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22:1  O’ mankind, Be at awe with your Lord and obey Him. Do not forget that when the most horrible earthquake of the Day of Judgment takes place, you have no one but God to seek refuge in
22:2  That earthquake is so awesome that the kindest mother nursing her child will throw away him and that all pregnant women will miscarry their babies and that mankind will resembled to the wondering junkies without having used any drug and worse than all these is the punishment of God imposed upon the guilty ones
22:3  Look how some people are disputing about the existence and the characteristics of God without having any knowledge and background just being turned on by any rebellious Satan
22:4  The Satan has promised to de-route his followers and to lead them to the Hell Fire
22:5  O’ mankind, if you have any doubt about [the Lord’s promised] resurrection, consider this: I am the One Who created the first man from earthly materials and then established the following system for your evolution. You were a tiny egg, then I turned you into a piece of an almost dried blood, out of which I brought up a little lump of flesh. Some embryos survive and some are miscarried. I am telling you all this in detail to make it plain to you. Thus the surviving embryos will stay in the wombs of their mother for a fixed period of time. I bring you then to this world1 as an infant and help you to grow and reach the height of your strength. Some of you die earlier and some of you are destined to see you miserable old ages, when you will forget all you knew. As an another example for the possibility of Resurrection, consider a dead land. As soon as I sent My rain, it becomes alive and give birth to all kinds of vegetation
22:6  Thus you should realize that your Lord is Truthful. He gives life to dead and He is capable of doing everything
22:7  Have no doubt about the coming of an Hour in which the Lord will Resurrect all from their graves
22:8  People dispute about the Lord: A subject in which they do not have the least knowledge about. They have neither a proper guidance nor are they armed with an enlightening Scripture
22:9  Such people turn their back, in account of their false pride and do your best in order to see the others lost too. They will have nothing but disgrace in this life and, on the Day of Resurrection, I will make them taste the pain of being burnt in the Fire
22:10  They will hear: “This is what you prepared for yourselves. (Do not blame god for it as) God is not unjust to His servants.”
22:11  Some people worship God conditionally! If things go their way, they are satisfied with their belief. If they are put through the test of hardship, they will loose their faith. Such people have lost both this world and the Hereafter; what losers they are
22:12  The real looser is the one who worships other than God (in any form or shape.) That is because, such idols can neither help him nor inflict a harm upon him (what a waste of time to worship it then.
22:13  As a matter of fact, such “god” is more apt to hurt him rather than help him. What a miserable “lord” [to choose]; what a nasty companion to have
22:14  As for God, He will reward those who believe (and do good deeds) by admitting them into Gardens where the rivers flow underneath. Yes, God is capable of doing anything that He wishes
22:15  The one who doubts that God is of no help to him neither in this world nor in the Hereafter, has only one choice: to throw a rope up to the sky, mount it, make a hole in the sky, and get angry [for not having found a written answer to his doubt even up there!]
22:16  Thus I send My Revelations so clearly [in layman’s language;] God alone guides whoever He wills (and deserves such guidance.
22:17  God witnesses everything. Therefore, on the Day of Resurrection, He will judge among those who have chosen to believe, the Jews, the Christians, the Sabeans (who believe that John the Baptist is the last Prophet of God,) the Zoroastrians, and those who have chosen the disbelief
22:18  Do you not see that everything in the heavens and the earth submits himself to the will of God (obeys the laws of nature that God has imposed upon them)? Do you not see that the sun, the moon, the stars, the mountains, the trees, all living species, as well as lots of human beings (who, in their absolute freedom of choice given to them by God,) and even those who deserve the punishment of their Lord submit themselves to the Lord? The one whom God subjects to disgrace (and rightfully deprives him of further guidance,) none can give him the honor (of understanding the truth.) God does whatever He wishes
22:19  Here are two parties (the believers and the disbelievers) who dispute about their Lord. The disbelievers should know that there are garments of Fire prepared for them and that the boiling water is waiting to be poured down over their heads
22:20  The water will be so hot that not only it will burn their skins but also penetrate and melt inside them
22:21  There are also maces of iron to lash them
22:22  When they desperately try to get out of the Hell, they will be pushed back and will be told: “Taste the agony of burning.”
22:23  God will admit those who believe and do good deeds into the Gardens beneath which the rivers flow. They will carry bracelets of gold and pearls and wear garments made of silk
22:24  They have been indeed guided by the purest speech (Lord’s Revelations) to the path of the Most Praised One
22:25  Those who have chosen to disbelieve, try to deviate people from the path of the Lord, do not let people to have equal access to the Sacred Mosque (made by Abraham for the worship of God) that I have designated for the local people and the pilgrims, and pollute it (by putting their man made idols in it,) should know that I will punish them severely
22:26  I appointed Abraham to erect the Shrine (in Mecca) saying: “Never associate anything in worship with Me. Purify My Shrine for those who will come to turn around it, stand up for prayer, bow down, and fall in prostration.”
