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84:1  When once the heaven is split asunder
84:2  In obedience to the command of its Creator and in payment of its duty to Hi
84:3  And when the earth is stretched out
84:4  And disgorges its contents and empties itself of the dead
84:5  In obedience to the command of its Creator and in payment of its duty to Him; there and then shall people be adjudged
84:6  Remember O man, you are arduously labouring and painfully toiling toward your Creator Whom you shall meet in the end
84:7  Then he who is given his book bearing his record in his right hand will have no cause to apprehend
84:8  His reckoning will be gracefully conducted
84:9  And to his people will he go back rejoicing and greatly delighted
84:10  But he who is given his book, bearing his record in his left hand from the back
84:11  Will wish he could perish
84:12  He will suffer the blazes
84:13  How vainly did he rejoice among his people before and disregarded the concord of this discord
84:14  He emphatically thought he would never return to his Creator, Whom he never recognized nor adored
84:15  But in effect Allah, his Creator had kept him in view and was fully aware of his actions
84:16  I swear by the glow of light and display of colour in the sky at the close of the day when the sun sets
84:17  And by the night when life closes its lids and past events come to memory and the night-eyed can see and the night wanderer wanders about and the soul roves heaven’s realm
84:18  And by the moon at full when its entire disk is illuminated thus dispelling the darkness of the night
84:19  That you people shall ride from one circumstance to another and from one mode of existence to another and from a state of things, in which events stand disposed at a particular time, to another, and from one world to another; for in the actual system of things man changes, from one condition to another. He is governed by the inherent dominating power by which actions and feelings are determined
84:20  What then prevents them -the infidels- from justifying faith as a conviction operative on their character and will
84:21  When the Quran is recited to them, they neither open their hearts' ears nor their minds to stand in awe of Allah and bow to the ground in adoration
84:22  No, but the infidels inherently deny the truth which they obstinately reject and the path of righteousness they tend to deviate from
84:23  Allah is fully cognizant of what they conceal in their hearts and what is forged in their bosoms and He knows that infidelity is their very prevalent inclination
84:24  Therefore, tell them O Muhammad to expect a condign punishment
84:25  But not those who believed with hearts impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues and with deeds imprinted with wisdom and piety; these are destined to a fortune that is elate, and they will be requited with a reward which will not abate