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22:1  People, fear Your Lord. The Earthquake of the Final Hour will be a significant event:
22:2  you will see every breastfeeding mother forget her suckling baby, every pregnant woman will miscarry, and every person will appear drunk that day, though they won’t be drunk, but such will be the severity of Allah’s punishment.
22:3  There are some people who argue about Allah without any knowledge, and follow every rebellious demon.
22:4  It is decreed: Whoever befriends Satan, he will misguide him and lead him towards the punishment of the blazing Fire
22:5  People, if you are in any doubt about the resurrection, We originally created you from clay, then from a drop of semen, this became a clot of blood, then a lump of flesh – some parts recognisable others unrecognisable – then a foetus. We revealed this to make the Resurrection clear for you. We plant in wombs whatever We choose for a fixed term, then We bring you out as a baby; then you reach maturity, after which some of you die young while others proceed to feeble old age, to the extent that they know nothing after having known so much. Likewise, you see the Earth appear lifeless; then, when We send down rain, it stirs and swells, producing beautiful pairs of plants
22:6  This shows Allah is the Truth. He brings the dead back to life, and has power over all things.
22:7  The Final Hour is coming without a doubt – when Allah will resurrect all who are in their graves
22:8  People argue about Allah without knowledge or guidance, or any enlightening book,
22:9  turning aside disapprovingly to cause others to stray from Allah’s way. Such a person will be disgraced in this world, and on Judgement Day We will make him taste the punishment of the blazing inferno.
22:10  He will be told: “That’s what your hands produced. Allah isn’t at all unjust to His servants.
22:11  People who worship Allah doubting Him, are satisfied at the best of times, but at the worst of times they go back to their old ways, losing in both, this world and the next; that is a big loss.
22:12  Instead of Allah they call on what cannot harm or benefit them. That’s straying far away.
22:13  In fact, they call on that which is more likely to harm than benefit them. What wretched allies, and what wretched company!
22:14  However, Allah will admit into gardens beneath which rivers flow those who believe and do righteous deeds. Allah does what He wishes.
22:15  Whoever imagines that Allah will not help Muhammad either in this world or the next, let him hang himself from a rope tied to the ceiling then cut it off and see if his cunning plan has made his anger go away.
22:16  That is how We have sent the Quran down as clear verses; and Allah guides whomever He wishes
22:17  The Muslims, the Jews, the Sabians, the Christians, the Zoroastrians, and the idolaters, We shall decide between them on Judgement Day. Allah witnesses everything.
22:18  Don’t you see whatever is in the Heavens and on Earth prostrates before Allah: the sun, the moon, the stars, the mountains, the trees, the animals, and many people; but there are many who justly deserve punishment. Anyone Allah disgraces will have no one to honour him. Allah does whatever He pleases
22:19  These are two opposite groups who argue about their Lord, those who disbelieve will have suits cut out of fire, and scalding water poured over their heads,
22:20  causing their insides and their skins to dissolve;
22:21  and they will be restrained with iron rods.
22:22  Whenever, out of agony, they try to escape their torment, they will be returned into it and told: “Taste the punishment of the blazing inferno.”
22:23  However, Allah will admit those who believe and do righteous deeds into gardens with rivers flowing beneath them; they will be decorated with bracelets of gold and pearls, and their clothes will be of silk –
22:24  those who were guided in this world to the very best of speech, and were guided to the path of the Praiseworthy,
22:25  but not those who disbelieve and block others from Allah’s way and from the Sacred Mosque, which We established for all the people, whether resident or traveller. Anyone who seeks to violate its sanctity by wrongdoing, We shall make him taste a painful punishment
22:26  Remember when We marked out for Ibrahim the place of the Ancient House, saying: “Don’t associate anything with Me; keep My House clean for those who circle it, worship there, standing, bowing and prostrating.
22:27  Announce the pilgrimage to people. They will come to you on foot and mounted on all kinds of lean camels, through every deep mountain pass,
22:28  to take part in rites that benefit them and to invoke the name of Allah on specific days over such livestock as He has provided for them to sacrifice. Eat the cattle, and feed the needy and poor.
22:29  Then complete the rites of cleansing, fulfil the vows, and circle the Ancient House.
22:30  Anyone who respects the sacred rites of Allah shall fare better in the Lord’s sight. Livestock is lawful for you except ones already mentioned. Stay away from the impurity of idols, and words of falsehood.
22:31  Incline towards Allah without associating partners with Him. The one who associates partners with Allah, is like the one fallen from the sky, and birds snatch at him, or like the wind that carries him off to a faraway place.
22:32  Anyone who respects Allah’s symbols, displays true piety of the heart.
22:33  There are benefits for you in those symbols for a designated period, the rites conclude at the place of sacrifice near the Ancient House
22:34  We prescribed a rite of sacrifice for every community, so they may invoke the name of Allah over such livestock as provided for them. Your God is One God, so submit to Him. And, Messenger, give glad tidings to humble servants
22:35  whose hearts tremble at the mention of Allah, respond patiently to any affliction, perform the prayer and spend in charity from what We provided them
22:36  The sacrificial camels you find valuable are included among Allah’s symbols; so invoke Allah’s name on them as they stand ready for slaughter; and, once they have fallen dead on their side, eat from them and feed the needy, whether they ask or not. That is how We tamed them for you, so you may be thankful.
22:37  Neither their meat nor their blood reaches Allah, but it is your piety that reaches Allah. That’s how We made them obedient for you, so praise Allah for guiding you. Give glad tidings to the righteous
22:38  Allah will defend the believers, Allah dislikes ungrateful traitors.
