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71:1  We sent Noah to his people telling him, "Warn your people before a painful torment approaches them"
71:2  Noah said, "My people, I am warning you plainly
71:3  Worship God, have fear of Him and obey me
71:4  He will forgive your sins and give you a respite for an appointed time. When the time which God has appointed arrives, none will be able to postpone it. Would that you knew this!"
71:5  Noah said, "My Lord, I have been preaching to my people, night and day
71:6  but it has had no effect on them except to make them run away
71:7  Evert time I invite them to Your (guidance) so that You can forgive them, they put their fingers into their ears, cover their heads with their clothes, persist in their disbelief and display extreme arrogance
71:8  "I preached to them aloud, in public
71:9  Then I conveyed the message to them, again, both in public and in private
71:10  and told them, "Ask forgiveness from your Lord; He is All-forgiving"
71:11  He will send you abundan
71:12  rain from the sky
71:13  strengthen you by (providing) you wealth and children, and make gardens and streams for you. What is the matter with you that you are not afraid of the greatness of Go
71:14  who has created you in several stages
71:15  "Have you not seen that God has created the seven heavens one above the othe
71:16  and placed therein the moon as a ligh
71:17  God made you grow from the earth.
71:18  He will make you return to it and then take you out of it again
71:19  God has spread out the eart
71:20  for you, so that you may walk along its wide roads"
71:21  Noah said, "Lord, they have disobeyed me and followed those whose wealth and children will only bring about destruction for them
71:22  They have arrogantly plotted evil plans against me
71:23  and have said to each other, 'Do not give-up your idols. Do not renounce Wadd, Suwa`, Yaghuth, Ya`uq and Nasr (names of certain idols)
71:24  They have misled many and the unjust will achieve nothing but more error"
71:25  Because of their sins, they were drowned and made to enter hell. They could find no one to help them besides God
71:26  Noah said, "Lord, do not leave a single disbeliever on earth
71:27  if You do, they will mislead Your servants and will only give birth to ungrateful sinners
71:28  Lord, forgive me, my parents, the believers who have entered my home and all believing men and women. Give nothing to the unjust but destruction