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22:1  O men of Mecca, fear your Lord. Verily the shock of the last hour will be a terrible thing
22:2  On the day whereon ye shall see it, every woman who giveth suck shall forget the infant which she suckleth, and every female that is with young shall cast her burden; and thou shalt see men seemingly drunk, yet they shall not be really drunk: But the punishment of God will be severe
22:3  There is a man who disputeth concerning God without knowledge, and followeth every rebellious devil
22:4  Against whom it is written, that whoever shall take him for his patron, he shall surely seduce him, and shall lead him into the torment of hell
22:5  O men, if ye be in doubt concerning the resurrection, consider that We first created you of the dust of the ground; afterwards, of seed; afterwards, of a little coagulated blood; afterwards, of a piece of flesh, perfectly formed in part, and in part imperfectly formed; that We might make our power manifest unto you: And We cause that which We please to rest in the wombs, until the appointed time of delivery. Then We bring you forth infants; and afterwards We permit you to attain your age of full strength: And one of you dieth in his youth, and another of you is postponed to a decrepit age, so that he forgetteth whatever he knew. Thou seest the earth sometimes dried up and barren: But when We send down rain thereon, it is put in motion, and swelleth, and produceth every kind of luxuriant vegetables
22:6  This sheweth that God is the truth, and that He raiseth the dead to life, and that He is almighty
22:7  and that the hour of judgment will surely come, (there is no doubt thereof), and that God will raise again those who are in the graves
22:8  There is a man who disputeth concerning God without either knowledge, or a direction, or an enlightening book
22:9  proudly turning his side, that he may seduce men from the way of God. Ignominy shall attend him in this world; and on the day of resurrection We will make him taste the torment of burning
22:10  when it shall be said unto him, this thou sufferest because of that which thy hands have formerly committed; for God is not unjust towards mankind
22:11  There are some men who serve God in a wavering manner, standing, as it were, on the verge of the true religion. If good befall one of them, he resteth satisfied therein; but if any tribulation befall him, he turneth himself round, with the loss both of this world, and of the life to come. This is manifest perdition
22:12  He will call upon that, besides God, which can neither hurt him, nor profit him. This is an error remote from truth
22:13  He will invoke him who will sooner be of hurt to his worshipper than of advantage. Such is surely a miserable patron, and a miserable companion
22:14  But God will introduce those who shall believe, and do righteous works, into gardens through which rivers flow; for God doth that which He pleaseth
22:15  Whoso thinketh that God will not assist his apostle in this world, and in the world to come, let him strain a rope towards heaven, then let him put an end to his life, and see whether his devices can render that ineffectual, for which he was angry
22:16  Thus do We send down the Koran, being evident signs; for God directeth whom He pleaseth
22:17  As to the true believers, and those who judaize, and the Sabians, and the Christians, and Magians, and the idolaters; verily God shall judge between them on the day of resurrection; for God is witness of all things
22:18  Dost thou not perceive that all creatures both in heaven and on earth adore God; and the sun, and the moon, and the stars, and the mountains, and the beasts, and many men? But many are worthy of chastisement: And whomsoever God shall render despicable, there shall be none to honour; for God doth that which He pleaseth
22:19  These are two opposite parties, who dispute concerning their Lord. And they who believe not, shall have garments of fire fitted unto them: boiling water shall be poured on their heads
22:20  their bowels shall be dissolved thereby, and also their skins
22:21  and they shall be beaten with maces of iron
22:22  So often as they shall endeavour to get out of hell, because of the anguish of their torments, they shall be dragged back into the same; and their tormentors shall say unto them, taste ye the pain of burning
22:23  God will introduce those who shall believe, and act righteously, into gardens through which rivers flow: They shall be adorned therein with bracelets of gold, and pearls; and their vestures therein shall be silk
22:24  They are directed unto a good saying; and are directed into the honourable way
22:25  But they who shall disbelieve, and obstruct the way of God, and hinder men from visiting the holy temple of Mecca, which We have appointed for a place of worship unto all men: The inhabitant thereof, and the stranger have an equal right to visit it: And whosoever shall seek impiously to profane it, We will cause him to taste a grievous torment
22:26  Call to mind when We gave the site of the house of the Caaba for an abode unto Abraham, saying, do not associate any thing with Me; and cleanse my house for those who compass it, and who stand up, and who bow down to worship