22:39  Permission to fight is given to those who were attacked because they have been wronged; and Allah has the power to help those
22:40  who were unfairly driven out of their homes for saying, “Our Lord is Allah.” If Allah didn’t defend some people by means of others, then monasteries, churches, synagogues and mosques where Allah’s name is regularly praised would have been destroyed. Allah will support whoever supports His cause. Allah is Strong, Almighty.
22:41  If We granted some people authority on Earth, they would establish the prayer, collect Zakat, enjoin the common good and forbid evil. The outcome in all matters is determined by Allah
22:42  If today they are denying you, then long before them the people of Nuh, Ad and Thamud denied their prophets too;
22:43  likewise the people of Ibrahim and of Lut,
22:44  and the inhabitants of Madyan. Even Musa was denied. So I gave the disbelievers time to think, then I seized them. How great was My rejection of their actions!
22:45  How many towns have We destroyed whilst they were doing wrong, so today their buildings are razed to the ground, and wells are abandoned; and how many lofty palaces?
22:46  Have they not travelled the Earth, so you would think they had either minds with which to reflect or ears with which to hear? In truth, it’s not the lack of sight that causes blindness but lack of insight, which is found in people’s chests
22:47  They ask you to bring forward the punishment, but Allah will never break His promise. Your Lord’s single day is like a thousand years by your calculations.
22:48  I granted respite to many towns whilst they were doing wrong, then I seized them; and to Me is the final return.
22:49  Say: “People, I’m only a clear warner to you.”
22:50  As for those who believe and do righteous deeds, they will have forgiveness and generous provision;
22:51  but those who strive against Our signs will be the companions of Hell, in vain
22:52  We haven’t sent a single messenger or prophet before you who recited Our revelation, but Satan suggested errors in his recitation. Allah removes whatever Satan suggests, then Allah makes clear His verses – Allah is Knowing, Wise –
22:53  thereby turning whatever Satan suggests into a test for those in whose hearts is sickness and for the hard of heart. The wrongdoers are far removed from the truth.
22:54  And Allah does this so those given knowledge should know that it is the truth from your Lord and believe in it, their hearts turning to Him in humility. Allah guides the believers towards a straight path.
22:55  The disbelievers will continue to be in doubt about the truth until the Final Hour comes abruptly, or the punishment of a barren day
22:56  On that Day, Allah will have the authority to judge between them. Those who believed and did righteous deeds will be in the gardens of delight,
22:57  but those who disbelieved and rejected Our signs will have a humiliating punishment.
22:58  Those who migrated for the sake of Allah, or were killed or died on the way, Allah will provide for them handsomely – and Allah is the best Provider –
22:59  admitting them to a place that pleases them. Allah is Knowing, Gentle
22:60  That is Allah’s command, and whoever retaliates in equal measure to any injury received, and is then wronged again, Allah will support him to regain his right. Allah is Pardoning, Forgiving.
22:61  Allah merges night into day and day into night, and Allah is Hearing, Seeing.
22:62  That is also because Allah alone is Real, and anything else they call on besides Him is false. It is Allah who is the Exalted, the Great
22:63  Have you not considered how Allah sends rain from the sky, turning the Earth green? Allah is Subtle, Aware.
22:64  Everything in the Heavens and the Earth belongs to Him. Allah is the Self-Sufficient, the Praiseworthy.
22:65  Have you not considered how Allah made everything on Earth to serve you? Ships sail on the sea by His command, and He holds the sky in place so that it does not fall on to the Earth; everything happens with His permission. Allah is Compassionate, Kind to people.
22:66  It is He who brought you to life, then causes you to die, and will then bring you back to life. How ungrateful are humans!
22:67  We prescribed rituals for every community to practise. So let them not argue with you over such matters. Instead invite them to your Lord, for you are guided on a straight path.
22:68  If they argue with you, say: “Allah knows best what you are doing.
22:69  Allah will decide between you on Judgement Day regarding your differences.”
22:70  Do you not accept that Allah knows whatever exists in the sky and on Earth? All is recorded in a Book, that’s easy for Allah
22:71  They worship beside Allah things for which no authority has been revealed, nor do they have knowledge. Consequently, such wrongdoers shall have no helper.
22:72  Whenever you recite Our clear verses to them, you can recognise disapproval on the disbelievers’ faces, to the extent that they are almost violent towards those who recite Our verses to them. Say: “Shall I inform you of something even worse? The Fire which Allah has promised those who disbelieve. A wretched destination!
22:73  People, here is an example, so listen to it carefully: the idols you worship beside Allah can’t create a fly, even if they all got together to do so. In fact, if a fly were to snatch something from them, they would be unable to take it back. How weak are both the devotee and the object of devotion!
22:74  They fail to accord Allah the power that He deserves. Allah is Strong, Mighty.
22:75  Allah chooses messengers from among the angels and humans; Allah is Hearing, Seeing.
22:76  He knows their past, and future deeds, and eventually all affairs return to Allah
22:77  Believers, bow down and prostrate in worship of your Lord, and do good so you may succeed.
22:78  Strive for the sake of Allah to do what is right, as much as He deserves. He chose you and placed no hardship in the religion. It is the way of worship of your father Ibrahim. Long ago he named you “Muslims”, as in this Quran, so that the Messenger might stand witness against you if you strayed, and that you might stand witness against humanity’s vices. So perform the prayer, give Zakat and hold firmly to faith in Allah your Protector. How excellent a Protector, and how excellent a Helper