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22:1  O you people: Regard Allah, your Creator, with reverence and awe and entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Him. The quake of the universe at the Final flour in. Day of Judgement is indeed astounding. It excites intense horror
22:2  The Day you see it shall every nursing mother forget her suckling and every pregnant female -human and animal- shall miscarry what is conceived in her womb, and you see the people stunned and thrown into confusion while not intoxicated. But it is actually the reflection of Allah's wrath speaking thunder
22:3  Yet among the people is he who argues about Allah in ignorance and by want of thought and follows every disobedient devil and follows those with characteristics befitting AL-Shaytan (Satan) who is evil personified
22:4  He AL-Shaytan has been designated as evil itself and he who takes him as his tutelary friend or guardian shall be misled and be lost in the maze of error led by the nose to where he suffers the torment of the blazing fire laid upon the damned
22:5  O You people: if you are in doubt of Resurrection; nonetheless We raised you from dust, then We made you evolve from a seed* -a constituent part of emitted fluid- then from a clinging organism then from a bolus-like mass of coherent body of matter partly shaped and partly not yet shaped, to realize Allah's Omnipotence. And We embed in the wombs what we will for a determined period of time, We then disburden the wombs of you as a new born babe, then you grow to maturity. And among you is he who is caused to die and also he who is carried through the stealing steps of age to advanced life that he loses the wits which were once about him and he loses remembrance of knowledge he formerly mastered; he becomes the abject heir of an illustrious name. And you see the earth lifeless and barren and when We send rain down upon and it is stirred to activity, it thrives and it is stirred to activity, flourishes and vegetates variegated vegetal growths of like things
22:6  This is by reason of Allah's attributes. He is Truth personified and He is it Who raises the dead and restores them to life and He is indeed Qadirun (Omnipotent) over all things and to accomplish what He will
22:7  He authoritatively states that: The Final Hour (Day of Judgement) is an undoubted Event and an absolute certainty and that Allah shall resurrect those deposited in the graves
22:8  Yet among the people is he who argues about Allah in ignorance and by want of thought and guidance and by want of a Book imparting divine knowledge, wisdom and spiritual light
22:9  -You see him- bending his side in disdain, and slipping aside from righteousness and piety in order to mislead the people from the path of Allah. He shall suffer shame, dishonour and disgrace and We will make him taste the blazes Hereafter
22:10  "This is in consequence", he is told, "of what your wrongful and unclean hands have committed, and Allah is not He Who does not observe the principles of justice when He judges His servants whether they are bad or angels"
22:11  And among people are some who serve Allah conditionally, standing on the brink or border, as it were, between faith without and infidelity within. If all goes well with any of them and he makes worldly gains he is gratified and he advances without and to his heart's content. And should he be tested for true belief and inclination and he is consequently befallen with a misfortune or wedded to a calamity he retracts and retreats within, he tumbles down on his face and turns renegade wherefore he loses both worlds, here and Hereafter, And this is indeed the utmost loss
22:12  He erroneously invokes besides Allah objects unable to harm him nor profit him and this is perversion in the extreme
22:13  He invokes an object which would sooner hurt him than profit him. How bad is the tutelary guardian and how bad is the society
22:14  Allah does indeed welcome those whose hearts are imprinted with the image of religious and spiritual virtues and their deeds with wisdom and piety. He mercifully admits them to Gardens beneath which rivers flow and Allah does what He will
22:15  He who feels that Allah shall not afford His Prophet help here nor Hereafter, may attach a rope to the ceiling or stretch a rope heavenward to hang himself and cuts off his own breath or tries to stop the Prophet's help from heaven and sees whether such a plan or a scheme shall annul his rage
22:16  Thus did We reveal it -the Quran- embodying clear and plain revelations guiding out of darkness and superstition of later times and out of want of spiritual and intellectual sight into illumination and enlightenment; Allah does indeed guide whom He will
