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25:1  Honored in worship is God Who revealed Qur’an as a standard (upon which a firm decision may be reached) to His servant Mohammad to warn mankind
25:2  (Honored in worship is) The One to Whom belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. The one Who never had a son or partner in His Kingdom. The one Who created everything in the most perfect manner and then directed them toward their destiny
25:3  How pity of the unbelievers who have chosen beside Him gods which not only have not created anything but they themselves are being created! These said “gods” can not only harm or benefit themselves but also do not have any power over death, life or resurrection
25:4  Those who disbelieve say: “This Qur’an is nothing but a bunch of lies fabricated by Mohammad with the help of others.” In fact it is they who have fabricated a lie and how unjust of them
25:5  The unbeliever say: “Qur’an is nothing but ancient stories/ myths given to him in writing early in the morning and at night (when nobody witnesses it).”
25:6  Say (to them, O’ Mohammad): “This Qur’an is revealed by the One Who knows the secrets of the heavens and the earth; the One Who is the most Forgiving, the most Merciful.”
25:7  And they say: “What kind of Prophet is Mohammad who eats and goes to the market like all of us? Why has not an Angle been sent down with him to make people at awe as a helper in his mission?”
25:8  Or, “How come God has not sent him a treasure from the Heaven or an earthly garden to provide his needs?” The unbelievers than arrive to the conclusion that: “You are following the one who is a cast spelled over.”
25:9  See Mohammad how they called you all kind of names! In account of this mean attitude of theirs, they will never find the right path
25:10  Honored in worship is God, that if he decides, will give you much more than what makes them at awe: gardens with running rivers in it and splendid mansions
25:11  The unbelievers, thus, have denied the upcoming Hour of the judgment. A blazing fire is prepared for them when that Hour arrives
25:12  When they approach from afar, the Hell will welcome them with rage while roaring with fumes
25:13  Bound together with ropes, and being whipped, they will be go through a narrow place; they wish they were dead
25:14  “Today, your wish will come true; not only once, you will die many times!”
25:15  Say: “Now, is this better or the Paradise for eternity which is promised to the righteous ones as their reward and final destination?”
25:16  This promise is binging upon your Lord to let them live in the Paradise forever and give them anything that they desire
25:17  On the Day of Resurrection, the Lord will gather them together along with what they were used to worship besides God (idols, angels, saints, Jesus, etc.) Then He will say: “Was it you who misled these creatures of Mine or did they themselves chose to deviate from the straight path?”
25:18  They will say, “Glory to you, it was not right for us to pretend that we are like You. You allowed them, as well as their parents, to make choices of their own. They [abused their freedom of choice] and disregarded the Message. Thus they turned into wicked people.”
25:19  Once they will testify against you, you will have no recourse to an appeal or any kind of help as I will make the guilty ones to taste an awful punishment
25:20  The previous Prophets also ate food and walked in the streets. In fact, I am testing you by the means of each other. Be patient as your Lord is watching
25:21  Those who mind the least their meeting with Me on the Day of Resurrection say: “We will believe only if God send us some angels or meet us in person.” What an arrogance, what a rebellion
25:22  The Day that they see the angels (it will be too late for them to believe and it) will not be a happy day for them as the doors will be closed to them
25:23  Then I will proceed to tear their (hypocritical good) deeds into scattered floating dust
25:24  Those who are favored to live in the Paradise, will have good news to cheer about as they get established
25:25  On that Day, the sky will break apart and the angels will descend in multitude from the cloud
25:26  The kingdom of that Day belongs to the Most Gracious (as He will put an end to the ruling of other kings.) It will be a very tough Day for those who chose to disbelieve
25:27  On that Day, the unjust will bite his hand and say: “I wish I had followed the path suggested by the Prophet.”
25:28  “Pity on me. If I had not taken so and so as a friend!”
25:29  “That friend of mine prevented me of worshipping the Lord after I received His Message.” Indeed Satan lets his victim down at the moment that he has promised to help him the most
25:30  At that time the Prophet will say: “My Lord, what a shame that my people deserted this Qur’an.&rdquo
25:31  Do not worry; I have always appointed enemies for My Prophets from the criminals of the time. Just depend upon your Lord’s guidance and help
25:32  The disbelievers say: “How come the Qur’an is not being revealed to him all at once? It is being revealed gradually in order to strengthen you in belief (so that there will always be a Divine intervention in the process of the establishment of the first Islamic state.
25:33  Thus, as soon as they come up with an objection, I reveal a firm answer
25:34  Those who follow the wrong path, will end up dragged on their faces to the Hell. What an evil destiny
25:35  Recall Moses to whom I gave the Scripture, and strengthened him by his brother Aaron whom I appointed as his helper
25:36  I said to them: “Go to the people who have disregarded My Revelations (as recited to them by Prophet Joseph.)” Eventually, I destroyed them all. What a destruction it was
25:37  As for the people of Noah, I drowned them after having denied their Prophet. I made of them a warning case for mankind (so that they know I am Serious when I say that) I have prepared a painful punishment for the unjust people
25:38  The same thing came true for the people of Ad, Thamood, those who lived in Al-Russ and many other people in between
25:39  For each of them I revealed enough examples and all of them were whipped out completely
25:40  The disbelievers have passed by the towns (of Sodom & Gomorrah) which were ruined by the miserable shower. They see it; yet they do not believe in the Hereafter
25:41  When they see you, they starts mocking at you saying: “Is this the one whom God has appointed as His Messenger?”