22:27  “Call people to come (for the pilgrimage) and they will come on foot, and on exhausted means of transportations from far away.”
22:28  “Thus, they may go through the experiences that will benefit them (such as standing next to each other in inexpensive uniforms in the middle of the desert which will remind them of standing in front of the Creator in the Day of Judgment.) They will mention the name of God, while sacrificing an animal that I have provided for them at first place. They may eat from it and feeds the poor who are going through hard time.”
22:29  “Then let them complete their obligations, fulfill their vows, and go round the ancient shrine.”
22:30  Thus it was (duties prescribed by God for mankind who owes this pilgrimage to the Lord.) A good reward is reserved for the one who honors the Lord’s commandments. The cattle have been made lawful to you, with the exceptions mentioned. Avoid the filthy practice of idol worshipping and avoid lying
22:31  Maintain your sincere devotion to the Lord. Do not worship none beside Him. The one who worships beside God, is like the person who falls from the sky ending up either being snatched by the vultures or carried away by the wind to a far off place
22:32  These are the mankind’s obligation to the Lord. Those who establish the Lord’s rituals, in fact demonstrate the piety of their heart
22:33  You have already benefited enough from your cattle (their milk, their wools, their giving rides to you,, etc.) before offering them as a sacrifice in the ancient shrine
22:34  I have prescribed to each nation (and all of them, except the Muslims have forgotten) to sacrifice some animals of their cattle which I have given them at first place. Know that your God is the One and Only Lord. Submit yourself to Him. Let the obedient people know what a good destiny is awaiting them
22:35  When such people hear the name of God, their hearts are filled with awe. They patiently deal with the difficulties of life, worship god on regular basis, and spend a part of what God has given them in the way of God (charity.
22:36  Herding your animals to Mecca for the sacrifice are among the rituals decreed by God for your own good. Mention the name of God (asking His permission for the slaughter of a living animal) while they are brought in line for sacrifice. Once slaughtered, eat of that meet and also give to the poor people (whether they ask for it or not.) I have subjected them to you so that you may show your gratitude [by sacrificing them.]
22:37  It is neither their meat nor their blood (which is the basis for the Christianity) that reaches the Lord; it is your righteousness (in feeding the poor) which touches the Lord. That is why I have made them subservient to you so that you may your appreciation for His favors. Thus, let the charitable people know about their good destiny
22:38  God will defend those who have chosen to believe for the simple reason that He does not like the treacherous unappreciative people
22:39  Thus, permission (to fight and defend themselves) to those who have been subject to an injustice and God certainly is capable of helping them
22:40  These are the people who have been expelled from their land unjustly, just because they were saying: “Our Lord is God.” If God had not willed to destroy one nation by another nation, monasteries, churches, synagogues and mosques (wherein the name of the Lord is frequently praised) would have been destroyed. God will give victory to those who bring Him the victory; He is the Most Powerful, Almighty
22:41  These are the people that, if I establish their nation on earth, will worship the Lord on regular basis, engage in charity, encourage people to do good things, and discourage them of wrongdoings. It is God Who has the final word
22:42  Do not worry, if they deny you. The peoples of Noah, Ad and Thamud also denied their Prophets
22:43  So did the people of Abraham and the people of Lot
22:44  So did the people of Midyan. Moses was also rejected. I gave ample time to disbelievers and then I called them to account; how terrible was My punishment
22:45  I destroyed many townships in account of their inhabitants’ wickedness. Their ruins are lying upside down upon their roofs. How many wells are left useless and how many castles are abandoned
22:46  Do they never travel to see these ruins that may make them to think and open their ears (and let the word of God penetrate in?) The fact of the matter is, there is nothing wrong with their eyes; it is the consciousness which is blind to the fact
22:47  They challenge you as to when God will punish them. God never reneges His promise. The (calendar of the Lord, however is different from your and a) Day of God is equal to a thousand of your years
22:48  I gave ample time to any a community in the past before punishing them in account of their wickedness. To God is everyone’s destiny
22:49  Say: “People, I am only a plain Warner.”
22:50  “Those who choose to believe and do good deeds, they will receive the Lord’s forgiveness and a generous reward.”
22:51  “As for those who make it a business of theirs to challenge My Revelations, they will end up in the Hell.”
22:52  All Prophets and Messengers before you had to deal with the Satan’s intervention. God, however, reveals the true nature of the Satan’s suggestions and establishes His Divine Laws. God is the Most Knowledgeable, the Most Wise
22:53  God has permitted Satan’s intervention to let people choose (in their absolute freedom, either to enjoy a healthy mind or) to have sick mind (the same way that the drug users choose to have a sick body) which becomes (increasingly) insensitive to truth. Thus the wicked is drifted far away
22:54  Such trial, also, gives the opportunity to those who have earned the knowledge to realize that this Qur’an is the Truth sent by the Lord and that they may choose to believe in it (knowing and choosing are two different things.) God will make such people sensitive to His Revelations and guide those who have chosen to believe to the right path
22:55  The disbelievers have to constantly debate their doubts until they suddenly come face to face either with their worldly punishment or the Day of Judgment (which in either case it will be to late to make a choice.
