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42:1  Ha-Meem.
42:2  Ain-Sinn-Qaf.
42:3  Thus Allah, the All-Mighty, the All-Wise inspires you (O Muhammad) and to those sent before you.
42:4  To Him belongs all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth. He is the High, the Great.
42:5  The heavens might have almost broken apart from above them (by His glory) while the angels glorify the praises of their Lord and are asking forgiveness for those on the earth. Surely, Allah is indeed the Forgiving, the Merciful.
42:6  For those who take others as protectors besides Him, Allah is the protector over them and you (O Muhammad) are not a guardian over them.
42:7  Thus We have revealed to you (O Muhammad) this Qur’an in Arabic so that you may warn the residents of the mother town (Makkah) and whoever is around it. Warn them of the Day of assembling; there is no doubt about it; when a group (believers) will go to Paradise and a group (disbelievers) in the blazing fire.
42:8  If Allah had willed, He could have made them one nation, but He admits whom He wills to His Mercy. The wrongdoers will not have any protector or a helper.
42:9  Or have they taken guardians besides Him? But Allah alone is the Protector. He is the one Who gives life to the dead and it is He Who has power over all things.
42:10  In whatever matter you differ, its decision is with Allah. (Say O Muhammad to the polytheists): Such is Allah, my Lord in whom I have put my trust, and to Him I turn in repentance,
42:11  the creator of the heavens and the earth. He has made for you mates from among yourselves and also mates among the cattle. He creates you (in the womb) by this means. There is no one like Him, and He is the All-Knower, the All-Seer.
42:12  To Him belong the keys of the heavens and the earth. He enlarges provision for whom He wills, and straitens (it for whom He wills). Surely! He is the All-Knower of everything.
42:13  He has ordained for you the same religion (Islam) which He ordained for Noah, and which He has revealed to you (O Muhammad), and which He ordained for Abraham, Moses and Jesus (saying): “You should establish religion, and not be divided in it (various sects).” Intolerable is for the polytheists to which you (O Muhammad) call them to it. Allah chooses whom He wills, and guides to Himself who turns to Him in repentance and obedience.
42:14  They were not divided till after knowledge had come to them through selfish transgressions between themselves. Had it not been for a word (to defer punishment) that went forth before from your Lord for an appointed term, the matter would have been settled between them. Surely, those who were made to inherit the Scripture after them are in serious doubt concerning it (the Qur’an).
42:15  So (O Muhammad) invite people to this (Islam), stand firm as you are commanded, and don’t follow their desires but say: “I believe in what Allah has revealed of the book (all revealed books), and I am commanded to do justice among you. Allah is our Lord and your Lord. We are (responsible) for our deeds and you are for your deeds. There is no dispute between us and between you. Allah will assemble us (on the Day of Judgment) and to Him is the final return.
42:16  Those who dispute concerning Allah after accepting (obedience) to Him, their dispute is futile in the sight of their Lord, on them is the wrath (of Allah), and for them there will be a severe punishment.
42:17  It is Allah Who has revealed the book (the Qur’an) in truth and the balance (to distinguish between right and wrong). What will make you realize that perhaps the Hour (of Judgment) is near at hand?
42:18  Those who don’t believe in it, seek to hasten it. But those who believe are fearful of it, and they know that it is the very truth. Surely, indeed those who dispute concerning the Hour (of judgment) are certainly in error far away.
42:19  Allah is very gracious and kind to His servants. He gives provisions to whom He wills. He is the All-Strong, the All-Mighty.”
42:20  Whoever desires (for good deeds) the reward of the Hereafter, We increase (many fold) in its reward, and whoever desires the reward of this world (for good deeds), We give it thereof (what is meant for), but will have no portion in the Hereafter.
42:21  Or do they have partners (false deities), who have instituted for them from religion what Allah has not allowed? Had it not been a decisive word (already decided on the Day of Judgment), the matter would have been judged between them? Surely, for the wrongdoers, there is a painful punishment.
42:22  You will see (on the Day of Resurrection) that the wrongdoers will fear for what they have earned, and it (Allah’s punishment) will befall them. While those who believe and do righteous deeds will be in the flowering meadows of the gardens (Paradise) and will receive for them what they wish from their Lord. That will be the supreme grace.
42:23  That is (the grace) of glad tidings which Allah gives to His servants who believe and do righteous deeds. Say (O Muhammad): “I don’t ask any reward for it except to be kind to me for kinship with you.” Whoever does a righteous deed, We shall increase (many fold) for him in it. Surely, Allah is Forgiving, Ready to appreciate (good deeds).
