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28:1  Ta, Sin, Mim (These are the names of letters of the Arabic alphabet and only Allah knows their meaning here)
28:2  Those (Literally: that) are the ayat (Verses, signs) of the Evident Book
28:3  We recite to you (something) of the tiding of Musa (Moses) and Firaawn (Pharaoh) with the Truth, for a people who believe
28:4  Surely Firaawn had exalted himself in the land and made its population into sects, deeming a section of them weak, constantly slaying their sons and (sparing) alive their women. Surely he was one of the corruptors
28:5  And We are willing to be bounteous to the ones who were deemed weak in the land, and make them leaders, and make them the inheritors
28:6  And to establish them in the land, and to show Firaawn and Haman and their hosts the (very things) against which they were wary
28:7  And We revealed to Musa's mother, (saying), "Suckle him; so, when you fear for him, then cast him in the main; and do not fear, nor grieve. Surely We will turn him back to you, and will make him one of the Emissaries."
28:8  Then the house of Firaawn picked him out to be an enemy to them and (a source of) grief. Surely Firaawn and Haman and their hosts were sinners
28:9  And the wife of Firaawn said, "He is comfort (Literally: for the eye to get steady and settle down, to be refreshed) to the eye for me and for you. Do not kill him, (for) he may profit us, and we may take him to ourselves as a child." And they were not aware
28:10  And the heart-sight of Musa's mother became empty, (and) decidedly she indeed almost declared him, had We not braced her heart, that she might be of the believers
28:11  And she said to his sister, "Trail him, " and so she beheld him from afar, and they were not aware
28:12  And We had prohibited to him earlier wet-nurses. So she said, "Shall I indicate to you the family of a house who will sponsor him for you and advisably look after him?"
28:13  So We turned him back to his mother so that she might comfort her eye and not grieve, and that she might know that the promise of Allah is true; but most of them do not know
28:14  And as soon as he reached full age and matured, (Literally: leveled himself in body and mind) We brought him judgment and knowledge; and thus We recompense the fair-doers
28:15  And he entered the city at a time while its population were (in a state of) heedlessness. Then he found therein two men fighting, the one of his (own) sect and the other (Literally: this) of his enemy. Then the one who was of his sect asked him for succor against him who was of his enemy; then Musa (Moses) punched him (and) so made an end of him. He said, "This is of Ash-Shaytan's (Ash-Shaytan= the ever-vicious "one", i.e., the Devil) doing; surely he is an evidently misleading enemy."
28:16  He said, "Lord! Surely I have done (an) injustice to myself; so forgive me!" Then Allah) forgave him; surely He, Ever He, is The Ever-Forgiving, The Ever-Merciful
28:17  He said, "Lord! For as much as You have favored me, then I will never be a backer of the criminals."
28:18  So he became frightened in the city and on the watch. Then, only then, the man who had asked his vindication on the day before screamed to him (for help). Musa said to him, "Surely you are indeed an evidently misguided (fellow)."
28:19  Then, as soon as he would have assaulted (the man) who was an enemy to them both, (the man) said, "O Musa, would you like to kill me as you killed a person (Literally: a self) yesterday? Decidedly you would like to be nothing except a potentate in the land, and in no way would you like to be one of the reformers." (i.e., the righteous-doers
28:20  And a man speedily came along from the remotest part of the city. He said, "O Musa, (Moses) surely the chiefs are conspiring to kill you. So go out (of the city). Surely I am one of the (sincere) advisers to you."
28:21  So he went out of it, frightened and on the watch. He said, "Lord! Safely deliver me from the unjust people."
28:22  And as soon as he (turned) his face towards Madyan, he said, "It may be that my Lord will guide me on the level way."
28:23  And as soon as he was within reach of the water (s) of Madyan, he found there a whole company (Literally: a nation of mankind) of the citizens watering, and he found, apart from them, two women keeping away (their flocks). He said, "What is your concern?" The two said, "We cannot give (our flocks) to drink until the shepherds drive off; and our father is an aged (man), great (with years)."