22:27  And proclaim unto the people a solemn pilgrimage; let them come unto thee on foot, and on every lean camel, arriving from every distant road
22:28  that they may be witnesses of the advantages which accrew to them from the visiting this holy place, and may commemorate the name of God on the appointed days, in gratitude for the brute cattle which He hath bestowed on them. Wherefore eat thereof, and feed the needy, and the poor
22:29  Afterwards let them put an end to the neglect of their persons; and let them pay their vows, and compass the ancient house
22:30  This let them do. And whoever shall regard the sacred ordinances of God; this will be better for him in the sight of his Lord. All sorts of cattle are allowed you to eat, except what hath been read unto you, in former passages of the Koran, to be forbidden. But depart from the abomination of idols, and avoid speaking that which is false: Being orthodox in respect to God
22:31  associating no other god with Him; for whoever associateth any other with God, is like that which falleth from heaven, and which the birds snatch away, or the wind bloweth to a far distant place
22:32  This is so. And whoso maketh valuable offerings unto God; verily they proceed from the piety of men's hearts
22:33  Ye receive various advantages from the cattle designed for sacrifices, until a determined time for slaying them: Then the place of sacrificing them is at the ancient house
22:34  Unto the professors of every religion have We appointed certain rites, that they may commemorate the name of God on slaying the brute cattle which He hath provided for them. Your God is one God: Wherefore resign your selves wholly unto Him. And do thou bear good tidings unto those who humble themselves
22:35  whose hearts, when mention is made of God, are struck with fear; and unto those who patiently endure that which befalleth them; and who duely perform their prayers, and give alms out of what We have bestowed on them
22:36  The camels slain for sacrifice have We appointed for you as symbols of your obedience unto God: Ye also receive other advantages from them. Wherefore commemorate the name of God over them, when ye slay them, standing on their feet disposed in right order: And when they are fallen down dead, eat of them; and give to eat thereof both unto him who is content with what is given him, without asking, and unto him who asketh. Thus have We given you dominion over them, that ye might return Us thanks
22:37  Their flesh is not accepted of God, neither their blood; but your piety is accepted of Him. Thus have We given you dominion over them, that ye might magnify God, for the revelations whereby He hath directed you. And bear good tidings unto the righteous
22:38  that God will repel the ill designs of the infidels from the true believers; for God loveth not every perfidious unbeliever
22:39  Permission is granted unto those who take arms against the unbelievers, for that they have been unjustly persecuted by them: -- (and God is certainly able to assist them)
22:40  Who have been turned out of their habitations injuriously, and for no other reason than because they say, our Lord is God. And if God did not repel the violence of some men by others, verily monasteries, and churches, and synagogues, and the temples of the Moslems, wherein the name of God is frequently commemorated, would be utterly demolished. And God will certainly assist him who shall be on his side: For God is strong and mighty
22:41  And He will assist those who, if We establish them in the earth, will observe prayer, and give alms, and command that which is just, and forbid that which is unjust. And unto God shall be the end of all things
22:42  If they accuse thee, O Mohammed, of imposture; consider that, before them, the people of Noah, and the tribes of Ad and Thamud
22:43  and the people of Abraham, and the people of Lot
22:44  and the inhabitants of Madian, accused their prophets of imposture: And Moses was also charged with falsehood. And I granted a long respite unto the unbelievers: But afterwards I chastised them; and how different was the change I made in their condition
22:45  How many cities have We destroyed, which were ungodly, and which are now fallen to ruin on their roofs? And how many wells have been abandoned, and lofty castles
22:46  Do they not therefore journey through the land? And have they not hearts to understand with, or ears to hear with? Surely as to these things their eyes are not blind, but the hearts are blind which are in their breasts
22:47  They will urge thee to hasten the threatened punishment; but God will not fail to perform what He hath threatened: And verily one day with thy Lord is as a thousand years, of those which ye compute
22:48  Unto how many cities have I granted respite, though they were wicked? Yet afterwards I chastised them: And unto Me shall they come to be judged, at the last day
22:49  Say, O men, verily I am only a public preacher unto you
22:50  And they who believe, and do good works, shall obtain forgiveness and an honourable provision
22:51  But those who endeavour to make our signs of none effect, shall be the inhabitants, of hell