42:24  Or do they say: “He has invented a lie against Allah?” But if Allah willed, He could have sealed your heart. Allah wipes out falsehood, and establishes the truth (Islam) by His Word (this Qur’an). Surely, He knows well what is in the hearts (of people).
42:25  And He is One Who accepts repentance from His servants, forgives their sins, and He knows what you do.
42:26  And He answers those who believe, do righteous deeds, and gives them increase of His Bounty. As for the disbelievers, there will be a severe punishment.
42:27  If Allah were to enlarge the provision for His servants, they would surely rebel in the earth; but He sends down by measure what He wills. Surely! He is Well-Aware, the All-Seer of everything of His servants.
42:28  It is He who sends down the rain after they have lost hope, and spreads His Mercy. He is the Protector, Praise-Worthy.
42:29  Among His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the moving creatures that He has spread in both of them. He is potent over their assembly (on the Day of Resurrection) whenever He wills.
42:30  Whatever misfortune befalls you, it is because of what your hands have earned. He pardons from much (of your misdeeds).
42:31  You cannot escape from Allah (His punishment) in the earth, and besides Allah you have neither any protector nor any helper.
42:32  Among His signs are the ships like mountains in the sea.
42:33  If He wills, He can cause the wind to settle and then they would become motionless on the back (of the sea). Surely, in this example there are signs for everyone (who is) patient and grateful.
42:34  Or He may destroy them (by drowning) because of that which their people have earned. He pardons much (of their evil deeds).
42:35  Those who (polytheists) dispute about Our revelations should know that there is no place of refuge (from Allah’s punishment) for them.
42:36  Whatever you are given is nothing but a passing enjoyment for this worldly life. What is with Allah (Paradise) is better and more lasting for those who believe, put their trust in their Lord,
42:37  avoid major sins and shameful deeds, forgive even when they are angry;
42:38  answer the call of their Lord, establish their prayers, conduct their affairs by mutual consultation, spend of what We have bestowed on them,
42:39  and when they are oppressed, take defense.
42:40  The recompense for an injury is an injury like thereof; but whoever forgives and makes reconciliation, it shall be rewarded by Allah. Surely, He does not like the wrongdoers.
42:41  Those who take revenge after they have suffered wrong, for such there is no way (of blame) against them.
42:42  The way (of blame) is only against those who oppress people and rebel in the earth without right. It is they who will have a painful punishment.
42:43  Surely, those who show patience and forgive, surely would be from the steadfast things.
42:44  Those whom Allah sends astray, there is no protector for them after Him. When they will face the punishment, you will see the wrongdoers say: “Is there any way for return (to the world)?”
42:45  You will see them brought forward to it (hell) made humble by disgrace, looking with stealthy glance. Those who believe will say: “Surely, the losers are they who have lost themselves and their families on the Day of Resurrection. Surely, indeed the wrongdoers will be in a lasting punishment.”
42:46  They will not have any protector in it to help them other than Allah. The one whom Allah sends astray, there is no way of escape.
42:47  Answer the call of your Lord before there comes from Allah a Day which cannot be averted. You will not have any refuge on that Day nor will you be able to deny (your misdeeds).
42:48  But if they turn away, (they should know that) We have not sent you (O Muhammad) over them as a guardian. Your duty is to convey (the message). Surely, when We cause people to taste the Mercy from Us, they rejoice in it; but when some ill befalls them because of (misdeeds) which their hands have sent forth, then surely, the people become ungrateful!
42:49  To Allah belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. He creates what He wills. He bestows female (daughter) to whom He wills and bestows male (son) to whom He wills.
42:50  Or He combines them both males and females, and He renders barren whom He wills. Surely, He is the All-Knower of everything and is Able to do all things.
42:51  It is not given to any human being that Allah should speak (directly) unless (it be) by inspiration, or from behind a veil, or by sending a Messenger to reveal by His permission what He wills. Surely, He is High, Wise.
42:52  Thus We have sent to you (O Muhammad) a revelation (Qur’an) of Our command. You did not know what the book is or what the faith is! But We have made it (this Qur’an) a light, We guide by it whoever We will of Our servants. Surely, you (O Muhammad) are indeed guiding mankind to the Right Way,
42:53  the way of Allah, to whom belongs all that is in the heavens and in the earth. Surely, all the matters return to Allah (for decision).