28:24  So he watered (their flocks) for them. Thereafter he turned away to the shade. Then he said, "Lord! Surely I have need (Literally: I am poor) of whatever charity You will have sent down to me."
28:25  Then came one of the two (women) to him, walking shyly. She said, "Surely my father invites you that he may recompense you with the reward of your watering for us." So when he came to him (i.e., to Shuaayb) and had narrated to him the narration, he said, "Do not fear (anything): you have (been) delivered from the unjust people."
28:26  One of the two women said, "O my father, hire him; surely the most charitable (man) you (can) hire is the one powerful (and) trustworthy."
28:27  He said, "Surely I would like to marry you to one of these, my two daughters, on (condition) that you hire yourself to me for eight pilgrimages (i.e., years). Yet, in case you perfect (i.e., complete) ten, then it will be of your own accord; (Literally: providing) and in no way would I like to press arduously upon you. You will soon find me, if Allah decides, one of the righteous."
28:28  He (Musa) (Moses) said, "That is between me and you. Whichever (one) of the two terms I accomplish, then there shall be no hostility against me; and Allah is Ever-Trusted Trustee over what we say."
28:29  So as soon as M?s'a accomplished the term and was traveling with his family, he perceived on the side of At-Tur (i.e., the Mount) a fire. He said to his family, "Stay (here). Surely I perceive a fire. Possibly I (will) come up to you with news of it, or a firebrand from the fire, that possibly you would warm yourselves."
28:30  Then, as soon as he came up to it, he was called out from the right bank of the valley in the blessed spot, from the Tree, (that), "O Musa, surely I, Ever I, am Allah, The Lord of the worlds
28:31  And (that) you cast down your staff." So, as soon as he saw it shaking as if it had been a jinni, he turned withdrawing and did not retrace his steps (Literally: retrace his heels). "O Musa, come forward, and do not fear (it). Surely you are of the (ones who are) secure
28:32  Insert your hand into your bosom (and) it will come out (Literally: go out) white without any odious (imperfection); and clasp to you your arm, (Literally: your wing) that you should not be overawed. So these two (signs) are two proofs from your Lord to Firaawn (Pharaoh) and his chiefs; surely they were an immoral people."
28:33  He said, "Lord! Surely I have killed a self among them; so I fear that they will kill me
28:34  And my brother (is) Harun; (Aaron) he is more eloquent than I (am) in speech; (Literally: in tongue= regarding his tongue) so send him with me as an auxiliary to sincerely confirm me in (my speech). Surely I fear they will cry me lies."
28:35  Said He, "We will soon uphold your arm (Literally: your upper arm; i.e., strengthen you) by (means) of your brother, and We will set up for you (both) an all-binding authority so that they will not get to you. With Our signs you (both) and whoever closely follow you (both) are the over comers."
28:36  So as soon as Musa (Moses) came to them with Our supremely evident signs, they said, "In no way is this anything except a fabricated sorcery; and in no way have we heard of this among our earliest fathers."
28:37  And Musa said, "My Lord knows best who comes with the guidance from His Providence and who will have the Home of the (Ultimate) End; surely the unjust will not prosper."
28:38  And Firaawn (Pharaoh) said, "O you chiefs, in no way do I know that you have a god other than me. So kindle me (a fire), O Haman, upon the clay, then make for me a tower, that possibly I would view the god of Musa; and surely I indeed expect he is one of the liars."
28:39  And he, always he, and his hosts waxed proud in the land, untruthfully (Literally: with other than the truth) and they surmised that they would not be returned to Us
28:40  So We took him (away) and his hosts, then We flung them off into the main. So look into how was the end of the unjust
28:41  And We made them leaders calling to the Fire; and on the Day of the Resurrection they will not be vindicated
28:42  And We made a curse to follow them in this present (life) (Literally: this lowly "life", i.e., the life of this world) and on the Day of the Resurrection they will be among the spurned
28:43  And indeed We have already brought the Book to Musa, even after We caused the earliest generations to perish, to be demonstrations for mankind and a guidance and a mercy, that possibly they would remind themselves
28:44  And in no way were you (i.e., Muhammad) beside the western (Mount) as We decreed to Musa (Moses) the Command, and in no way were you of the ones witnessing
28:45  But We brought into being generations, (and) so ages (seemed) long for them. And in no way were you lodging among the population of Madyan, reciting to them Our signs, but We were sending (Messengers)
28:46  And in no way were you beside At- Tur (i.e., the Mount) as We called out. But it is a mercy from your Lord, that you may warn a people to whom in no way did (any) warner come up even before you, that possibly they would remind themselves
28:47  And had it not been (that you are sent to them), an affliction would afflict them for what their hands have forwarded, then they might say, "Our Lord, had You sent a Messenger to us, then we should have closely followed Your signs and been among the believers."