22:17  Those who have acknowledged the Prophet Muhammad and those disposed to believe in the Prophets of the past and those who profess Judaism and the Christians and the various sects of the Sabeites or Mendaites and of the Sabians as well as the Majiis (Magians, lived in Persia, Median & Mesopotamia, worshipped fire as a fit emblem of Allah) and those who incorporated with Allah other deities, shall all have much to answer for. Allah shall judge between them in Day of Judgement; He is the Omnipresent Who witnesses all actions and all things
22:18  Do you not see O you who are oblivious of Allah's Omnipotence that to Allah do all creatures in the heavens and on earth prostrate in adoration, praise and worship, and so do the sun and the moon, the stars and the mountains, the trees and the animals and a great many among mankind! Moreover, a great many have deserved punishment. And he whom Allah defames or treats with contempt shall no one be able to restore his honour. Allah does what He will
22:19  There, you people have an intellectual acquirement to comprehend: two opponents who argued, one in favour and the other against Allah, their Creator. As for those invested with the ugly vesture of disbelief, their measures have been taken for fitting them with an exclusive attire; vesture made of fire, and on their heads, the seat of thought and imagination will be poured hot water bubbling over in agitation
22:20  -Boiling water- diffusing itself throughout to melt what is in their bellies and liquefy their skins
22:21  They will be restricted in solitary confinement within cells ribbed and vaulted with iron
22:22  As often as they seek relief they try to get out from thence, only to be returned back therein and be told: "Taste the torture of burning in the fire"
22:23  Allah receives with hearty welcome those whose hearts have been touched with the divine hand and whose deeds reflected wisdom and piety. He admits them to Gardens beneath which rivers flow where they shall be adorned with golden and pearled-bracelets and vested in silken attire
22:24  They were instinctively guided to use gracious words in their discourse and they were graced with Allah's guidance to His path, the path of AL-Aziz (the Almighty) to whom are extolled the glorious attributes
22:25  Indeed, those infidels who rejected Allah and stood in the way to prevent His spirit of truth from guiding people into all truth, malevolently obstructing the way to the Sacrosanct House shall have much to answer for We made it a refuge at the disposal of all men alike, retreating therein and exercising religious devotion as well as to the strangers. He among them whose intention is irreverence and profanity, blasphemy and wrong-doing will have come within the measure of Allah's wrath. We will make him taste the torment laid upon the damned
22:26  We had indicated to Ibrahim (Abraham) the site where he would build the Sacrosanct House and We instructed him thus: "Do not incorporate with Me other deities", "and cleanse My House from moral and spiritual defilements -idols and the like, placed by the Pagans- and impart to it real sacredness, and make it ceremonially clean for those who go round it in procession and for those who perform the act of worship standing and for those who kneel in supplication and prostrate to make an act of the mind and the will in acknowledgement of Allah's Omnipotence, Perfection and Authority prostrating their reason to divine revelation"
22:27  "And proclaim pilgrimage to the people; they shall come to you on foot and mounted upon the back of every lean and exhausted beast of burden from every deep, distant and far away places"
22:28  "They shall be eager to respond to your call to observe facts and events considered a source of knowledge, and to participate in the intercourse of life and envisage the spiritual and the deeply moving sacred events and associations dating back as the most ancient times." "And they will extoll and proclaim the glorious attributes of Allah throughout the predetermined days in appreciation of Allah's blessings, and be impelled to the feeling of gratitude and gratefulness for what He provided for them of cattle for sacrifice, and to fulfill what He has enjoined" Thus: "Eat there from if you may and feed the indigent and the needy who are in need of Zakat (alms), " for zakat is but the vehicle of prayer
22:29  "Thereafter they shall be permitted to remove the unwanted biological accumulations on their bodies -hair, dirt, nails, and to fulfill their promises and pay their vows -if any- and again go round the ancient Sacrosanct House in procession"
22:30  So be it, and he who honours what Allah has ordained to be observed will have accomplished what is laudable and acceptable to Him And in that connection, the flesh of cattle has been rendered lawful to you -camels, cows, sheep and the like animals reared for food- except those designated to you as forbidden. And avoid sacrificing animals under the immolation to idols. They are an abomination, and avoid telling a falsehood as well as the intentional assertion of what is false
