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85:1  By the heaven that has been furnished with Zodiacal Signs
85:2  And by the day of which promise has been made; a promise affording a ground of expectation of judgment to come
85:3  And by the witness who will give evidence in relation to matters of fact when an account of one’s life is being rendered at judgement, and by the deeds which had been witnessed and will be the witness of one’s worth
85:4  Accursed above all and devoted to perdition shall be those who cut the trench to trench on the liberty of the innocent and enjoyed witnessing their torture, their torment and their agony
85:5  Fire was set in the. trench and supplied with fuel to burn those who surrendered themselves to what is dutiful to Allah
85:6  The accursed sat around the fire and regaled themselves
85:7  They witnessed and enjoyed what they were doing to those who recognized Allah with hearts impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues
85:8  They took a cruel, vengeance on them for no reason other than their recognition of Allah AL-Aziz (the Almighty) and AL-Hamid (the Worthy of all praise;
85:9  Allah to whom belongs the sovereignty of the heavens and the earth; the AL- Shaheed (the Omnipresent who witnesses all things.
85:10  Those who persecuted the believers among the men and the women and did not repent, shall have the painful requital in Hell and shall suffer the blazes
85:11  But those whose hearts reflect the image of religious and spiritual virtues and their deeds wisdom and piety shall have gardens of surpassing beauty beneath which rivers flow; and such rapturous delight and elation shall triumph those favoured
85:12  The blow of Allah your Creator, is hard and strong
85:13  It is He Who creates and re-creates all along
85:14  He is the Forgiving Who compassionates whom He sees in distress
85:15  He is Allah Who occupies the Glorious Throne
85:16  Who carries into effect what He will
85:17  Did you not hear O Muhammad of the narrative of what had become of the hosts
85:18  The forces of Pharaoh and the Tribe of Thamud
85:19  Yet the infidels persist in labeling everything as falsehood
85:20  Allah hangs on their rear and besets them on all sides
85:21  Never you people doubt, for this indeed is a glorious Quran
85:22  Derived from the archetypal text which is preserved in heaven's realm