  And whatever you have been given is a comfort and decor for the life of the world. And that which Allah has is better and more lasting. Will you not, then, use sense
28:61  Is, then, he to whom We have given a goodly promise which he shall see fulfilled comparable to the one whom We have given the good things of this life, but who on the Resurrection Day, is to be among those brought up for punishment? (24:55)
28:62  On the Day He will call unto them, and will ask, "Where, now, are My 'partners' that you imagined?"
28:63  Those against whom the charge will be proved, will say, "Our Lord! These are the ones we misled. We misled them only because we were astray ourselves. We now disown them before you. It was not us they worshiped."
28:64  And it will be said, "Call upon all your 'partners'" - but the 'partners' will not answer them. Whereupon they will see the suffering - Ah, if they had allowed themselves to be guided
28:65  And on the Day when He will call them and say, "What answer did you give to the Messengers?"
28:66  On that Day all arguments (they used to contrive) will be dimmed for them, nor will they ask one another
28:67  But anyone who (in this life) repents and truly believes and helps others may well find himself among the successful
28:68  Your Lord does create and choose according to His Laws. No choice do they have (against the Divine Laws). Glorified is Allah and High above all that they associate with Him. (In the ongoing Evolution in the Universe, species and nations advance according to the Law of Natural Selection)
28:69  And your Lord knows what their hearts conceal and what they reveal. (He is fully Aware of the subtle and manifest processes towards the fulfillment of His Plan)
28:70  For He is Allah, other than Whom there is no god. Unto Him is due all Praise, at the first and at the last. For Him is the Command, and to Him you shall be brought back
28:71  Say, "Will you consider this: If Allah were to make the Night last over you till the Resurrection Day, what god is there other than Allah, who can give you light? Will you not, then, listen to the Truth?"
28:72  Say, "Will you consider this: If Allah were to make the Day last over you till the Resurrection Day, what god is there other than Allah, who can give you a Night in which you can rest? Will you not, then, see the Truth?"
28:73  For it is out of His Grace that He has made for you Night and Day - that you might rest therein, and that you may seek of His bounty - and so that you may be grateful
28:74  And (think again) the Day He will call them, He will ask, "Where are My 'partners' whom you imagined?" (28:62)
28:75  And from every community We shall draw a witness (their Prophet) and We shall say to the rejecters, "Bring your proof for what you used to claim." Then shall they know that the Truth is indeed with Allah, and all they used to fabricate will forsake them
28:76  Now, behold, Qaroon (Korah) was one of the people of Moses but he exalted himself and oppressed them (his own Hebrews). We had granted him such riches that his treasure-chests alone would have been a burden for a body of strong men ('miftah = key. 'maftah = chest under lock and key). Behold, his people said to him, "Exult not, for Allah does not love those who exult (in riches)." (Korah, a cousin of Moses, was the chief slave driver for Pharaoh, and for his wealth and advisory position he was next in power only to Pharaoh, and equal to Haman. Historically, this legendary "Trio" of despotism + priesthood + capitalism, has always joined hands in the exploitation of the masses)
28:77  "But seek with the wealth Allah has bestowed upon you, the Home of the Hereafter. And do not forget your portion in this world. Be kind to people, as Allah has been kind to you. Do not create corruption and disorder in the land (such that the poor becomes poorer). Allah does not love the corrupters."
28:78  He replied, "This wealth has been given to me because of the knowledge that is in me." Did he not know that Allah's Law of Requital had annihilated, before him, whole generations which were superior to him in strength and richer in what they had amassed? But such guilty need no questioning since their guilt is obvious and yet, they are not exempt from the Law of Respite
28:79  And so once he came out to his people in all his pomp. And those who cared only for the life of this world said, "Ah, we wish we had the like of what Qaroon has been given. Indeed, he is extremely fortunate."
28:80  But those who knew better said, "Woe unto you! Merit in the Sight of Allah is far better for anyone who believes and works for equity among people. (The real wealthy is one who believes in Divine Laws, helps the needy, and creates balance in the society). This reward is reserved for those who do not fall for instant gains, and work hard steadfastly."
28:81  And thereupon We caused the earth to swallow him and his dwelling. And he had none and nothing to help him against Allah's Laws, nor could he help himself
28:82  And those who had envied his position only the day before were saying the next morning, "Ah, it is indeed Allah Who makes the provision plenty or scarce for His servants according to His Laws. Had Allah not been kind to us, He could have caused the earth to swallow us! Ah! The rejecters of the Truth can never attain lasting contentment."
28:83  That Home of the Hereafter We shall give to those who do not seek to exalt themselves in the earth, nor do they seek corruption and disorder. And the Future belongs to those who walk aright
28:84  Anyone who brings actions that benefited others, the reward to him is better than what he has done. And anyone who is unfair in his dealings with others, such will be punished, but not more than the like of what they have done
28:85  Verily, He Who has made this Qur'an a binding duty upon you (O Believers), will assuredly direct you to the Destination of Bliss. Say, "My Lord is best Aware as to who is rightly guided and who is obviously lost in error." (The Path to the Destination of Bliss has been well expounded in this Book)
28:86  (O Prophet) you never expected that this Book will be bestowed upon you. But it is a Mercy from your Lord (to all humanity). Hence, never uphold those who deny the Truth
28:87  And let them not divert you from Allah's Revelations after they have been sent down unto you. But, invite people to your Lord and be not of the company of those who uphold systems other than the Divinely ordained System of Life
28:88  (Keeping pristine the Divinely ordained System of Life) call not upon human 'authorities' and man-made systems as gods side by side with Allah. There is no god but He. Everything is mortal except His Eternal Self. To Him belong all Governance and all Judgment, and unto Him you shall be returned