22:31  Sincerely maintaining the precepts of Allah's system of faith and worship authoritatively established by Him and not incorporating with Him other deities. And he who incorporates with Him other deities shall stand similitude exact of someone who has fallen from heaven and been snatched by the birds of prey -which make a rapid sweeping descent upon its prey- or been swept away by a storm in its fury to a distant and far off place
22:32  So be it, and he who honours Allah's sacred acts and rites and turns his thoughts upon the duties owed to Him will have won Allah's affection; for honouring Allah's rites is an endearment of the hearts reflective of piety
22:33  You advantage yourselves of them up to a determined point of time then they are taken to where they belong, the Ancient Sacrosanct House, where they are sacrificed and pilgrimage will have had all its rites
22:34  And to every people did We authoritatively determine certain rites -of sacrifice- that they may use the sacred event to commemorate Allah's Name and perform the sacrifice under the immolation of His Name as a form of warm feeling of good will and gratitude for what He has provided for them of live stock reared for food. For indeed, your Allah is One and only. Therefore, conform your will to His will -in Islam-. Meanwhile, announce O Muhammad joyful tidings to those
22:35  b) Who lift to Allah their inward sight while their innermost being is actuated with the feeling of dread mingled with veneration at the mention and the thought of Him
22:36  And the camels and cows did We make lawful for you to use in the event of your oblation of thanks giving and in your offering. They serve as a store from which you obtain advantages in plenty. Therefore, pronounce Allah's Name on them as they are lined up, slaughtered and laid on their sides. You may eat therefrom and feed him who is content and satisfied in mind despite poverty, as well as him who is needy and circumstances compel him to beg. Thus did We make them -these animals- subservient for you that you may hopefully impel yourselves to the feeling of gratitude and gratefulness
22:37  It is not their flesh nor their blood that reaches Allah. It is only the piety on your part, the obedience and the faithfulness to the duties owed to Him. We made them subservient to you so that you may praise Allah and extoll His glorious attributes in return for His guidance to you into all truth. Meanwhile proclaim O Muhammad joyful tidings to those whose deeds are imprinted with wisdom and piety
22:38  Indeed, Allah defends those whose hearts are imprinted with the image of religious and spiritual virtues whereas He simply detests the dishonest, the unfaithful and the treacherous given to infidelity and ingratitude
22:39  Those who have been attacked by the infidels who waged war against them for their belief in Allah are permitted to fight in defense of the wrong inflicted on them; Allah is indeed Qadirun (Omnipotent) enough to afford them help
22:40  They -the Muslims- were unjustly ousted from their homes for no reason other than expressing their thoughts in words, thus: "Our Allah is the Creator of the whole and of all in all". And were it not that Allah represses some people by others, monasteries, churches, synagogues oratories and mosques, where He is much remembered and His glorious attributes extolled would have been demolished and reduced to a useless form. But Allah does indeed help those whose purpose is to serve Him and advance His cause; Allah is indeed Qadirun and Azizun (Almighty)
22:41  These are they who lift to Allah their inward sight and will not neglect religious observances (the act of worship, zakat (almsgiving) enjoining what is just and right and forbidding what is evil) when given power and authority in the land. The ultimate decision of all affairs rests in the hands of Allah, - here and Hereafter-
22:42  Should they -the infidels- accuse you O Muhammad of falsehood, so did those before them, the people of Noah, of 'Ad -the 'Adites- and of Thamud -the Thamudites-; they charged their Prophets with imposturous pretence
22:43  So did the people of Ibrahim and those of Lut (Lot)
22:44  And those of Madyan and those of as Mussa (Moses). In consequence I granted them respite up to a predetermined point of time, then I cast them down from a position of prosperity and power and brought them to ruin, and how unbearable was the change of disposition and how intolerable was the fitting retribution
22:45  Wherefore many were the towns We destroyed with their wrongful inhabitants that they stood desolate and empty but of dilapidated trellises over hills of ruin, and the wells and the spacious and the highly decorated buildings neglected, empty and abandoned
22:46  Have they -these infidels- not journeyed through the land and employed the faculty of reason in forming conclusions and looked with their minds' eyes to realize as much as their hearts may comprehend and their ears may hear! Indeed, it is not the eyes of the body that go blind but it is the eyes of the hearts in the breasts and those of the mind
