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22:1  O Humanity, fear your Lord, for the convulsion of the hour [of judgment] will be a terrible thing.
22:2  The day you will see it, every nursing mother will forget her nursing child. Every pregnant female will miscarry. You will see humanity act drunk, although not drunk. The wrath of Allah will be dreadful.
22:3  Yet, among people, there are some who argue about Allah without having any knowledge. They follow every rebellious devil.
22:4  Concerning (Satan), it is decreed that whoever trusts him will be led astray by him. He will guide him/her to the penalty of the fire.
22:5  O Humanity, if you have doubts about the resurrection, [consider that] We indeed created you from dust, and then from sperm, and then from a mass clinging [to the uterine wall]. [We continued with] an embryonic lump, partly formed and partly unformed, so that We may clarify to you [the wonder of creation]. We cause whom We will to remain in the wombs for an appointed term, and then We bring you forth as babies so you may attain maturity. Among you are one who dies [before old age] and one who is returned to a feeble age until he/she knows nothing after having known. Further, you see the earth barren, but when We pour rain upon it, it is stirred, it swells, and it puts forth every kind of lovely plant.
22:6  This is because Allah is the Ultimate Truth. He gives life to the dead, and He has power over all things.
22:7  The hour [of resurrection] will come. No doubt about it! Allah will raise all who are in the graves.
22:8  Yet, among humanity is such a person who argues about Allah, without knowledge, without guidance, and without a Book of enlightenment.
22:9  He will bend sideways to mislead from the path of Allah. For him/her, there is disgrace in this life. On the Day of Resurrection, We will force him/her to taste the burning penalty.
22:10  This is because of the deeds your hands sent forth. Truly, Allah is not unjust to His servants.
22:11  There are among people such as one who serves Allah, but just on the edge [of faith]. If good befalls him/her, he/she is content; but, if a trial comes to him/her, he/she turns impetuously. He/she is lost both to this world and the hereafter. That is a loss for all to see.
22:12  Instead of on Allah, he/she calls on (false idols) that can neither harm nor profit him/her. That is wandering too far indeed!
22:13  He/she may call on one who can give more harm than profit. Evil indeed is the patron, and evil indeed is the client.
22:14  Truly, Allah will admit those who believe and perform righteous deeds to Paradise beneath which rivers flow. Truly, Allah implements all His plans.
22:15  If anyone thinks that Allah will not help (His servant) in this world and in the hereafter, he/she should stretch a rope [to climb] to the sky in order to sever [Allah’s grace]. After that he/she will see whether his/her plan will remove that which enrages.
22:16  Thus We sent clear signs, and, truly, Allah guides whom He will.
22:17  Indeed, as for those who believe [in the Qur’an], those who follow Judaism, and the Sabeans, the Christians, the Magians, and the polytheists, Allah will judge among them on the Day of Resurrection. Indeed, Allah is witness over everything.
22:18  Do you not see that to Allah bow down in worship all things that are of Heaven and Earth –the sun, the moon, the stars, the mountains, the trees, the animals, and many people? Many [people] are justly due for punishment. Whomever Allah humiliates cannot become bestowed with honor. Indeed, Allah does what He wills.
22:19  Two opposing groups [believers and unbelievers] dispute with each other about their Lord. For those who disbelieve, garments of fire will be cut for them; over their heads will be poured scalding water.
22:20  With it will be scalded what is within their bodies as well as skins.
22:21  In addition, there will be rods of iron for them.
22:22  Every time they want to get away from anguish, they will be forced back: “Taste the penalty of the burning fire.”
22:23  Truly, Allah will admit those who believe and perform righteous deeds into gardens beneath which rivers flow. There they will be adorned with bracelets of gold and pearls. Their garments there will be of silk.
22:24  This is because they have been guided to the purest words. They have been guided to the path of the Most Praiseworthy.
22:25  Truly, some have rejected faith and blocked the way of Allah and the Sacred Mosque, which is for all people. The local resident and the visitor are equal. Anyone who intends profanity and sin there will be forced to taste a horrible penalty.
