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al-Ma`arij (The Ascending Stairways, The Ladders)
as rendered by Muhammad Sarwar
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Muhammad Sarwar rendition of Surah The Ascending Stairways, The Ladders(al-Ma`arij)
70:1 Someone has (needlessly) demanded to experience the torment (of God),
70:2 which will inevitably seize the disbelievers.
70:3 No one can defend him against God, the Lord of the exalted positions.
70:4 On that Day (of Judgment), long as fifty thousand years, the angels and the Spirit will ascend to Him.
70:5 (Muhammad), exercise patience with no complaints.
70:6 They think that it (the Day of Judgment) is far away.
70:7 but We see it to be very near.
70:8 On the day when the heavens become like molten metal.
70:9 and the mountains become like wool,
70:10 even intimate friends will not inquire about their friends,
70:11 though they may see each other. A sinner will wish that he could save himself from the torment of that day by sacrificing his children,
70:12 his wife, his brother,
70:13 his kinsmen who gave him refuge (from hardship)
70:14 and all those on earth.
70:15 By no means! For the raging flames of the fire
70:16 will strip-off the flesh
70:17 and drag into it anyone who has turned away (from obeying God),
70:18 and who accumulated wealth without spending it for a good purpose.
70:19 Human beings are created greedy.
70:20 When they are afflicted, they complain,
70:21 but when they are fortunate, they become niggardly
70:22 except those who are steadfast
70:23 and constant in their prayers.
70:24 They are those who assign a certain share of their property
70:25 for the needy and the deprived,
70:26 who acknowledge the Day of Judgment,
70:27 who are afraid of the torment of their Lord,
70:28 the punishment of their Lord is not something for them to feel secure of,
70:29 who guard their carnal desires
70:30 except from their wives and slave girls, in which case they are not to be blamed,
70:31 but whoever goes beyond this is a transgressor;
70:32 who honor their trust and promises,
70:33 who testify to what they have witnessed,
70:34 and (finally) those who do not miss their ritual - prayers at the prescribed times;
70:35 such people will receive due honor in Paradise.
70:36 What is wrong with the disbelievers who roam around you (Muhammad),
70:37 left and right, in numerous groups?
70:38 Does every one of them desire to enter the bountiful Paradise?
70:39 By no means! For they know very well out of what We have created them (The human being's naturally growing from a living germ, without discipline and good deeds will not result in virtue).
70:40 I do not need to swear by the Lord of the eastern and western regions that We have certainly all the power
70:41 to replace them by a better people and none can challenge Our power.
70:42 (Muhammad), leave them alone to dispute and play until they face the Day with which they have been threatened:
70:43 the Day when they rush out of their graves as if racing towards a signpost,
70:44 with their eyes cast down and covered by disgrace; the day about which they were promised.


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