22:47  And they -the infidels- ask you O Muhammad to hasten on the promised retributive punishment. But never shall Allah break His promise nor go back on His word. And a day in your Creator's calendar is as a thousand years of your earthly calendar
22:48  And how many towns of wrongful inhabitants did I grant respite then I cast them down from a position of prosperity and power and brought them to ruin and to Me shall in the end be the destination
22:49  Say to the people: "O you people, I have been sent to you all as a spectacle and an evident warning"
22:50  Consequently, those who acknowledge Allah with hearts impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues and deeds with wisdom and piety shall be mercifully forgiven and be graced with blessed provision
22:51  Whereas those who strive to oppose and invalidate Our authoritative and divine signs shall be the inmates of Hell
22:52  Nor did We send before you O Muhammad a Messenger or a Prophet but was opposed by those with characteristics befitting AL-Shaytan. They were determined to suppress their volition and intervene between them and their divine cause and to influence the peoples' minds with their satanic wickedness. But there and then does Allah annul the satanic desire and render it void and He confirms His spirit of truth guiding into all truth and strengthening His cause. Allah is 'Alimun and Hakimun. (the Source of wisdom and wise mysterious dispensations)
22:53  Allah plans it in this manner in order to use the incitement instigated by the satanic as a trial for those whose hearts reflect the morbidity inherent in their inmost being and in whose hearts reigns cruelty. And the wrongful of actions are in disagreement producing extreme contention and discord
22:54  And those whose hearts are a storehouse of information and imparted knowledge rest assured that this Quran is the truth from Allah, your Creator, and in consequence accept it believe in it and humbly open their hearts' ears thereto. And Allah guides those who acknowledge Him to the path of righteousness
22:55  Nevertheless, the infidels continue to be in doubt of the divine nature of it -the Quran- and will remain undecided until the sudden encounter with death taking them by surprise planting their great Hereafter in the now or until they face the disastrous Day of Judgement which is barren of their expectations and their hopes are doomed to disappointment
22:56  There and then shall the Sovereign Authority and the right of controlling be exclusively that of Allah Who sits in judgement to confer the beatitude and the gardens of bliss on those whose hearts were imprinted with the image of religious and spiritual virtues and their deeds with wisdom and piety
22:57  And to requite the infidels who defiantly rejected Allah's divine and authoritative signs with the torment that is laid upon the damned
22:58  And those who quit their homes and their towns to settle where they could best serve Allah's purpose and strive in His cause whether killed in action or died of natural causes shall be honoured. Allah shall make His grace abound in them, for He is indeed the best Purveyor of all the material necessities and of all the spiritual attributes
22:59  He shall admit them into favour and grant them an honourable entry actuating them with the feeling of pleasure and satisfaction; Allah is indeed 'Alimun and Halimun (Forbearing) toward His creatures
22:60  And he who makes requital or retaliation on a person for an injury he has received shall -if he must- repay only in kind and in extent. Should he -the plaintiff- be offended further by the offender, then shall Allah help him -the former- against the aggressor -the latter- and give him victory over him; Allah is indeed ever 'Afuwun (Indulgent), and Ghafurun (Forgiving)
22:61  This is it, for Allah Who causes the night to lose its character and identity by absorption into the day and causes the day to lose its character and identity by absorption into the night is indeed able to keep His promise and His support to whom He will. And Allah is indeed Sami'un (Ominipresent) with unlimited audition and Bassirun (He clearly sees all things
22:62  Wherefore Allah is truth personified and any other object of worship they invoke besides Him is simply falsehood itself. Allah is indeed the Unique Whose attributes belong to the highest regions of thought and reality, the Unique Who is eminently entitled to the designation: "The Supreme"
22:63  Do you not see that Allah sends down from the floor of the vault of heaven rain water and makes it instrumental in springing up vegetation and rendering the land verdant! Allah is indeed Latifun (Gracious). He gives His servants an understanding heart. He is Khabirun (Omniscient
22:64  To Him belong all that is in the heavens arid all that is on earth and Allah is indeed Ghaniyun (Independent), (Absolute) and Hamidun (His grace abounds in the universe, and he is worthy of all praise
