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83:1  Woe are those who fraudulently scant the measure
83:2  When they buy from people they insist on a full measure that will not abate
83:3  And when they sell to them they fraudulently scant the measure or the weight
83:4  Do they not think they will be resurrected
83:5  On a great and eventful Day
83:6  A Day when all people shall rise and stand before Allah the Creator of the worlds
83:7  No, but now the register of the wicked points out to Sijjeen, the dungeon of the deep dark vault
83:8  And you just do not know what Sijjeen is like
83:9  The Register incorporates all those irrevocably destined to Sijjeen
83:10  There and then denounced shall be those who denied the truth and disagreed with reality
83:11  Who declared the Day of Judgment to be untrue and not an actuality
83:12  No one denies it but a transgressing impudent sinner
83:13  Who closes his heart's ears to Our revelation when rendered to him in discourse and says: "Tales fabled by those of old"
83:14  No, but what deafened their hearts' ears and made them irresponsive was the blight which their hearts acquired through their ill deeds and woeful story
83:15  There and then shall they be excluded from the joy of being sensible to their Creator’s light and glory
83:16  That is besides suffering the blazing Hell Fire
83:17  There and then shall they be told: "This is the truth which you had always denied to satisfy your vain desire"
83:18  But the Register of the righteous points out to 'Elliyeen elation and glory
83:19  You just do not know what 'Elliyeen is like
83:20  The Register incorporates all those irrevocably destined to Elliyeen
83:21  It is attested to by the angels nearest to Allah (that:
83:22  The virtuous shall he in the beatitude of the heavenly bliss
83:23  Gracefully seated, they see the wicked but they look at Allah's light and glory
83:24  You recognize in their expressive features the radiance of delight and their delightful story
83:25  They are served from sealed nectarian containers with drinks most inviting
83:26  Drinks that end with a musky flavour, delicious and righting; an inspiring goal for which may compete those whose ambition is the heavenly bliss
83:27  It is blended with ingredients taken from a watery source Tasneem; of quality supreme
83:28  Which is a spring reserved only for those nearest to Allah
83:29  Those who criminally denied Allah used to laugh at those who faithfully believed
83:30  When they went by them they winked to each other and treated them with ridicule
83:31  And when they returned to their people they returned with a mouth filled with laughter in contempt
83:32  When they saw the believers or met with them they said: "These are indeed the erring faction"
83:33  As if they were sent to watch their action
83:34  And so, today, -Day of Judgment- the situation is being reversed; it is the turn of Allah's devotees to laugh at the infidels, scorn them and hold them in disdain
83:35  Gracefully seated, the devotees will direct their eyes at Allah's light and glory and be thankful for the favourable gain
83:36  Now have the infidels not been requited with what is commensurate with what they did