25:42  They will continue: “He almost succeeded in misleading us. If we had not been perseverant in worshipping our gods, we would have been misled by now!” They will realize who is misled, when they come face to face with their punishment
25:43  Have you noticed the one who (is the prisoner of his own lust and” has taken his ego as his god? Do you think that you can guide such a person
25:44  Do you think that such people can ever listen? They are like the cattle. No they are worse than animals
25:45  Have you not seen how your Lord spreads the shadow? Had He willed, He would have made it constant. But I have decided to make the sun its pilot
25:46  As the sun (the truth) climbs up, the shadow (the disbelief) is drowned to its Lord (for destruction.
25:47  God is the One Who brings the night as a cover for your sleep (a prelude to death) and brings back the day for your resurrection
25:48  He is the One who sends the winds with good omens of His mercy. Then He sends down from the sky pure water
25:49  I do so, in order to raise the dead land into life, and to provide water for all kinds of animals and man that I have created
25:50  Thus, I am distributing the water among you so that you may be thankful. What a shame that most people chose to disregard the Lord’s Mercy
25:51  If I wanted (like Abraham and Lut who were sent to two nearby communities,) I could have sent to every community a Messenger. (However, one sun is enough for the whole land.
25:52  Therefore, do not follow (and compromise with) the disbelievers. Work on them very hard, using this Qur’an as your weapon
25:53  He is the One who merges the two seas; one is fresh and drinkable, while the other is salty and not fit to drink. He has separated them with a formidable barrier ((like Golf Stream which flows for thousands of miles in the ocean without being mixed with it.)
25:54  He is the One Who has created man (like any other creature on earth) from water see 24:45.) He has then let him have kin folks by marriage and by blood. God is indeed capable of doing what He wants
25:55  Yet they disbelievers, instead of God, worship the others which can neither harm them nor benefit them! Worse than this, the disbelievers ally with whoever rebels against the Lord (i.e., the Satan!
25:56  Know that I have sent you only as a Warner (about the Hell) and the carrier of good news (about the heaven.
25:57  Say: “I do not ask you for any consulting fee. All I am asking is to let me help you to find the right path to your Lord, in your freedom of choice.”
25:58  Put your trust in the Ever Living One Who never dies, and glorify Him in worship. His protection is more than enough for you. He knows everything and is aware of His servants’ sins
25:59  He is the One who created the heavens and the earth, and whatever lies between, in six days. Then He assumed the authority over His realm of creation. He is the Most Gracious. Ask about Him from the One Who is the Most Knowledgeable
25:60  When they are told, “Fall prostrate before the Most Gracious (the same way that all prophets used to worship Him: Matthew 26-I King 18:Numbers 20:6 &Joshua 5:& 7:Genesis 17:3,)” they jokingly say, “What is the Most Gracious? Shall we fall down in prostration because you say so?” Thus, this invitation simply increases their rebellion
25:61  Highly blessed is the One Who has placed the planets in the space and within them He has placed the burning light and shingling mo
25:62  He is the One Who makes the nights and the days come one after the another so that man contemplate about it and show some gratitude
25:63  His worshippers are those who walk on earth with the least pride and when they encounter the ignorant people (who want to provoke them) simply wish “Peace” for them
25:64  They are the ones who glorify their Lord in their worship at nights; whether standing up or falling in prostration
25:65  They are the ones who pray: “Lord, save us from the torture of Hell as there is no end in it.”
25:66  “What an evil place, what a terrible home.”
25:67  They are the ones who are neither extravagant in spending nor stingy. They are capable of balancing it out
25:68  They are the ones who worship none beside the Lord. They never kill anyone (as God has made life sacred) except in the course of justice…
25:69  They never commit adultery. Those who commit these sins will receive a double punishment on the Day of Resurrection and will be confined in disgrace
25:70  Exempted are those who sincerely repent, choose to believe, and do good deeds. God will even credit them for their sins (as an eye opening experience that they have gone through;) see how Forgiving and Merciful the Lord is
25:71  Whoever repents and does good deeds, he is sincere in his repentance to God
25:72  The righteous ones are those who say the truth once they are asked to testify. If they encounter vain talks and actions, they pass by it with dignity
25:73  They never react to the recitation of their Lord’s revelations, as if they were deaf and blind
25:74  They are the ones who pray, “Our Lord, let our spouses and children (do good deeds and thus) be a source of joy for us. Please keep us in the forefront of the righteous.”
25:75  They are the ones who will be rewarded by being admitted to the highest place in the Paradise in account of their patience. They will be welcomed with due respect, honor, and peaceful greetings and will live therein forever
25:76  What an excellent place to live, what an excellent place to rest
25:77  Say: “You will be noticed by the Lord, only through your worshipping Him. Now that you have chosen the denial, you will soon have your everlasting punishment.”