22:65  Do you not see that Allah reduced for you al! that is on earth to a state of subservienacy, and the ships move on the surface of the sea by His invisible acting force producing their buoyance and their motion ! And tIe sustains and support the heavens -their contents- and keeps them from falling on the earth unless it be permitted by Him -meteorites, shooting stars, fire balls-. Indeed, Allah displays kindness to all people, -those who serve Him and those who do not. His mercy is extended to al
22:66  And He is it Who brought you into existence and gave you life. Then He occasions your death and at the predetermined point of time your Resurrection. Man is indeed ungratefu
22:67  To every people did We prescribe certain rites and articles of faith and the order of performing religious and other devotional services, and it was incumbent on them to follow (until the system was modified or replaced by a new system suitable for the time at the hands of another Messenger) Therefore, do not let them O Muhammad dispute with you upon the question, and keep proclaiming Allah's acceptable system of faith and worship. You are indeed on the right path, the path of righteousness, the path of Allah
22:68  And should they -the infidels- be tossed in their unballasted wits in fathomless and unquiet deeps of controversy, then say to them: "Allah knows best what you do"
22:69  "Allah shall judge between you in Day of Judgement in all matters for which you are ready to contend to your life's end"
22:70  Do you not know that Allah is 'Alimun of all that is in heaven and on earth. It is all on record and this is quite easy for Him to do
22:71  Yet they worship besides Allah objects He has never authorized and of which they have empty knowledge. And the wrongful of actions shall have no one to afford them help at the moment when they need it most
22:72  And -to their misfortune- when Our revelations are recited to them and Our divine signs are presented, you instantly notice that their countenance speak a different language reflecting hatred, denial and disdain. They are almost ready to set upon with hostile action and words to injure and overthrow those who recite to them Our revelations, Say to them O Muhammad: -If these divine revelations are distasteful to you- shall I tell you of what shall be far worse and more distasteful to you ! it is Hell which Allah has promised to those infidels who denied Him, and how evil is the end for which they are destined"
22:73  O you people: An allegorical representation is introduced to describe a subject under the guise of some other subject of aptly suggestive resemblance intended to convey a useful lesson by which moral and spiritual relations are typically set forth. Thus: those whom you invoke besides Allah, idols or human, shall not be able to create a fly even if they get together and combine their efforts. And if a fly should ravish anything out of their hands or out of their environ never shall they be able to reclaim it. How helpless is the suppliant - who is defeated by a fly- and the creature entreated -the fly-
22:74  They -the Meccan infidels- did not credit Allah with the attributes asserted as His own. Indeed, Allah is Qawiyun (Omnipotent) and Azizun, The Almighty Who prevails against the whole and all in all
22:75  Allah chooses from the angels Messengers as He chooses from mankind He is indeed Sami'un and Bassirun
22:76  He knows His creatures' current events and the course of their coming events bridging their span, and to Him, the Ultimate Authority, are committed and submitted all matters and all affairs for consideration, decision and execution -here and Hereafter-
22:77  O you people whose hearts have been touched with the divine hand, go down on your knees and bow to the ground in reverence and submission to Allah and prostrate your reason to divine revelation and worship Allah, your Creator, and lift to Him your inward sight and imprint your deeds with wisdom and piety so that heaven may prosper you
22:78  And strive in the cause of Allah and make His purpose the heart of your purpose. He did not intend to put you in difficulty nor to create for you difficultness in the system of faith and worship He has chosen for you, the same system followed by your father Ibrahim . It is He -Allah- Who gave you people the descriptive and distinctive appellation "Muslims " in previous Scriptures as well as in this Book - the Quran - so that the Messenger Muhammad would be a witness of your actions and you come to be witnesses of peoples' actions which interpret their thoughts and characterize their rival systems. Therefore, engage in the act of worship, give alms and turn your minds to Allah and see that you be under His tutelage. He is your Tutelary Guardian ,and how ultimate in excellence is the Protector and the Ultimate of Ultimates to afford help