22:56  On that Day, God will exercise His Power (and will end the freedom of choice that He has given to mankind and other creatures of His.) He will judge between His creatures. Those who have chosen to believe and done good deeds will be admitted to the Gardens of Paradise
22:57  Those who chose to disbelieve and disregard His Revelations, they have to face their humiliating punishment
22:58  As for those who were forced to leave their houses (and emigrate in account of their belief) and were either killed or died, God has provided for them a generous provision. Know that God is the Best Provider
22:59  God will let them enter to Paradise and they will be very pleased with their admission. Know that God is the Most Knowledgeable (and knows what troubles His martyrs have gone through) and the Most patient (letting the mean people do all kind of wickedness in their absolute freedom of choice.
22:60  Now for the one who has defended himself (by doing exactly what has been done to him) and then is persecuted (say by the irrational laws of the land,) God will help him. After all, God is Forgiving and (even though the retaliation implies the repetition of the same savage act, He is) Pardoning
22:61  That is because God hears everything and sees everything (a Judge in an earthly court does not have such an insight and, consequently, cannot render the full justice. Besides) God is the One Who merges the night into the day and merges the day into the night (and such a Power, Who makes this gigantic earth to turn around its axle, has the final word in what is right and what is wrong in this planet.
22:62  It is a fact that God is the truth and what they refer to beside Him (such as man made laws or a dictator’s rules or deified things) is falsehood. The Lord is the Most High, the Supreme
22:63  Do you not see how God turns the land green by sending water from the sky (which by itself is a great miracle.) Yes, God is the Most Courteous, and Well Acquainted
22:64  To God belongs all that is in the heavens and in the earth. Therefore, He is the Wealthiest and the Most Praiseworthy
22:65  Do you not see that God has put at your disposal whatever you find on earth? Do you not see that He has subjected the boat to the law that let she float over the sea (instead of sinking)? do you not see that He is supporting the sky (with the ozone layer) and does not let the heavenly bodies fall on earth (due to the laws of mutual gravity which keeps the planets from collusion), unless He decides so (such as falling of a meteor on earth)? Indeed God is the Most Kind and Merciful (in providing such a hospitable environment) to mankind
22:66  God is the One Who has given you life, will put you to death and will bring you back to life. How ungrateful is man
22:67  I am the Originator of the rituals by which each nation worship Me. Therefore, (now that I have sent you with this way of worshipping Me,) they should not dispute with you (about keeping their rituals instead of the way of worship that I am thus prescribing.) Invite people to the way of your Lord. Certainly, what you are inviting them to, is the right way
22:68  If they start to dispute about the wisdom of their rituals, say: “God knows what is behind what you are doing.”
22:69  “On the Day of Resurrection, God will judge among you regarding all your disputes.”
22:70  Do you not know that God knows anything that happens in the heavens and the earth? Everything is being recorded and this is an easy thing for God. (If man can record the events with his newly invented video recorder, so can God.
22:71  Yet they worship others beside God who do not have the least awareness of being worshipped as God has not given them such capacity. Such unjust people will have no helpers (neither God nor what they are worshipping.
22:72  When My easy to understand Revelations are recited to them, you may see the spark of wickedness on their faces. They become so violent with those who refer to My Revelations. Say to them: “If these Revelations displease you, let me inform you of something worse which is the Fire of Hell that God has promised it to the disbelievers. What an evil place to end up in.”
22:73  Listen people; whatever you worship beside God, cannot create even a fly, even though they combine their forces together. Now if a fly of Mine snatches away something from them, they cannot get it back from it! How weak of a worshipper and an object of worship
22:74  They do not appreciate the Lord the way He should be appreciated. God is Strong and Almighty
22:75  God Hears everything and sees everything. He chooses His Messengers among the angels and human being [the same ones that you worship (such as Jesus and Holy Spirit) instead of God.]
22:76  He knows you inside out and you will eventually be summoned to his court for questioning
22:77  O’ you who have chosen to believe, worship your Lord by bowing down and falling prostrate (the same way that all Prophets of God have worshipped Himobeying your Lord, and doing good deeds so that you may succeed
22:78  Strive for the cause of God the same way that His cause is worthy of strive. He has chosen you and has given you an easy to follow way of life. you belong to the nation (of God worshippers) originated by Abraham. He called you Muslims (in Arabic meaning those who submit themselves to God) back then; and now your Prophet is a role model for you and you shall serve as a role model for the entire humanity. Therefore, worship the Lord on regular basis, be charitable, and hold fast to God. He is your Lord; what an excellent guardian, what an excellent helper