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81:1  When/if the sun's light rolled/rotated
81:2  And when/if the stars/planets became dispersed/dulled
81:3  And when/if the mountains were made to move
81:4  And when/if the female camels and other livestock over ten months pregnant were abandoned/left unsupervised (miscarried)
81:5  And when/if the wild beasts were gathered
81:6  And when/if the seas/oceans filled and over flowed
81:7  And when/if the selves were made in pairs/couples
81:8  And when/if the buried alive was asked/questioned
81:9  With (because of) which crime it was killed
81:10  And when/if the written pages (scriptures) were spread/publicized
81:11  And when/if the sky/space was skimmed/scraped off/uncovered
81:12  And when/if the Hell was ignited/blazed
81:13  And when/if the Paradise was advanced/brought near
81:14  A self knew what it presented/brought
81:15  So I do not swear/make oath by the planets
81:16  The flowing/orbiting , the orbiting/sweeping planets/stars
81:17  And the night when/if (it) passed/lightened
81:18  And the morning/daybreak when/if (it) breathed in or out (began)
81:19  That it truly is an honored/generous messenger's word/statement/declaration (E)
81:20  (Owner) of power at (owner) of the throne highly positioned/distinguished
81:21  Obeyed there at the same time or place, faithful/loyal
81:22  And your companion/friend is not with mad/insane
81:23  And he/He had seen/understood him/Him at the horizon/direction, the clear/evident
81:24  And he is not on the unseen/supernatural (future) with withholding/clinging
81:25  And it is not with a cursed/expelled devil's saying/statement
81:26  So where (do) you go
81:27  That truly it is except a reminder to the creations all together/(universes)
81:28  To who willed/wanted from you that (E) to be straight/direct
81:29  And you do not want/will/intend except that (E) (if) God wants/wills/intends, the creations all together's/(universe's) Lord