22:26  We gave the site of the house [the Sacred Mosque] to Abraham. Associate nothing with Me. Sanctify My house for those who walk around it or who stand or bow or who prostrate.
22:27  Proclaim the pilgrimage among people. They will come to you on foot and on every kind of lean, riding animal and from every distant, country road.
22:28  Do this so they may witness the benefits they have. Celebrate the name of Allah on the appointed days and over the cattle He has provided for them. Eat of them and feed the poor people in need.
22:29  Let them complete their prescribed duties, fulfill their vows, and walk around the ancient house.
22:30  That’s the way it should be. As for the one who honors the sacred rites of Allah, it is good in the sight of his/her Lord. Lawful for you are food animals with the exceptions mentioned to you. Avoid the abomination of idols, and shun the word that is false.
22:31  Be true in faith to Allah, and never assign partners to Allah. If anyone assigns partners to Allah, he/she is as if he/she had fallen from the sky and been snatched by birds or by a swooping wind and then thrown into a distant place.
22:32  That’s the way it is. Whoever honors the symbols of Allah should do so from piety of heart.
22:33  In (food animals) you have benefits for an appointed term. In the end, their place of sacrifice is near the ancient house.
22:34  To every people We appointed rituals so they could celebrate the name of Allah over what He gave them from animals. Your God is One God, so submit to Him. Give the good news to those who are humble.
22:35  [Give the good news] to those whose hearts, when Allah is mentioned, are filled with fear, who show patience over their afflictions, attend to ritual prayer, and donate from what We have bestowed upon them.
22:36  We have made for you the sacrificial animals among the symbols from Allah. There is good in them for you. Say the name of Allah over them as they line up [for sacrifice] and when they are lying on their sides [after the slaughter]. Eat of them, and feed those who do not beg and those who do beg. We have made the animals subject to you so you may be grateful.
22:37  It is not their meat or their blood that reaches Allah. It is your piety that reaches Him. He has made them subject to you that you may glorify Allah for His guidance to you. Proclaim the good news to all who live righteously.
22:38  Truly, Allah will defend those who believe. Truly, Allah does not love anyone who is a traitor to faith or shows ingratitude.
22:39  Permission is given to those against whom war is waged [to fight in self-defense] because they are wronged. Truly, Allah, for their victory, is Most Powerful.
22:40  [They are] those expelled from their homes in defiance of right simply because they say, “Our Lord is Allah.” If Allah had not curtailed one society by means of another, there would surely have been razed monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques in which the name of Allah is extensively celebrated. Allah will certainly aid those who help Him. Truly, Allah is the Strongest, the Victorious.
22:41  [They are] those who, when We establish them in the land, institute ritual prayer, give the required charity, and promote the right and forbid the wrong. To Allah belongs the outcome of events.
22:42  If [the unbelievers] deny you [treating your ministry as false], truly, societies before them also denied –the people of Noah, the Ad and the Thamud,…
22:43  …the people of Abraham and the people of Lot,…
22:44  …and the inhabitants of Midian. Moses was also rejected. I granted a reprieve to the unbelievers, and later I seized them. How terrible was My punishment!
22:45  How many populations have We destroyed that were sinful? They tumbled underneath their roofs. How many wells have been abandoned? How many elaborate mansions [are abandoned]?
22:46  Don’t they travel throughout the land so that their minds may learn wisdom and their ears may learn to listen? Truly, their eyes are not blind, but their hearts within their breasts.
22:47  They ask you to hurry with the punishment. Allah will not fail in His promise. Truly, a day in the sight of your Lord is like a thousand years in your perspective.
22:48  To how many populations did I give respite when they were lost in sin? Finally, I punished them. To Me is the final destination.
22:49  Say, “O Humanity, I am sent to you only to give clear warning.
22:50  “For those who believe and live righteously, there is forgiveness and a generous sustenance.”
22:51  Those who struggle against Our signs in order to frustrate them will be companions of the fire.
22:52  We never sent a messenger or prophet before You without, when he had a recitation, Satan interfering with his recitation; but, Allah will cancel anything that Satan offers. Allah will confirm His signs. Allah is the All-knowing, the Perfectly Wise.