22:52  We have sent no apostle, or prophet, before thee, but, when he read, Satan suggested some error in his reading. But God shall make void that which Satan hath suggested: Then shall God confirm his signs; for God is knowing and wise
22:53  But this He permitteth, that He may make that which Satan hath suggested, a temptation unto those in whose hearts there is an infirmity, and whose hearts are hardened: -- for the ungodly are certainly in a wide disagreement from the truth: -
22:54  And that they on whom knowledge hath been bestowed, may know that this book is the truth from thy Lord, and may believe therein; and that their hearts may acquiesce in the same: For God is surely the director of those who believe, into the right way
22:55  But the infidels will not cease to doubt concerning it, until the hour of judgment cometh suddenly upon them; or until the punishment of a grievous day overtake them
22:56  On that day the kingdom shall be God's: He shall judge between them. And they who shall have believed, and shall have wrought righteousness, shall be in gardens of pleasure
22:57  But they who shall have disbelieved, and shall have charged our signs with falsehood, those shall suffer a shameful punishment
22:58  And as to those who shall have fled their country for the sake of God's true religion, and afterwards shall have been slain, or shall have died; on them will God bestow an excellent provision; and God is the best provider
22:59  He will surely introduce them with an introduction with which they shall be well-pleased: For God is knowing and gracious
22:60  This is so. Whoever shall take a vengeance equal to the injury which hath been done him, and shall afterwards be unjustly treated; verily God will assist him: For God is merciful, and ready to forgive
22:61  This shall be done, for that God causeth the night to succeed the day, and He causeth the day to succeed the night; and for that God both heareth and seeth
22:62  This, because God is truth, and because what they invoke besides Him, is vanity; and for that God is the high, the mighty
22:63  Dost thou not see that God sendeth down water from heaven, and the earth becometh green? For God is gracious and wise
22:64  Unto Him belongeth whatsoever is in heaven and on earth: And God is self-sufficient, worthy to be praised
22:65  Dost thou not see that God hath subjected whatever is in the earth to your service, and also the ships which sail in the sea, by his command? And He with-holdeth the heaven that it fall not on the earth, unless by his permission: For God is gracious unto mankind, and merciful
22:66  It is He who hath given you life, and will hereafter cause you to die; afterwards He will again raise you to life, at the resurrection: But man is surely ungrateful
22:67  Unto the professors of every religion have We appointed certain rites, which they observe. Let them not therefore dispute with thee concerning this matter; but invite them unto thy Lord: For thou followest the right direction
22:68  But if they enter into debate with thee, answer, God well knoweth that which ye do
22:69  God will judge between you, on the day of resurrection, concerning that wherein ye now disagree
22:70  Dost thou not know that God knoweth whatever is in heaven and on earth? Verily this is written in the book of his decrees: This is easy with God
22:71  They worship, besides God, that concerning which He hath sent down no convincing proof, and concerning which they have no knowledge: But the unjust doers shall have none to assist them
22:72  And when our evident signs are rehearsed unto them, thou mayest perceive, in the countenances of the unbelievers, a disdain thereof: It wanteth little but that they rush with violence on those who rehearse our signs unto them. Say, shall I declare unto you a worse thing than this? The fire of hell, which God hath threatened unto those who believe not, is worse; and an unhappy journey shall it be thither
22:73  O men, a parable is propounded unto you; wherefore hearken unto it. Verily the idols which ye invoke, besides God, can never create a single fly, although they were all assembled for that purpose: And if the fly snatch any thing from them, they cannot recover the same from it. Weak is the petitioner, and the petitioned
22:74  They judge not of God according to his due estimation: For God is powerful and mighty
22:75  God chooseth messengers from among the angels, and from among men: For God is He who heareth and seeth
22:76  He knoweth that which is before them, and that which is behind them: And unto God shall all things return
22:77  O true believers, bow down, and prostrate your selves, and worship your Lord; and work righteousness, that ye may be happy
22:78  And fight in defence of God's true religion, as it behoveth you to fight for the same. He hath chosen you, and hath not imposed on you any difficulty in the religion which He hath given you, the religion of your father Abraham: He hath named you Moslems heretofore, and in this book; that our apostle may be a witness against you at the day of judgment, and that ye may be witnesses against the rest of mankind. Wherefore be ye constant at prayer; and give alms: And adhere firmly unto God. He is your master; and He is the best master, and the best protector