28:48  Then as soon as the Truth came to them from Our Providence they said, "Had he not been brought the like of what was brought to Musa!" (Moses) And did they not disbelieve in what was brought to M?s'a earlier? They said, "Two kinds of sorcery (Literally: two sorceries) mutually backing each other!" And they said, "Surely in each (of them) we are disbelievers."
28:49  Say, "Then come up with a Book from the Providence of Allah that gives (fairer) guidance (Literally: more guiding) than these (two), (and) I (should) closely follow it, in case you are sincere."
28:50  So, in case they do not respond to you, then know that they are only closely following their prejudices. And who is further into error than he who closely follows his prejudice, without guidance from Allah? Surely Allah does not guide the unjust people
28:51  And indeed We have already clearly conveyed to them the Word, (Literally: the Saying) that possibly they would remind themselves
28:52  The ones to whom We brought the Book even before it, are the ones (who) believe in it
28:53  And when it is recited to them, they say, "We believe in it; surely it is the Truth from our Lord. Surely (even) before it, we were Muslims." (i.e. those who surrendered "to Allah")
28:54  Those will be brought their reward twice (over) for that they patiently (endured), and parry an odious (deed) by a fair (one), and expend of what We have provided them
28:55  And when they hear idle talk, they veer away from it and say, "We have our deeds, and you have your deeds. Peace be upon you; we do not seek after the ignorant."
28:56  Surely you do not guide whomever you love, but Allah guides whomever He decides, and He knows best the ones (who are) rightly-guided
28:57  And they have said, "Decidedly (in case) we closely follow the guidance with you, we will be snatched away from our land." Have We not established for them a secure sanctuary to which are collected the products of everything, as a provision from very close to Us? But most of them do not know
28:58  And how many a town We have caused to perish that were boastfully (ungrateful) in their subsistence. Yet those are their dwellings undwelt even after them, except a little; and We, Ever We, have been the Inheritors
28:59  And in no way would your Lord be causing towns to perish until He sends forth in their Mother-Town a Messenger, to recite Our ayat (Verses, signs) to them; and in no way would We be causing towns to perish except that their population are unjust
28:60  And whatever thing has been brought you, then it is the enjoyment of the present life (Literally: the lowly life, i.e., the life of this world) and its adornment; and what is in the Providence of Allah is more charitable (i.e., better) and more enduring. Will you not then consider
28:61  Is he to whom We have promised a fair promise, so he receives it, like him whom We have made to enjoy the enjoyment of the present life? (Literally: the lowly life, i.e., the life of this world) thereafter he on the Day of the Resurrection will be of the ones that are presented (for Judgment)
28:62  And on the Day when He will call out to them, so He will say, "Where (now) are My associates whom you were asserting?"
28:63  The ones against whom the Word (Literally: the Saying) came true will say, "Our Lord, these are the ones whom we have misguided; we misguided them even as we ourselves were misguided. We declare quit (i.e., We are not responsible for their being misguided) to You; in no way was it us that they were worshiping."
28:64  And it will be said, "Invoke your associates!" So they will invoke them, yet they will not respond to them, and they will see the torment. If (only) they had been (ready to be) guided
28:65  And on the Day when He will call out to them, so He will say, "What answer did you give the Emissaries?"