22:53  He will make the suggestions offered by Satan as only a trial for those in whose hearts is a disease and whose hearts are hardened. Truly, the sinners are in a distant gulf.
22:54  Those to whom knowledge is given may learn that this [Qur’an] is truth from their Lord. They will believe in it and humbly submit their hearts to it. Truly, Allah is the guide of believers to the Straight Way.
22:55  The unbelievers will not cease to doubt (the Qur’an) until the hour comes suddenly upon them, or until the penalty of a day of disaster comes to them.
22:56  On that day, the dominion will belong to Allah. He will judge among them. Those who believe and live righteously will be in gardens of delight.
22:57  For the unbelievers who deny Our signs, there will be a humiliating punishment.
22:58  As for those who leave their homes in the cause of Allah and then are killed or die, Allah will truly bestow on them a handsome provision. Truly, Allah is He who is the best provider.
22:59  Truly, He will admit them to a place with which they shall be well pleased. Indeed, Allah is the All-knowing, the Most Tolerant.
22:60  Truly! If one demands compensation to no greater extent than his/her injury, and then is attacked again, Allah will help him/her. Truly, Allah is pardoning, the Most Forgiving.
22:61  That is because Allah merges night into day, and He merges day into night, and truly Allah is the All-hearing, the All-seeing.
22:62  That is because Allah is the reality. Those besides Him whom they invoke are only inventions. Truly, Allah is He, the Highest, the Almighty.
22:63  Do you not see that Allah sends down rain from the sky and then the earth becomes green? Truly, Allah is the Subtle One, the Fully Aware.
22:64  To Him belongs all that is in the skies and on earth. Truly, Allah is the Independent One, the Most Praiseworthy.
22:65  Do you not see that Allah has made subject to you all that is on the earth? [Do you not see] that the ships sail across the sea by His command? He keeps the sky from falling on the earth without His permission. Truly, Allah is full of kindness for humanity. [He is] the Most Merciful.
22:66  He gave you life, will cause you to die, and will [again] give you life. Truly, the human is most ungrateful.
22:67  To every population, We have appointed religious rituals for them to follow. Do not allow them to argue with you on the matter, but invite them to your Lord. You are certainly on the right path.
22:68  If they argue with you, say, “Allah knows best what you do.
22:69  “Allah will judge among you, on the Day of Resurrection, concerning the matters about which you differ.”
22:70  Do you not know that Allah knows all that is of Heaven and Earth? Indeed, it is all in a record. That is truly easy for Allah.
22:71  Yet, they worship, besides Allah, things for which no authority has been sent down to them and of which they have no knowledge. No helper is there for the sinners.
22:72  When Our signs are recited to them, you will notice denial on the faces of the unbelievers. They nearly attack those who recite Our signs to them. Say, “Shall I tell you of something worse than (these signs)? It is the fire that Allah has promised to the unbelievers. That is an evil destination.”
22:73  O Humanity, here is offered a parable. Pay attention to it. Those upon whom you call besides Allah cannot create even a fly, even if they all met together just for that purpose. And if a fly should snatch away anything [for example, a morsel of bread], they would have no power to get it back. That is how feeble the petitioners and the petitioned [idols] are.
22:74  They have made no fair estimate of Allah, for truly Allah is strong and powerful.
22:75  Allah chooses messengers from among angels and from among people. Allah listens and understands.
22:76  He knows what is before them and what is behind them. All queries are finally referred to Allah.
22:77  O Believers, bow and prostrate yourselves and adore your Lord. Perform goodness so that you may prosper.
22:78  Also, strive in His cause as you should strive. He has chosen you and has imposed no difficulties on you in religion. It is the same religion of your father Abraham. He called you “those who submit to Allah” [Muslims], both before and in this Book, so that the messenger [Prophet Muhammed] may witness to you, and you may witness to humanity. Establish routine prayers, give regularly to charity, and be faithful to Allah. He is your Protector –the best to protect and the best to help.