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al-Jinn (The Jinn)
as rendered by Muhammad Sarwar
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Muhammad Sarwar rendition of Surah The Jinn(al-Jinn)
72:1 (Muhammad), say, "It has been revealed to me that a party of jinn has listened (to the recitation) of the Quran and has told (their people), "We heard an amazing reading
72:2 which guides people to the right path and we believe in it. We shall never consider anyone equal to our Lord;
72:3 our Lord is too exalted to have either a wife or son.
72:4 The dimwit one (the devil) among us has been telling confused lies about God.
72:5 We thought that no man or jinn could ever tell lies about God.
72:6 "Certain human beings sought refuge with certain jinn and this increased the rebelliousness of those jinn.
72:7 Those people thought, like you, that God would never send down a Messenger.
72:8 "We went near the heavens but found it to be full of strong guards and shooting flames.
72:9 We used to sit near by and try to listen to the heavens, but shooting flames now await those who try to do that.
72:10 We do not know whether by this arrangement God intends benefit and guidance for the people of the earth or only evil.
72:11 As for us, some of us are righteous and others are not. We have all followed different ways.
72:12 We knew that we could never challenge God whether we stayed on earth or fled elsewhere.
72:13 Now that we have listened to the guidance, we believe in it. Whoever believes in his Lord does not need to fear loss or oppression.
72:14 Some of us are Muslims and some of us have deviated from the Truth. Whoever has embraced Islam has followed the right guidance.
72:15 However, the deviators from the Truth will be the fuel for hell".
72:16 Had they (jinn and mankind) remained steadfast in their religion (Islam), We would certainly have given them abundant water to drink
72:17 as a trial for them. God will make those who disregard the guidance from their Lord suffer increasing torment.
72:18 All the parts of the body to be placed on the ground during prostration belong to God.
72:19 Do not prostrate before anyone other than Him. When the servant of God (Muhammad) preached (his message) the jinn would all crowd around him.
72:20 (Muhammad), say, "I worship only my Lord and do not consider anyone equal to Him".
72:21 Say, "I do not possess any power to harm or benefit you".
72:22 Say, "No one can protect me from God, nor can I find any place of refuge but with him.
72:23 My only (means of protection) is to convey the message of God. Whoever disobeys God and His Messenger will go to hell, wherein he will live forever".
72:24 (On the Day of Judgment) when the disbelievers witness that with which they have been threatened, they will then know whose helpers are weaker and fewer in number.
72:25 (Muhammad), say, "I do not know whether that with which you have been threatened is close by or whether my Lord will prolong the time of its coming.
72:26 He knows the unseen and He does not allow anyone to know His secrets except those of His Messengers whom He chooses.
72:27 He causes angelic guards to march before and after him.
72:28 (Messenger) so that He would know that the Messengers have conveyed the message of their Lord. He encompasses all that is with them and He keeps a precise account of all things".


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