28:66  Then upon that Day, the tidings will then be blindly (obscured) for them, so they will not ask one another
28:67  So, as for him who repents, and believes, and does righteousness, then he may be among the prosperers
28:68  And your Lord creates whatever He decides and He chooses. In no way do they have the choice. All Extolment be to Allah, and Supremely Exalted be He above whatever they associate (with Him)
28:69  And your Lord knows whatever their breasts carefully secrete and whatever they make public
28:70  And He is Allah; there is no god except He. To Him be praise at the First and at the Hereafter. And He has the Judgment, and to Him you will be returned
28:71  Say, "Have you seen (that) in case Allah should make the night unceasing over you till the Day of the Resurrection, what god other than Allah will come up to you with (i.e., bring) illumination? Will you not then hear?"
28:72  Say, "Have you seen (that) in case Allah should make the daytime unceasing over you till the Day of the Resurrection, what god other than Allah shall come up to you with (i.e., bring) night to rest in? Will you not then behold?"
28:73  And of His mercy He has made the night and the daytime for you to rest in, and to seek after His Grace, and that possibly you would thank (Him)
28:74  And on the Day when He will call out to them, so He will say, "Where are My associates whom you were asserting?"
28:75  And We will draw out from every nation a constant witness, so We will say, "Offer your proof!" Then will they know that to Allah belongs the Truth, and (there) will be lost from (Literally: err from them) them whatever they were fabricating
28:76  Surely Qarun (Korah) was of the people of Musa, (Moses) yet he was inequitable to them. And We brought him hoardings such that the (very) keys of them would indeed overburden a band (of men) endowed with power. As his people said to him, "Do not exult; surely Allah does not love the exultant
28:77  And seek, in whatever Allah has brought you, the Last Home, and do not forget your assignment of the present (life); (Literally: the lowly "life", i.e., the life of this world) and be fair (to others) as Allah has been fair to you. And do not inequitably seek to work corruption in the land; surely Allah does not love the corruptors."
28:78  He said, "Surely what has been brought to me is only for a knowledge that is in my presence." And did he not know that Allah had already caused to perish, even before him, of the generations, (men) who were stronger than he in power and more multiplying in (heaping) together? (Of wealth, or followers) And the criminals will not be questioned for their guilty (deeds)."
28:79  So he went out to his people in his adornment. The ones who would like (to gain) the present life (Literally: the lowly "life", i.e., the life of this world) said, "Oh, would that we had the like of what Qarun has been brought! Surely he is indeed an owner of a tremendous fortune." (Literally: portion "of wealth")
28:80  And the ones to whom knowledge was brought said, "Woe to you! The requital of Allah is more charitable (i.e., better) for him who believes and does righteousness; and none will be granted (Literally: made to receive) except the patient
28:81  So We caved in him and his home (into) the earth; then in no way did he have a community to vindicate him, apart from Allah; and in no way did he vindicate (himself)
28:82  And (in the morning) the ones who had coveted his place the day before became (secure) and said, "Ah, actually (Or: Now, it seems true that) Allah outspreads the provision to whomever He decides of His bondmen, and He estimates it. Had Allah not been Bounteous to us, He would indeed have caved us in. Ah, actually the disbelievers do not prosper."
28:83  That is the Last Home. We make it for the ones who would not like exaltation in the earth nor corruption, and the (fortunate) End is for the pious
28:84  Whoever comes with a fair (deed), then he will have a more charitable (reward) than it; and whoever comes with an odious (deed), then the ones who have done odious (deeds) will be recompensed only with (nothing) except with whatever they were doing
28:85  Surely He who ordained the Qur'an upon you will indeed revert you to a place of turning back (i.e. Makkah or paradise "after death"). Say, "My Lord knows best who comes with guidance and who is in evident error."
28:86  And in no way did you hope that the Book should be cast to you, except it be a mercy from your Lord; so definitely do not be a backer of the disbelievers
28:87  And definitely do not let them bar you from the ayat (Verses or signs) of Allah after they have been sent down to you. And call to your Lord, and definitely do not be one of the associators (Those who associate others with Allah)
28:88  And do not invoke another god with Allah; there is no god except He. All things perish, except His Face. To Him belongs the Judgment, and to Him you will be returned